Chapter 1020: About To Begin! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Rumbling sounds echoed out without cease!

Crevices and ravines continued to open up everywhere in the Wildlands, made worse by the shocking energy radiating out from Bai Xiaochun. Countless mountain peaks crumbled, and numerous plains caved in. The entire world seemed to be breaking apart!

The energy at play here seemed to be more than the world could handle, to the point where even the sky began to crack into pieces. All living beings were overwhelmed by the sensation that they were experiencing an apocalypse.

Cities trembled, and sects were shaken. Living creatures everywhere sensed that the end was nigh!

Cultivators from both the Wildlands and the Heavenspan region all sensed the same thing… that the world was dying around them….

Unless someone or something intervened, it wouldn’t be very long… before the world cracked to pieces!

It actually had nothing to do with Bai Xiaochun himself. The process began… in the moment that the gravekeeper died!

As everyone in the world looked around in astonishment, Bai Xiaochun sped through the Wildlands toward Heavenspan Island, his energy skyrocketing the entire way….

There almost seemed to be no end in sight, as though the hatred and anger in Bai Xiaochun’s heart would continue to push his energy higher and higher no matter what happened!

Soon, he was in the Deadmire. There were no longer any restrictive spells locking the area down or protecting it, and as such, it was also beginning to fill with crevices and rifts….

Heaven and earth were changing. The end of days had come! Bai Xiaochun could tell that beyond the shadow of a doubt!

The hatred and anger in his heart manifested as a virtually undispellable murderous aura. His killing intent toward the Celestial burned with the ultimate madness.

He yelled at the top of his lungs as he shot through the air, his eyes crimson with rage. He had never been like this before in his life, so consumed with hatred that it didn’t even occur to him to be scared of death. He didn't care about his desire to live forever. The only things he could think about… were Du Lingfei’s bitter tears, and how Bai Hao had kowtowed to him before passing away….

Those two images were like sharp knives that stabbed through his heart all the way into his soul!

He was truly insane!

“Daoist Heavenspan!!” It was as if Bai Xiaochun had been reborn out of death, and none of his happiness had been passed on to the new version of him. The only thing that had been passed on… was his desire to kill the Celestial!

He demanded blood. The blood of the Celestial!!

Never could he forget the look in Du Lingfei’s eyes when the Celestial pushed her head toward his. She hadn’t wanted to hurt him, but had been given no choice. He could never forget how Bai Hao had burned himself into nothing to save him. Bai Xiaochun wanted to cry, but at the moment, there were no tears. Rage and enmity had burned them away, turning him into a being that sought only vengeance!

Although he had been driven into madness, he still possessed all his faculties. He knew that the Celestial was incredibly powerful, and that although he himself had reached the great circle of the Undying Live Forever Technique, he would probably die if he fought him.

Unless he achieved a cultivation base breakthrough, and truly stepped into the Mahayana Realm… he wouldn’t have the battle prowess to crush the Celestial!

But that didn’t reduce his killing intent by even an iota. After all… he still had a trump card at his disposal, that being the world treasure of the north. Normally speaking, he wouldn’t use it, considering the heavy price that would be paid to do so. But now, the world was already crumbling around him….

“I have other tools at my disposal as well… other than the world treasure of the north!” Even as Bai Xiaochun burst out of the Deadmire and entered the lands of Heavenspan, his mind spun with numerous ideas and plans.

“The Undying Codex has five secret magics. As for the Live Forever Codex… it also has five powerful divine abilities. However, they’re manifested in a different way. Once someone has mastered the entire Live Forever Codex, then the magic will take shape according to their personal Dao!” Within Bai Xiaochun’s mind floated five divine abilities that he had created after mastering the Live Forever Codex, divine abilities which were powerful enough to destroy anything in creation!

Each person who cultivated the Live Forever Codex would produce different divine abilities. As for Bai Xiaochun’s, they were an amalgamation of his subconscious mind, and the Daoist magics that he had cultivated in his life. And he was confident that… by combining them with the fleshly body power provided by the Undying Codex, they would make him far more formidable than anyone who had mastered a single one of the codices!

“And I also have… my moonflower!” Eyes shining as he pierced through the air, he suddenly waved his finger in the direction of the north, and sent a stream of divine sense in that very direction!

“Moonflower, baby!”

In response to his call, countless moonflowers suddenly burst into the air from the jungles and ravines in the north.

They became like a cloud of dandelion seeds that streamed high up into the sky….

From what he could tell, there were millions upon millions of them, filling the sky as they swirled together into the shape of an enormous moon.

At a certain point, they vanished… to appear right next to Bai Xiaochun!

Seemingly delighted, the moonflowers swirled around Bai Xiaochun, each and every one of them radiating a sense of familiarity and love. For the first time, Bai Xiaochun’s freezing heart warmed slightly.

“Moonflower, baby, are you willing… to help me fight!?” The response from the massive collection of moonflowers was a burst of fearless battle spirit!

Bai Xiaochun smiled in response. However, his eyes were fixed on Heavenspan Island, and they were as cold as ice. Without the slightest hesitation or anxiety, he suddenly summoned his turtle-wok!

In response to the calling of his will, the millions upon millions of dandelion seeds began to converge together, eventually transforming into a single seed, which shot toward the turtle-wok!

Bai Xiaochun had already made the decision that, in order to make his moonflower stronger… he would bless it with a spirit enhancement!

Although he couldn’t conjure a twenty-two-colored flame, considering the level of his cultivation base, producing a twenty-one-colored flame was nothing difficult!

He waved his hand, causing countless vengeful souls to stream toward him. As they did, he started with a one-colored flame, and conjured all the way up to a twenty-colored flame, using them to push the moonflower all the way to a twentyfold spirit enhancement. Then he conjured a twenty-one-colored flame!!

He didn’t hesitate for a moment to throw that flame into the turtle-wok. Instantly, rumbling sounds echoed out, and bright light began to shine out of the lines on the wok. Gradually… the design of the spirit enhancement appeared on the moonflower!

Its aura was now vastly different than before. As its energy surged, it began to grow larger and larger, until it was a 30,000-meter-tall, shocking flower….

Even more astonishing was the fact that it radiated the aura of the great circle of the Demigod Realm!

However, it still seemed to view him just as lovingly as before. Accelerating, he had the moonflower shrink down, and then tossed it in his bag of holding. Soon… he was flying over the Heavenspan Sea!

Cracks could be heard as rifts were torn open into the air, none of which showed any signs of closing back up!

As he passed over the sea, the nearby water froze up…. Bai Xiaochun’s explosive aura was reaching a pinnacle!

And his eyes were completely fixed on Heavenspan Island!

As he closed in, he could see the Blood Ancestor, his entire body wreathed in flames, going all out to deliver a shocking fist strike. When the blow landed, a huge vortex sprang up, and the Blood Ancestor began to fade away.

“You’re finally here, Bai Xiaochun! My mission is accomplished…. Help me… to take care… of her….” The Blood Ancestor threw his head back and laughed uproariously. He had given his life to lock down the Celestial, and therefore a gleam of contentment could be seen in his eyes as he looked in the direction of the north, and then faded out of existence….

He didn’t specify who he wanted Bai Xiaochun to take care of. He was sure that Bai Xiaochun already knew.

Bai Xiaochun nodded at the Blood Ancestor as he faded away. Then, he fixed his bloodshot, livid gaze… at the Celestial, who hovered in the air above the island!

“Daoist Heavenspan!” he said, the words crackling like heavenly thunder!

Heaven and earth crumbled around them!

The most breathtaking battle of all time was about to begin!

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