Chapter 1141: Mid Celestial Realm Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Out in the dark void, the only visible light came from the softly glowing damaged fan. On the main square of the fan, the air rippled and distorted, whereupon Bai Xiaochun appeared, ridiculously fat because of all of the life force he had absorbed.

From a distance, he looked like a trundling sphere of flesh.

“I need to assimilate this life force as quickly as possible. I'm way too fat.” Yet again, he tried as hard as he could to look down at his feet, but all he could see was his belly. In fact, he was so fat that it was actually difficult for him to touch his belly with his hands. It was all very uncomfortable.

Eyes flashing with determination, he flew toward the fan ribs to start challenging the next level.

He had benefited from the events in Murknine County in a very unique way; normally speaking, going from the early Celestial Realm to the mid Celestial Realm was a very difficult process that would take an extended period of time. It would also usually require vast amounts of precious materials and good fortune.

But now, he was filled with an astounding level of life force, and although he couldn’t be sure of exactly how far it would take him, he needed to give it a shot. He would only have one shot, and if he didn’t take advantage of it properly, it was impossible to say when the next chance would come along.

Before getting this life force, his plan had been to use the rewards given by the fan to propel him along in his cultivation. But after recent developments, he changed his mind.

“My only chance is to go all out. I’ll get as far as I can in the levels, and then try to break through!” Gritting his teeth, he stepped into the next level.

He failed levels numerous times, but didn't give up. He would analyze the reasons for his failures, perform tests, and then continue challenging the levels. Roughly two months flew by, during which time he would frequently go back to Mistysea Prefecture to make sure nothing unexpected had occurred.

The Saint-Emperor and Vile-Emperor had long since learned of the events in Murknine County, but neither of them did anything about it. Bai Xiaochun continued to worry about the matter, but reminded himself that although Mistysea Prefecture was important to him, all of the territories in the second immortal domain were of importance to the two emperors.

And thus, Bai Xiaochun continued to pass one level after another. Eventually he passed the fiftieth level. Finally, at the fifty-first level, he reached a limit, and was unable to pass the level no matter what he did.

He performed a few more tests before giving up on the fifty-first level. “Ah, whatever. I guess I can only pass the fiftieth level in my current state.”

At this point, he assessed all of the rewards he had earned, and was very impressed, especially by the reward from the fiftieth level!

There were many medicinal pills that he didn’t recognize, but could identify as immortal pills thanks to his skill in the Dao of medicine. There was also a bamboo slip which was carved with two magical symbols. Although he didn’t understand what they meant, when he looked closely at the first magical symbol, he felt like he was descending into depths of hell. It was as if his mind filled with nothing but death.

After a moment passed, he recovered. Panting, he didn’t dare to look at the second magical symbol. However, he already had an idea about what this bamboo slip was.

“The reward for the fiftieth level is… a portion of the Dao Essence of Life and Death!!” Gripping the bamboo slip tightly in his hand, he sat down in the main square of the fan to meditate. Previously, it had always been an easy thing to meditate, but now that he was extremely fat, it was difficult to settle down cross-legged. Somehow, he managed.

Quickly performing a double-handed incantation gesture, he rotated his cultivation base and began to work on the first level of the Time Immemorial Codex, the Former Will. His energy passageways instantly began to vibrate as cultivation base power surged into them. The power converged on the main energy passageway within him, and then ended up in his heart. During this process, his mind began to thrum, building up into a roar that made it seem like a huge dragon was inside of him.

The dragon surged with explosive power in his heart, and occasionally in his dantian region.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun knew that this supposed dragon was actually his Daoseed, which was different from that of other celestials. His Daoseed was full and complete, and was becoming more powerful with every advancement he made with his cultivation base.

Unfortunately, he was still very far away from a breakthrough.

“In the Celestial Realm, the Daoseed first lays roots, then sprouts, then blossoms and bears fruit!

“Upon becoming a celestial, the Daoseed takes shape. The energy passageways in the body become like rootlets. Only after they integrate do they become the root!

“In the early Celestial Realm, the rootlets spread and eventually become the root. In the mid Celestial Realm… the root is given nutrients, and the Daoseed sprouts!

“That is exactly what is happening now!” His eyes flickered as the dragon that was his Daoseed finally began to center on one location, his dantian region.

As it shrank down, a strange energy coursed through him, which was apparently the power caused by his Daoseed sprouting. Shivering, he realized that the critical moment had arrived, and that the life force which had been locked away inside of him for the past months was now about to be released.

Rumbling sounds like heavenly thunder filled him as the vast stores of life force surged out.

As he worked with the Former Will of his Time Immemorial Codex, the life force rushed unimpeded toward his Daoseed!

His Daoseed began to tremble with incredible intensity, like parched earth that had suddenly encountered sweet dew, or a starving person who came across a feast set for immortals. It became a black hole that ravenously devoured all of the life force that came its way.

As it shrank down on itself with greater speed, Bai Xiaochun slowly began to deflate. At the same time, the aura of his Daoseed grew stronger and stronger.

Apparently, a dramatic metamorphosis was taking place!

However, it was at this point that something which Bai Xiaochun had been worried about all along happened. His Daoseed was based on the Undying Live Forever Technique, which was different from the legacy magics of the two imperial clans. What was unique about the Undying Live Forever Technique was the drastic levels of life force it required. In fact, even with the enormous amount of life force he currently had at his disposal, it seemed unlikely that he had enough life force to cause his Daoseed to fully sprout!

He had already shrunk down to his original size and shape, and was still shrinking. It was as if his own life force, cultivation base and everything else of which he was made, were being absorbed into the Daoseed. And if it kept going in this way, he would be destroyed in body and soul before the Daoseed sprouted!

Even worse, he could not attempt to interrupt this breakthrough process, or reverse it. Now that he had started down this path… he had to succeed!

Thankfully, Bai Xiaochun had anticipated something like this happening. Although he had never made an attempt to achieve a breakthrough in the Celestial Realm, nor had he been given any advice about it, based on what he knew about the Undying Live Forever Technique, and his past experiences, he had guessed that he might reach a critical point in the process in which he ran out of resources.

Having prepared for this possibility, he wasn’t alarmed. As his body continued to shrink in on itself, he slapped his bag of holding to produce a medicinal pill, numerous immortal grasses, and other rewards he had acquired from the first fifty levels of the damaged fan. He had given some of the rewards to the Grand Heavenmaster and others among his subordinates, but he had kept many for himself, and right now, he threw them all into his mouth without hesitation.

The pills and grasses immediately caused life force to flow into him, halting any withering process. As for the Daoseed, it was already very close to completion, and therefore, after enough time had passed for an incense stick to burn… it began to shine with radiant light.

The light filled him, and then spread out, creating something that surpassed the brightness of the damaged fan itself!

From a distance, Bai Xiaochun was like a burning lamp within the dark void, dazzling to the extreme!

At that point, he opened his eyes, and excitedly checked his Daoseed… which now had a tiny sprout sticking out of it!!

“I've mastered the Former Will. My Daoseed has sprouted. Mid Celestial Realm!”

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