Chapter 1137: Intense Fighting Deathblade's Thoughts

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Even as Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan’er laid eyes on the shocking scene, the egg sac began to wriggle. Apparently, there was some unimaginable living thing inside that was being helped by the huge spider to absorb everything in Murknine County. The living beings, the mountains, the plants, and all the life force that existed therein, was all being absorbed!

The amount of life force that existed in this one county was roughly equivalent to that which had existed in all of the Heavenspan Realm, and it was being used to feed whatever existed in that egg sac!

Both Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan’er were visibly taken aback. At the same time, they both came to the same conclusion. If the living being inside of the egg sac emerged… then it would lead to a catastrophe the likes of which neither of them were equipped to handle!

At the same time, the light and heat of the fourteen-colored flame continued to spread out in the massive crater. The fire caught many of the small spiders, who screamed as they were burned to a crisp. However, when it came to the spiderweb, there was some strange property to it that caused it to simply shrink back a bit from the heat of the flame. Not even the fourteen-colored flame could break the web!

As many of the small spiders died, and as the spiderweb shrank back, the enormous spider king suddenly looked up, fixing its cold gaze on Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan’er.


Its terrifying cry was filled with killing intent and ferocious brutality. Completely disregarding the fourteen-colored flame, it began to rush toward them.

Despite being so huge, it advanced with lightning-like speed. Having no time to consult with Bai Xiaochun about a plan, Gongsun Wan’er performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing black smoke to surge out and make an enormous ghost hand, which shot toward the spider.

However, the spider was powerful to a shocking degree, and simply head-butted the ghost hand. The ghost hand, which had been fueled by Gongsun Wan’er’s celestial cultivation base, simply shattered!

“It’s got a celestial-level fleshly body!” Bai Xiaochun blurted, shocked. However, he didn’t slow down. Unfortunately, he and Gongsun Wan’er had no time to work out a plan for how to deal with the situation. And yet, considering that they were teamed up on this endeavor, there was no need to discuss certain things. While Gongsun Wan’er fought the spider, Bai Xiaochun blurred into motion, heading toward… the wriggling egg sac!

The huge spider saw what was happening, and was immediately enraged. It turned as if to intercept, but before it could, Gongsun Wan’er performed an incantation gesture, sending numerous vicious ghost faces flying out. Formed from black smoke, and radiating the dreadful power of demigods, they fearlessly lunged forward and began to bite the huge spider.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun was nearing the egg sac. Clenching his right hand into a fist, he unleashed a fist strike backed both by his celestial cultivation base and powerful fleshly body. The air was shattered as his fist flew through the air and then landed on the egg sac.

Shaking visibly, the egg sac sank down where the punch had landed. However, thanks to some unknown means, it somehow captured some of the force of Bai Xiaochun’s blow, then redirected it into a powerful backlash attack. However, it was impossible for it to completely negate a full-force blow from Bai Xiaochun, and the egg sac was left vibrating.

That vibration seemed to tug at the attention of the enormous spider, who let out a piercing cry. Ignoring the ravenous ghost faces, it barreled toward Bai Xiaochun, moving so quickly that he had no chance to jump out of the way.

A huge boom could be heard as Bai Xiaochun was struck, his five yin organs and six yang organs trembling painfully. As he staggered backward, his eyes turned bloodshot. But before he could do anything else, the enormous spider leaped toward him again. From the look in its eyes, it was possible to see how much it hated him. Then its mouth opened as it prepared to swallow him alive!

However, the spider wasn’t necessarily very intelligent. Even as it lunged at Bai Xiaochun, Gongsun Wan’er chuckled coldly, and turned into a streak of light that shot toward the egg sac. Taking advantage of how the spider was distracted by Bai Xiaochun, she swung her hand violently toward the egg sac, backing it with the full power of her celestial cultivation base.

As rumbling sounds filled the air, the huge spider realized that it had been distracted, and its anger flared. As it turned toward Gongsun Wan’er, Bai Xiaochun finally realized what was most important to the spider. And how could he let the thing protect that egg sac? Rushing forward, he grabbed one of the spider’s legs and pulled on it as hard as he could.


All of the spider’s momentum was killed by Bai Xiaochun, who used the full power of his fleshly body to prevent it from moving. The spider’s claws scraped the ground as it tried to break free, but Bai Xiaochun was holding it in place with a vice-like grip.

It was no easy task for him to utilize such explosive force against the spider. In fact, if he was even slightly careless, or loosened his grip even a little, the spider would surely break free. From what Bai Xiaochun could tell, this was like some primordial beast who would rather die than submit.

“You hold on to that thing while I destroy this egg sac!” Gongsun Wan’er shouted, her eyes flashing. Her hands flashed in an incantation gesture, and at the same time, a statue flew out of her bag of holding. As soon as the statue was out in the open, it began to belch out black smoke that quickly filled the area.

Moments later, wailing howls could be heard from within the smoke, and terrifying energy fluctuations began to roll out. The spider’s anxiety mounted, and it even turned to snap at Bai Xiaochun.

Beads of sweat popped out on Bai Xiaochun's forehead, and he had no choice but to let the spider go to avoid the attack. Then, as the spider prepared to lunge back in the direction of the egg sac, he quickly grabbed another of its legs and dragged it backward.

The spider’s claws created huge gulches in the ground as it was slowly dragged away in the opposite direction of its goal. The spider seemed to be going completely mad as it struggled in vain to free itself. Meanwhile, the black smoke surrounding Gongsun Wan’er began to spin, turning into a huge vortex that seemed capable of sucking in everything around it.

The aura coming from within that smoke was chaotic, primeval, and ancient. It almost seemed like a profound aura of death.

What the vortex was specifically tugging at, though, was the huge egg sac. However, it was at this point that the maddened spider yet again turned and snapped, not at Bai Xiaochun, but at the leg which he was holding. Crack! The leg was severed!

As Bai Xiaochun tumbled backward in surprise, the huge spider lunged toward Gongsun Wan’er.

However, that was when Gongsun Wan’er smiled coldly. Waving her arms out in front of her, she suddenly shifted the focus of the black vortex from the egg sac to the huge spider!

“You fell for my trap!” she chuckled, eyes blazing with killing intent as she shoved her hands out in front of her!

The spider trembled as a sensation of incredible danger filled it. It made to fall back, but unfortunately for it, Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan’er were working in perfect unison. Back when she had shouted out to him earlier, he had immediately picked up on what she actually wanted to do. After all, back when he had struck the egg sac, he had sensed that it was not something that he could destroy. Obviously, Gongsun Wan’er would have detected the same thing.

Only their combined powers could possibly do something to harm it. And with the huge spider around, that wasn’t possible.

Therefore, in the heat of the moment, the egg sac wasn’t important. The huge spider had to be disposed of first.

Gongsun Wan’er realized the truth the instant she struck the egg sac for the first time, and therefore, she and Bai Xiaochun quickly reached an unspoken agreement to take advantage of the spider’s low intelligence and its weakness to hatch a simple ambush!

Even as the huge spider flinched away from the vortex, Bai Xiaochun threw his arms out and drew upon the Mountain Shaking Bash and the Living Mountain Incantation. Transforming into a huge stone golem, he shot forward with incredible fleshly body power to slam into the huge spider.

There was no time for the spider to react, much less dodge out of the way. A boom rang out, and it screamed miserably as it was struck. And then Gongsun Wan’er’s divine ability prepared to devour it.

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