Chapter 100: Still Won’t Apologize To Your Sect Uncle Bai? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun felt more wronged than ever. Of course, he had long since come to the realization that whenever he needed to explain himself the most, he would go overboard and end up with egg on his face.

That wasn’t his intention nor his desire....

Bai Xiaochun’s explanation enraged Beihan Feng even further. He took a deep breath and waved his hand, causing pulses of black light to instantly form in his palm, which rapidly took the shape of a black crescent moon!

It was like the moon on the darkest of nights, and pulsed with a terrifying power that caused the heart to pound. Beihan Feng immediately shoved the moon toward the cave’s spell formation.

A boom echoed out, and the entire immortal's cave trembled. The spell formation shield outside distorted madly, and even seemed to be on the verge of cracking open in several places. However, in the end... it didn't break. In the blink of an eye, it was back to normal.

Even Beihan Feng gasped. The strength of this spell formation was giving him quite a headache. Gritting his teeth in fury, he was just about to continue attacking, when all of a sudden a cold snort could be heard from off in the distance.

“Beihan Feng, what are you doing? Stay your hand immediately!” The voice echoed like thunder, causing everything to shake, especially around Beihan Feng. Trembling, even Beihan Lie ceased his ravings and fell back, heart pounding with fear.

The other Inner Sect disciples from Sunset Peak all retreated, faces falling. Looking up, they saw six beams of light flying through the air toward them, coming from Mount Daoseed.

The person who had just spoken was a middle-aged man, clad in a black robe. Fury filled his face, and he emanated a terrifyingly destructive aura.

Beihan Lie and Beihan Feng both murmured, “Master...”

Trembling, they clasped hands in greeting, and as for all the other Inner Sect disciples from Sunset Peak, they trembled and bowed their heads.

“Greetings, peak lord.”

The middle-aged man was none other than Beihan Lie’s Master, and the peak lord of Sunset Peak, who had glared angrily at Bai Xiaochun when he took Beihan Lie away from the Chosen battles.

“You ill-mannered curs!” he shouted. “Could you lose any more face than this? Get your asses off to the side, I’ll deal with you later! Everyone else, when you get back to the mountain, go into secluded meditation for three years as punishment!”

The Beihan siblings were trembling inwardly, unsure of exactly what was happening. They knew that their actions were a violation of sect rules, but they couldn’t imagine what had riled up their normally kind and gentle master. After all, back when the original incident had occurred, their Master had also been furious with Bai Xiaochun.

The Beihan siblings both assumed that something else must have happened that they weren’t aware of, and it left their hearts simmering with fear. Stepping back anxiously, they looked up at their Master floating there in midair, and their scalps began to tingle. Next to the peak lord of Sunset Peak were the three peak lords from the north bank. The peak lord from Irispetal Peak, the old woman, looked especially displeased as she stared down coldly at the Sunset Peak disciples.

In addition to the four peak lords from the north bank, Sect Leader Zheng Yuandong was also present, as was another individual. That final individual wore a cool expression on his face, as if he didn’t care at all about the dispute playing out down below. He was... peak lord of Fragrant Cloud Peak, Li Qinghou.

Sinking feelings rose up in the hearts of the Sunset Peak disciples, and as for the Inner Sect disciples of Fragrant Cloud Peak, they were completely taken aback. Everyone suddenly felt as if something completely odd were taking place.... The truth was that the north bank usually acted in domineering fashion. When situations similar to this had arisen in the past, and they had, the north bank would usually put the south bank in place quickly, even with big issues.

For them to be as enraged as they were today was a rare thing.

Sitting there in his immortal's cave, Bai Xiaochun was also shocked as he stared at the crowd outside.

Up in midair, the four north bank peak lords looked around at the scene down below. Then the old woman from Irispetal Peak cleared her throat and looked over at Li Qinghou.

“Peak Lord Li, about what we were discussing earlier, do you think...?”

Li Qinghou shook his head slightly and said, “Were it not for this little mishap, I would have agreed. But this complicates matters. You’re on your own now.”

With that he looked down at Bai Xiaochun’s immortal's cave, a faint smile on his face.

“Er....” The old woman glanced over at the peak lord from Sunset Peak, looking a bit frustrated. The peak lord from Sunset Peak sighed, well aware that the trouble had been caused by disciples from his own mountain peak. That meant that he had to resolve the situation. Plastering a smile onto his face, he looked down at Bai Xiaochun’s immortal's cave.

“Junior Brother Xiaochun....” The words almost stuck in his mouth on the way out, but he managed to utter them. There was really no other choice. After some discussion, the north bank leadership had come to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun’s Aphrodisiac Pill was of critical importance to them. After some further study of the battle beasts which had been affected, they realized that the pill could even affect first order bloodlines.

That virtually drove them crazy. To the north bank, Bai Xiaochun’s medicinal pill was almost like a holy relic. For various reasons, it was often difficult for some of the most powerful battle beasts to breed. There were even some first order bloodline beasts that would only go into heat once every few dozen years, or even once in a hundred years. That had been one of the most frustrating problems for the north bank for years on end.

A perfect example was the blue-eyed nethermoon ape, one of Sunset Peak’s two holy beasts. It was reaching the end of its lifespan, and still had not produced any offspring. It was a very critical situation.

But then Bai Xiaochun came along with his heaven-defying medicinal pill, which the four peak lords of the north bank were determined to acquire. Unfortunately for them, no amount of research led them to any description of the pill, and eventually they had no choice but to acknowledge that the pill... had been invented by Bai Xiaochun.

Afterward, they went to the sect leader and Li Qinghou to ask for it.

If it were any other disciple, even an Inner Sect disciple, all they would have to do was express their desire, and it would be fulfilled. There were many ways to force such a disciple to obediently hand over the pill formula. But Bai Xiaochun was different.... He was a Prestige disciple, and with that status, they had no choice but to offer him compensation of some sort.

Furthermore, without Bai Xiaochun’s consent, they would never be able to get the pill; forcing him to hand it over wasn’t an option.... The peak lords had all discussed the matter. and even agreed to some demands put forth by Li Qinghou, but before they could formalize the agreement, they got news that the Sunset Peak disciples had gone to cause trouble for Bai Xiaochun. The four peak lords from the north bank were instantly enraged.

Their biggest fear was that the Sunset Peak disciples wouldn’t control themselves, and end up offending Bai Xiaochun, thus making it even harder for them to acquire his medicinal pill.

And that was what had led to the current scene.

“Junior Brother Xiaochun, would you mind coming out to discuss something?” The peak lord from Sunset Peak did his best to seem as friendly as possible, keeping his voice calm and mild. The surrounding Sunset Peak disciples were shaking, and the Beihan siblings stood there wide-eyed, as mute as wooden chickens.

Inside his immortal's cave, Bai Xiaochun looked up for a moment in thought. What was happening outside seemed odd, to say the least, especially considering the look in Li Qinghou’s eyes. After a bit of thought, he couldn’t pinpoint exactly what was happening, but he had some speculations.

Finally, he spoke out in a bemoaning voice. “Those disciples of yours are too fierce. I just about lost my poor little life right now. I really don’t dare to go out....”

The heartrending way he spoke caused a cold wind to creep up the backs of the Beihan siblings. As for the other Sunset Peak disciples, their faces flickered with various emotions. They could all see how seriously the four peak lords seemed to take Bai Xiaochun, and how ingratiating they were being. After hearing Bai Xiaochun’s response, they could only imagine what fate was in store for them later.

The faces of Li Qinghou and Zheng Yuandong twitched slightly, and the peak lord from Sunset Peak turned to glare angrily at his disciples before shouting, “Apologize to your Sect Uncle Bai immediately!”

Looking like they were about to cry, the Sunset Peak disciples immediately clasped hands in the direction of Bai Xiaochun’s immortal's cave and apologized.

In his grief and indignation, Beihan Lie was about to argue, but when he saw the fierce gleam in his Master’s eyes, he bowed his head and clasped his hands toward the immortal's cave.

“Sect Uncle Bai... I... I... I apologize!!”

Beihan Feng looked up sullenly at his Master, only to find the look in the man’s eyes growing sharper by the second. Heart trembling, veins bulging out on his forehead, he had no choice but to clasp hands and apologize.

Everyone was left shaking and staring in anger at the immortal's cave.

Trying very much to seem pleasant, the peak lord from Sunset Peak said, “Junior Brother Xiaochun, how was that?”

After a moment passed, an opening appeared in the spell formation, and Bai Xiaochun poked his head out. After looking around, he coughed dryly, then swaggered out, chin stuck up, looking as arrogant as ever.

“Let bygones be bygones. As a member of the senior generation, I won’t lower myself to bickering with these Sect Nephews.” With that, he swished his sleeve.

Beihan Lie stood there, eyes bloodshot, trembling violently. It looked as if he almost couldn’t restrain himself from leaping forward and punching Bai Xiaochun in the face. However, he didn’t dare to do such a thing. His Elder Brother Beihan Feng felt as if the world were spinning around him, as if he were about to go mad.

The looks in their eyes angered Bai Xiaochun, who glared over at them fiercely. Now who’s afraid? he thought. Not me! I'm not afraid of anybody!

The peak lord from Sunset Peak took a deep breath. Voice calm, he said, “Xiaochun, that aph... aphrodisiac pill of yours. Did you create it yourself?”

As the words left his mouth, the other peak lords from the north bank all looked down with anticipation gleaming in their eyes. The Beihan siblings’ minds reeled as they suddenly realized what was happening. In their bitterness, their hatred for Bai Xiaochun grew even stronger.

Bai Xiaochun blinked a few times as he also came to realize what was happening. Sticking his chest out, he nodded grandly.

“That's right. That mighty medicinal pill was created using a secret formula that I myself created. No one except for me can concoct it!”

The four peak lords’ hearts swelled with joy, but they did their best to keep it from showing it on their faces. The peak lord from Sunset Peak smiled and nodded.

“Junior Brother Xiaochun,” he said in the most charming fashion possible, “the fact that you were able to create a pill formula like that at such a young age shows that you truly deserve to be called Chosen. That pill formula is of vital importance to the Spirit Stream Sect. How about I offer you 100,000 merit points for it? What do you say? Junior Brother Xiaochun, if you give that pill formula to the sect, it would be a great service. As a Prestige disciple, our sect is your home, you know.”

“Very well!” Bai Xiaochun replied, looking as though he’d just gone through hell and high water for the sect. With that, he began to explain the pill formula to the four delighted peak lords.

“The ingredients are Brightburst Seed, Paradise Wood Flower, spiritwinter bamboo, and... eee? What else? How come I can’t think of it? Could it be that I was so frightened just now that I forgot it?” Bai Xiaochun stood there frowning in thought.

Li Qinghou’s mouth twisted into a smile, and Zheng Yuandong shrugged helplessly. The four peak lords immediately realized what was happening, and smiled bitterly. The peak lord from Sunset Peak gritted his teeth and glared angrily over at his disciples.

As his gaze passed over them, the Sunset Peak disciples, including the Beihan siblings, all shivered.

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