Chapter 1110: Reuniting With The Grand Heavenmaster Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Days passed. The matter between Marquis Zi Lin and the Giant Ghost King didn't cause a huge controversy in the capital city. In fact, few people had even been aware that the Giant Ghost King had been stripped of his title and position.

The rumors about Marquis Zi Lin quickly died down. In accord with the approval of both Celestial Aged Spirit and Bai Xiaochun, all of the power and resources of the second immortal domain were employed to get rid of the rumors and any ill effects they had.

To people who weren’t in the know, the second immortal domain seemed very peaceful and quiet. However, the preceptors from the various prefectures, as well as the ten demigods stationed in the capital city, all knew that a storm was brewing.

At the center of that storm were Bai Xiaochun and Celestial Aged Spirit. They were like gods to everyone else, so the mere idea of them at odds with each other had people trembling in fear.

No one knew when the storm would hit. Perhaps it would be soon, or perhaps it would take some time. But they knew… that it would come sooner or later!

Pressure mounted, and everyone who was aware of the tension between the two celestials acted with extreme caution in everything, doing everything they could to avoid setting one of the celestials off.

As alarm built in the hearts of the people aware of the conflict, an old man in the capital city was paying close attention to everything.

He normally wore a nondescript green robe, and would sit at a table on the second floor of one of the taverns in the city. He would arrive in the morning, and would sit there sipping alcohol and staring off into the sky.

No one knew his name, but there was something tranquil about him that made it seem obvious his cultivation base was extraordinary.

Because of the gleam of intelligence that existed in his eyes, anyone who thought to probe him out and perhaps do him harm would give up on such thoughts immediately. After all, within his calm gaze, there was also something profoundly incisive.

There was something about him that surpassed ordinary cultivators. Clearly, he had once held a position of incredible power and authority. That was the only way he could possibly have the extraordinary air to him that he did.

He was none other than the Grand Heavenmaster!

He had originally been looking for the Giant Ghost King, but after arriving in Godsifter Prefecture, he found that there was a new preceptor. Thus, he had come to the capital city. Although he had not been there to personally witness Bai Xiaochun’s counter attack, he could pick up on the clues and hints. First there were the strange rumors. Then the Giant Ghost King’s position had been restored, and Marquis Zi Lin seemed to have fallen out of favor. From that, he could guess much of what had occurred.

Although he wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry at Bai Xiaochun’s methods, he had to sigh a bit. After all, Bai Xiaochun was a natural born trickster, and in that regard, was worthy of praise.

Although things seemed peaceful and quiet, after everything the Grand Heavenmaster had seen in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, how could he not tell that a storm was brewing? Therefore, he changed his plans. Instead of seeking out the Giant Ghost King, he took up residence in the capital city, both to keep an eye on Bai Xiaochun, and also to size up the city around him, which was the center of power in the second immortal domain.

On one particular afternoon as he sat there in the tavern, the Grand Heavenmaster put down his cup of alcohol, and his eyes began to glitter brightly.

“It’s just about time….” he murmured. With that, he left the tavern and headed toward Bai Xiaochun’s mansion.

Bai Xiaochun wasn’t paying attention to the outside world. He was completely focused on the damaged fan’s command medallion. The energy within the medallion was slowly being emptied out, and as it was, a faint gravitational force was being revealed.

It wasn’t powerful enough to affect any physical objects around it, but Bai Xiaochun’s keen senses detected it. Shocked, he realized that the command medallion likely was an object that could be used to gain access to the fan.

It was in the midst of his study of the command medallion that he suddenly sensed a familiar aura outside of his mansion.

As soon as he detected it, his eyes snapped open.

“The Grand Heavenmaster?” There were a few people from the Heavenspan Realm who had left a deep impression on him. One was the aloof gravekeeper, and the other, the cruel, callous Daoist Heavenspan. And then there was the Grand Heavenmaster, who came in second only to Daoist Heavenspan when it came to ambition and ruthlessness.

He had turned the Arch-Emperor into a mere figurehead, and had even kept the four heavenly kings under control, despite the fact that they were so distanced from him physically.

In a time when the Wildlands’ true leader was weak, he managed to keep the place fully united. Of course, that only lasted until Daoist Heavenspan sent all four of his main armies against the Wildlands. Even then, they had fought back for years. Some of the Grand Heavenmaster’s success in all that had to do with the existence of the gravekeeper, but not much.

Any person like him, whether they were from the Heavenspan Realm or not, could be considered extraordinary even in the Eternal Immortal Domains. If he had thrown his lot in with the Saint-Emperor, he might not have ended up being as important as Bai Xiaochun, but would still have been shockingly valuable.

In fact, had he truly been willing to sell out, he could have caused major waves in either of the dynasties.

But now, here he was outside of Bai Xiaochun’s mansion. He was still in the peak of the Demigod Realm, but due to some good fortune he had come across in the Eternal Immortal Domains, when he concealed his aura, only a celestial who was actively probing him would be able to tell his level.

Shocked, Bai Xiaochun put away the command medallion, vanished, and reappeared outside of his mansion!

The first thing he saw was the Grand Heavenmaster, standing there tall and straight in his green robe, his eyes glittering with wisdom and insight!

He looked like an ordinary old man, albeit somewhat older than before. As soon as Bai Xiaochun appeared in front of him, he smiled.

“Greetings, Celestial.” This was not at all how he had acted in the Wildlands, but it didn’t seem difficult at all for him to offer formal greetings to Bai Xiaochun in this way. The truth was that back in Arch-Emperor City, when Bai Xiaochun had become the Arch-Ancestor, the Grand Heavenmaster had immediately understood his own place in the grand scheme of things. Now here they were in the Eternal Immortal Domains, with Bai Xiaochun a celestial. And therefore, the Grand Heavenmaster knew exactly how he should treat him.

“Grand Heavenmaster!” Bai Xiaochun said, a smile of joy breaking out on his face.

The Grand Heavenmaster shook his head and sighed. “Oh, I wouldn’t dare go by my old form of address…. Just call me Situ.”

Bai Xiaochun laughed heartily. “Oh, that kind of stuff isn’t important. Come in, Grand Heavenmaster!”

The truth was that Bai Xiaochun really didn’t care much about forms of address. Grabbing the Grand Heavenmaster's arm, he led him into the mansion.

Along the way, a warm smile covered the Grand Heavenmaster’s face as he looked around. Eventually, they reached the luxurious and extravagant main hall. At this point, the Grand Heavenmaster couldn’t help but sigh again. Whether it was in terms of cultivation base or temperament, Bai Xiaochun had clearly changed a lot. The Grand Heavenmaster couldn’t help but think back to that cautious scoundrel of the past with all of his vicious plans. But now what he saw was a young man deserving of praise. In fact, he was the type of person that the Grand Heavenmaster was willing to forgo his own personal gain to assist.

Looking at Bai Xiaochun with his wise eyes, he slowly said, “Celestial, you currently have three major problems that I can help you solve!”

Moments ago, he had seemed like nothing more than an ordinary old man. But now, he suddenly seemed capable of doing anything! Anyone who saw him now would realize that he was absolutely an extraordinary individual!

“Please, tell me everything!” Bai Xiaochun said, eyes glittering expectantly.

“First. Your relationship with Celestial Aged Spirit is not particularly important, but you definitely need to establish a solid foundation in the second immortal domain!

“Second. The Eternal Immortal Domains are vast, and there are many obstacles preventing the people of the Heavenspan Realm from reuniting. If they aren’t gathered soon… they will be assimilated into the other dynasties!

“Third. Although it may seem that you are working toward a goal, the truth is that… you don’t have any specific direction!” With each of these three points, his voice grew louder and louder, until it rang back and forth in the hall.

“Celestial, did I get close to hitting the mark?!”

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