Chapter 1178: Twenty-Two-Colored Flame Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

This was not Bai Xiaochun’s first time seeing vengeful souls out in the void. After all, he had already acquired an archaean soul from that enormous floating palace he had seen.

But when he saw this host of vengeful souls streaming out from the sovereign’s arm, he couldn’t help but start getting excited.

Ever since he had arrived in the Eternal Immortal Domains, he had lacked vengeful souls. Only the trial level filled with souls that he had passed earlier had replenished his stocks to some degree, but even that hadn’t been enough.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t get back into that level to get more souls, and even if he did, there were only so many inside. Even if he got all of them, he would still come up short.

“So, there really are vengeful souls out here in the void!” 

Staring intently at them, he unhesitatingly declared, “Alright, little automaton, I’ll trust you just this once!” 

He released his hold of authority over the fan, the only reason being that he knew that even if the spirit automaton got greedy, he could take it back if necessary.

After all… his level of authority over the fan now surpassed the spirit automaton’s. Of course, because he hadn’t yet passed the hundredth level, he didn’t have the ability to use the fan’s divine abilities, or control it completely.

The spirit automaton was thrilled to find that Bai Xiaochun was relinquishing his authority. Quickly unleashing his divine sense, he called upon the powers at his disposal to cause the fan to glow with dazzling light.

At the same time, he pointed his finger out at the approaching souls.

“Be subdued!” he said, his voice resounding like heavenly thunder, and sending ripples out into the void. At the same time, the image on the face of the fan began to move as if it were alive!

That image depicted a mountain, atop which was a tower, and beneath which was a river. On the river was a boat, within which could be seen two men playing Go. Also in the water of the river was a palace.

As the image on the fan rippled, one of the men on the boat waved his right arm, which caused a huge gravitational force to appear out in the void.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as the vengeful souls shrieked, transforming into streaks of light that shot into the image of the river on the fan.

As for the severed arm, it shivered visibly. If the arm had been attached to the sovereign it had once belonged to, then the spirit automaton of the damaged fan would have been helpless to do anything about it. But now that it was no longer attached, matters were much simpler.

Gradually, the arm slowed down, then touched the fan, whereupon it was also dragged into the picture. However, during the process, the fan trembled, as though some massive pressure had begun to weigh down on it.

After all, that arm was not the flesh and blood of a sovereign clone, but rather… an actual limb from a real sovereign!

The spirit automaton was weakening visibly, his eyes bloodshot as he went all out to make sure the process went smoothly. Bai Xiaochun stood off to the side, both surprised and nervous about what was happening. After all, back when he had acquired the archaean soul, the fan had not been under the control of the spirit automaton, and yet had still put on a very impressive display.

But now, with the spirit automaton controlling the fan, the image on its face emitted a shocking aura. That was especially true of the man on the boat. After all, he was pulling in the sovereign’s arm in completely astonishing fashion.

“This magical item… is totally incredible!!” After the arm was pulled into the fan, Bai Xiaochun looked on in excitement as the picture on the face of the fan gained a new element, an enormous arm!

“If I can actually control this fan one day… then who cares if I have to face the Vile-Emperor!? I could crush him with the wave of a finger!” Heart pounding, he imagined what it would be like to rout an archaean in that fashion.

After the sovereign’s arm was fully absorbed, the damaged fan began to emit even more radiant light than before. And then, just as the spirit automaton had said, the fan used the influx of power to begin to move even faster.

The spirit automaton seemed to be severely drained. Gasping for breath, he turned into a beam of light that shot back toward the fan to go back to sleep. At the same time, the authority he had borrowed from Bai Xiaochun was relinquished.

However, Bai Xiaochun wasn’t willing to let him go so quickly. Before he could vanish, he shouted, “Hey, I didn’t give you my authority just to be nice! I don’t want the arm, but give me the souls!”

The spirit automaton sighed and muttered inaudibly to himself for a moment. Then, for some unknown reason, it actually complied with Bai Xiaochun’s request. Sending some divine sense into the fan, it caused a vast quantity of vengeful souls to fly out from the arm toward Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun excitedly collected the souls, the weakest of which was at the Nascent Soul level. Many of them were deva souls, and there were even a good number of demigod souls. Most shockingly… there were three archaean souls!

Bai Xiaochun nearly began to dance with joy. As he put all the souls away, the spirit automaton entered the fan and went to sleep.

At the same time, Bai Xiaochun sat down cross-legged, and waited until he was sure the spirit automaton was fully asleep. Then, as the damaged fan continued to sail along through the void, he began to conjure flame!

With this most recent influx of souls, he could now conjure beyond the level of fifteen colors without worrying about wasting too much.

“I’m going to conjure… twenty-two-colored flame!” he said, his eyes bloodshot. He had dreamed of this moment back in the Heavenspan Realm, but had never been able to succeed. Then, after arriving in the Eternal Immortal Domains, he had felt confident, but had lacked ingredients.

Throwing his arms wide, he summoned a vast collection of souls, and began to conjure!

Meanwhile, back in the Eternal Immortal Domains, near Vile-Emperor City, was the coalition of cultivators who Big Fatty Zhang had secretly been helping. Among them were Li Qinghou and Patriarch Spirit Stream. Furthermore, in recent days, there were two new additions!!

The first was Song Junwan, and the other… was Mistress Red-Dust!

They had come after hearing that Bai Xiaochun had been made the ambassador in Vile-Emperor City, and neither wanted their children to be born without the father at least being there to see them.

Song Junwan had been protected by Bruiser this entire time, whereas Mistress Red-Dust didn’t need any help at all.

Both of them… had visibly protruding bellies. When Li Qinghou, Patriarch Spirit Stream, and the others saw that, their eyes went wide. Song Junwan took the stares in stride. As for Mistress Red-Dust, she simply blurted out the name of her child’s father, causing many jaws to drop.

Then, a murderous look appeared in Song Junwan’s eyes. Snorting coldly, she announced the name of her own child's father.

At that point, Patriarch Spirit Stream cleared his throat and hurried away. As for Li Qinghou, he smiled wryly, and then did his best to console the one and pacify the other.

Eventually, he got them calmed down. At that point, he returned to his residence and angrily grumbled to himself, “I can’t believe the little brat knocked up two at the same time….”

Of course, despite his seeming front of anger, he couldn’t cover the happy smile that spread out across his face.

Perhaps it was because of the happy reunions which had just taken place, but back on the damaged fan, Bai Xiaochun suddenly looked up, his eyes bloodshot, his expression exhausted, and yet clearly filled with excitement.

“It worked!” He threw his head back and laughed uproariously, extending his hand, causing the unprecedentedly bright light of a twenty-two-colored flame to illuminate the entire fan.

Because of it, the damaged fan became a burning torch in the darkness of the endless void…!

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