Chapter 1145: Difficult To Deal With Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“Do you know what you've done wrong, Deadfall?!” Bai Xiaochun said, his voice echoing like heavenly thunder as he hovered there in midair, energy surging in dramatic fashion.

Celestial Deadfall’s blessed land was located in the exact center of the capital city of this prefecture, and Bai Xiaochun had controlled his attack perfectly, limiting its destructive effects to the statue itself. None of the rest of the city was affected. Of course, all of the numerous cultivators from the Vile-Emperor Dynasty who occupied the area were looking over in utter shock.

Bai Xiaochun was of the impression that he must look quite awe-inspiring. However, Celestial Deadfall was extremely enraged, and with a howl, prepared to attempt to slip free from the power of the Greatsword of the North.

Bai Xiaochun snorted. Performing an incantation gesture with his right hand, he tripled the might of the Greatsword of the North. As he did, the 300-meter-long sword slowly began to inch down toward Celestial Deadfall’s head.

As a result of this process, the lands quaked, and Celestial Deadfall struggled mightily. He looked like his body might collapse at any moment; blood sprayed out of his mouth constantly, and crevices snaked out in the ground around his feet, which seemed just on the verge of crumbling into a crater.

The pressure from the greatsword was so intense that he wasn’t sure he could handle it. And he could tell that the slightest misstep on his part would lead to the sword cleaving him in two!

Being in the mid Celestial Realm, Bai Xiaochun could actually handle Celestial Deadfall on his own. And yet, he was using the Greatsword of the North. Therefore, he wasn’t just handling him… he was crushing him!

“I’ll ask you one more time, Deadfall,” he said, his voice as cold as ice, as were his gleaming eyes. “Do you know what you've done wrong?!”

“I refuse to believe that you would ever dare to kill me, Bai Xiaochun!!” Celestial Deadfall shouted, his face crimson with rage. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to make his escape. The truth was that the one fist strike backed with some Willpower had been enough to both destroy his blessed land, and also seal him tight. The only way he would possibly be able to get out of this situation was if his cultivation base were higher.

And yet, he refused to back down. He really didn’t believe that Bai Xiaochun would kill him. Not only would Celestial Deadfall be resurrected if that happened, but the tensions and friction between the Vile-Emperor Dynasty and Saint-Emperor Dynasty would be affected. Even the most unreasonable person would have to take that into consideration.

“I wouldn’t dare?” Bai Xiaochun said. Suddenly, he chuckled coldly. “I guess you’ve forgotten who I am. Screw it, let’s see if I would dare to kill you!”

His aura surged as he performed a double-handed incantation gesture and then waved his finger at the Greatsword of the North, his killing intent boiling.

In response, the Greatsword of the North began to vibrate, bolstered by Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base to release a powerful sword qi that was clearly enough to slaughter anyone in the early Celestial Realm.

Celestial Deadfall began to shiver. He had already been pushed to his limit, so when this sword qi appeared, his five yin organs and six yang organs trembled painfully. Blood sprayed out of his mouth as the Greatsword of the North which hung above him increased in size to 3,000 meters, and began to radiate the might of the world itself. Then, it started to chop down toward him!

Considering the speed with which it moved, this was clearly intended to be a fatal blow!

“Bai Xiaochun, you….” Even as he spoke, a halo of seven-colored light spread out from him, which transformed into a seven-colored dragon that rushed, howling, toward the greatsword. At the same time, a host of magical items flew out of Celestial Deadfall’s bag of holding, creating a powerful defensive barrier.

And things weren’t over yet! He even used a trump card; blue veins bulged out on his face and neck as an enormous black bull materialized behind him.

Radiating shocking devil qi, the bull bellowed and slammed its head into the sword.

This was Celestial Deadfall’s life-saving divine ability, Devil-Bull Shakes the Heavens!

Although this trump card was easy to describe, it was very difficult to employ, and was severely draining. Even though he was in the early Celestial Realm, it was almost too much for Celestial Deadfall to take, much less considering that his Willpower magic and cultivation base were restricted. However, there wasn’t time to worry about those things; he had to go all out with everything he had at his disposal.

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as the breathless audience looked on. First, the seven-colored dragon slammed into the greatsword, only to be slashed to pieces instantly. Then came the magical items, which were equally as useless!

A series of booms rang out as the Greatsword of the North destroyed everything in its path, and then prepared to meet the black devil-bull!

At that point, the sword paused for the briefest of moments. Then, Bai Xiaochun snorted and sent more cultivation base power out, causing the sword to slice completely through the devil-bull, and continue toward Celestial Deadfall!

The gap between these two celestials was just too vast. No matter what Celestial Deadfall did to resist the battle prowess being used against him, he was like a mantis trying to stop a war chariot. Popping sounds rang out as any magical items he threw out were destroyed, and any divine abilities he unleashed were shattered. As he looked up at the Greatsword of the North, his heart finally began to pound with shock.

“Dammit! He’s from the Heavenspan Realm, not the Saint-Emperor Dynasty!! He’s gonna kill me! He’s really gonna kill me! He actually wants the Vile-Emperor Dynasty and the Saint-Emperor Dynasty to go to war!!” All of a sudden, Celestial Deadfall felt a sense of impending crisis. He knew the Vile-Emperor could resurrect him with his Daoseed if he died, but at the same time, he was well aware that such a thing would result in a permanent drop in battle prowess.

It would also affect his future cultivation in a majorly negative way. Therefore, if he had any other option than dying, he would pick it!

When he realized how much of a lunatic Bai Xiaochun was, fear began to grip his heart, and he suddenly regretted his attempt to extort him.

As he raced to come up with a solution, the greatsword got closer and closer, and the sensation of imminent fatal crisis grew stronger. A long line of blood even appeared on his forehead, as though he might be cut in two!

Gritting his teeth, he finally said, “Just take your people with you and go, Bai Xiaochun!!”

Although it was not a direct admission of guilt, in some ways, it was.

But that was not what Bai Xiaochun was looking for. He had come here to put on a display of might, and make sure that everyone knew two things: first, he was no longer in the early Celestial Realm, and second, that if someone offended him deeply enough, he was the type of crazy person who would kill them because of it.

On the other hand, he was also aware that he shouldn’t actually cut down a celestial unless it was absolutely necessary. If he did something that drastic, the Saint-Emperor would surely step in and seize Mistysea Prefecture as punishment, or at least take control of it. Bai Xiaochun didn’t want to give him that chance. And yet, he also didn’t want to let Celestial Deadfall off scot-free.

Therefore, despite the words of concession he had uttered, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes merely flickered, and his murderous aura flared as he pushed the sword downward!

“Maybe I can’t kill you,” he thought, “but I can scare you half to death!” Bai Xiaochun's facial expression, his actions, and his killing intent, all seemed completely and utterly realistic, to the point where Celestial Deadfall’s heart started pounding even harder.

“Dammit. Dammit! I already agreed to let them go!!” He had his cultivation base rotating at full power, but the rift on his head only continued to grow wider and longer. Knowing that his body was about to be destroyed, he gritted his teeth.

“I… I know what I did wrong!!” Despite the words that came out of his mouth, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes remained as cold as ever, and his sword didn’t change direction or momentum. Celestial Deadfall’s head began to split open, provoking a scream of pain and frustration.

“There’s no grudge between us, Bai Xiaochun!” By this point, he was absolutely convinced that Bai Xiaochun was a lunatic, and that there was no hope of escaping his situation.

However, in that very moment of despair, Bai Xiaochun twisted the Greatsword of the North to the side. Instead of slicing Celestial Deadfall’s head in half, it chopped down toward his right shoulder, cutting his arm off!

Blood sprayed everywhere as Celestial Deadfall let out a muffled grunt. The blast of energy sent him tumbling backward, blood spraying everywhere. When he came to a stop, he looked up at Bai Xiaochun, resentment flickering in his eyes, but more so, relief at having survived. And then he saw the murderous look that still existed in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes, and his heart pounded even harder.

“Lucky for you I changed my mind,” Bai Xiaochun growled. “Now get the hell out of here while you can. If you want a second round, come find me in Mistysea Prefecture. I’ll be waiting!” Waving his finger, he caused the Greatsword of the North to shrink back down and fly toward him. When he grabbed it by the hilt, the tip vibrated and released an intense humming sound.

Celestial Deadfall sighed inwardly at how unlucky he had been. No one would ever want to provoke a psycho like this. It wasn’t worth it. Now, he was in very bad shape, and had lost a lot of face. The only way he could comfort himself was to remind himself that his opponent was in the mid Celestial Realm. Without another word, he grabbed his severed arm, turned, and became a bright beam of light that shot off into the distance.

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