Chapter 1024: One Glance Abyss Crystallization Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Daogate Palace of Water was part of the Nine Ruins!

The water of the Nine Ruins made the Palace of Water boundless!

The endless amounts of water around Bai Xiaochun thrummed with explosive, destructive power, and seemed indefatigable. It was seemingly capable of crushing anything and everything, and absorbing it to become part of the water.

Water was innately a Yin and feminine element, but Bai Xiaochun still unleashed the Undying Emperor’s Fist. It was an attack backed with unyielding, dominating might, and was a convergence of both his fleshly body and cultivation base power!

No longer was this a quintuple power fist strike, but at the moment, Bai Xiaochun didn’t have time to calculate exactly how powerful it was. His only thought was that he needed to break this seemingly endless flow of water around him!

Even as his fist struck out, the fist of the shadowy emperor also struck out!

Colors flashed and winds screamed. The world shook as a tremor ran through the water, which turned into vibrations that increased in intensity with every moment!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were completely bloodshot as he then shouted, “Stronger this time!”

Howling madly, he unleashed another Undying Emperor’s Fist, which was even more shockingly powerful than before!


An indescribably powerful tempest erupted out into the ocean of water created by the Yin powers of the Palace of Water. Within moments, a limit was reached, and a series of explosions occurred!

The enormous sea immediately began to break up!

As it did, heavy rain began to fall in all parts of the world!

The Wildlands was no exception, nor Arch-Emperor City. Countless individuals looked up to see rain falling down toward them as the world shook beneath their feet.

Back at the Heavenspan Sea, Daoist Heavenspan’s eyes narrowed. Over and over again, Bai Xiaochun’s might caused his unease to build.

Snorting coldly, he didn’t hesitate to say, “Daogate: Palace of Mountains!”

At that point, his six swords once again began to move toward each other.

However, before Daoist Heavenspan could finish creating the Palace of Mountains, Bai Xiaochun turned into something like a meteor that shot forward in attack.

In response, Daoist Heavenspan snorted and performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, causing the six swords to rapidly lock together in the form of a design different from the last!

Shockingly, it caused a mountain to materialize out of nowhere, which then slammed into Bai Xiaochun!

It was thousands upon thousands of meters tall, and thrummed with shocking energy. The moment of impact caused a deafening boom to ring out, and also caused Bai Xiaochun’s expression to flicker. Howling, he unleashed another fist strike, only to find that more and more mountains were falling down toward him!

Each one was larger than the last! In the blink of an eye, more than a hundred mountains filled the sky, with the last one being tens upon tens of thousands of meters high! And all of them were smashing down toward Bai Xiaochun, clearly giving him no room to evade!

Even more shocking was that the Heavenspan Sea began to rumble as a mountain rose up from beneath its surface. More mountains appeared on either side of him as well! As of this moment, countless mountains became like magical items under the control of Daoist Heavenspan, to attack Bai Xiaochun!

Bai Xiaochun could destroy one mountain. But as soon as he did, ten more appeared, and then a hundred, and then more! Each mountain was larger and more powerful than the one before it!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes continued to flicker with shock. Daoist Heavenspan’s Daogates were virtually beyond compare! It was something the likes of which Bai Xiaochun had only seen during the spectacular battle in the Wildlands, when the gravekeeper had used his five elements Daoist magic!

Bai Xiaochun’s expression was unprecedentedly serious as his Undying Blood began to burn. Blood qi immediately began to swirl out from his skin, and a maddened, bloodthirsty look sprang up in his eyes. And yet, he didn’t even come close to losing consciousness!

He now had complete and full control of the Godkiller technique!

As he unleashed the Godkiller, blood qi towered to the heavens. Bai Xiaochun howled at the top of his lungs as he sent the burning blood mist out to meet the mountains!

Every mountain that touched the mist shattered, its energy completely drained away as it transformed into ash….

The blood mist began to grow stronger, casting the whole world into red light. Even as the mountains shattered, the Celestial frowned. Snorting coldly, he waved his sleeve and said, “Daogate: Palace of Lightning!”

The booming of heavenly thunder exploded out, along with numerous black lightning bolts. In the blink of an eye, they filled the sky, and then began to fall onto Bai Xiaochun!

There was so much lightning that it seemed to have no end, like the most ultimate of heavenly tribulations! As this Daogate opened, Daoist Heavenspan seemed to become the monarch of all lightning and thunder!

This was a celestial magic that Daoist Heavenspan had personally created, and was one of the reasons why the gravekeeper had described him in such dramatic terms to Bai Xiaochun in the past!

This celestial magic that bordered on a great Dao was also one of the reasons that Daoist Heavenspan had been able to overthrow the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. It was the reason he was so confident that, if he left this world and went to the world beyond… he would be able to become a true celestial. He would definitely make his breakthrough! Furthermore, he would eventually be able to reach the peak level of power, the likes of which were as rare as phoenix feathers or qilin horns even in the world beyond. He would become an archaean!

“With my talent, I am destined to become an archaean! Why do I have to be stuck in this cramped bug's nest of a world!? Why do I have to struggle on death’s door, just waiting for my longevity to run out…? I… refuse to accept this!!” A vicious, insane expression covered the Celestial’s face as he strode forward, surrounded by crashing thunder and lightning. 100,000 bolts. 1,000,000 bolts. 10,000,000 bolts of lightning!

Bai Xiaochun had his Godkiller technique, and had previously consumed lightning to advance his cultivation. But this… was lightning created by the Celestial’s Daoist magic, and was something he could not simply shrug off.

As the boundless sheets of heavenly lightning dropped toward him, Bai Xiaochun looked up at them, his eyes shining with no less madness than Daoist Heavenspan’s.

“Nice magical technique,” he growled. “But… I have something just like it!” Eyes burning with killing intent, he threw both hands out in front of him! Drawing all of the blood qi back into him, he unleashed the power of the Live Forever Codex.

The Undying Codex had its five divine abilities. But the Live Forever Codex had five Daoist magics!

As of this moment, he was using the first of the magics that he himself had created as part of the Live Forever Codex. They were… world-shaking Daoist magics of his own creation!

“One Glance Abyss Crystallization!” As Bai Xiaochun’s voice rolled out, it sounded like an expression of the Dao, as though a great bell had been struck that resonated through all heaven and earth…. This was the heavenly reverberation of a true Daoist magic!

In the briefest of moments, the entire Heavenspan Sea… emitted loud cracking sounds as it transformed into crystal!

All the waves and ripples in it became solid and crystallized! Inside and out… the Heavenspan Sea was now as transparent as glass!

The Heavenspan Sea now looked like a land of ice, glowing with radiant and shocking light!

That blinding light shot up to meet the lightning above… whereupon more cracking sounds rang out. Suddenly, it was in completely shocking fashion that the entire crystalline sea shattered into millions upon billions upon trillions of crystalline swords!

Shining with boundless light, and multitudinous razor-sharp manifestations of sword energy, the crystalline swords all turned upward and shot toward… Daoist Heavenspan!

At this point… Daoist Heavenspan’s face fell!

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