Chapter 1197: Sovereign Precious Treasure! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

A closer look would reveal that within that glowing light was half of a damaged fan!!

It was exactly the same type of light that glowed from Bai Xiaochun’s part of the damaged fan, although slightly dimmer. Furthermore, this fan was so damaged that it looked like it might collapse at any moment.

“It’s finally here, milord!” Bai Xiaochi said excitedly. “If you help me, then together, we should be able to put both halves of the fan together. Then it will become a true sovereign-level precious treasure!!” He had been looking forward to this day for a long time, and in fact, had often thought that it would never come, and that the two halves of the fan would forever follow their own trajectories through the void.

But then that sovereign’s arm appeared, with an aura that could actually power the damaged fan to a certain extent. Under Bai Xiaochi’s direction, the fan had slowly changed course to head toward its other half. And now… the two halves were about to meet!

Bai Xiaochun was also excited, although not as much as Bai Xiaochi. He stood there calmly at the edge of his damaged fan, looking at the other half approaching.

“Will the other half have another spirit automaton?” he asked.

Bai Xiaochi hesitated for a moment, as though he hadn’t considered the possibility. Then he looked at Bai Xiaochun and confidently said, “If it does, then I’ll definitely crush him!”

Bai Xiaochun didn’t reply. Keeping his cultivation base rotating, he thought about what it would be like to have a complete fan. It was an exciting thought.

Soon, the other half of the fan was close enough that Bai Xiaochi performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing bright light to erupt from the half of the fan that was under his control and spread out toward the other half.

However, as the two halves of the fan got close to each other, a vicious howl erupted from the other half, and a huge figure appeared!

It looked like a larger version of Bai Xiaochi, except vicious, with green skin like an evil ghost. It was with madness and greed that this strange version of Bai Xiaochi looked over at them.

Bai Xiaochun’s pupils constricted, and Bai Xiaochi gasped loudly.

“There is another spirit automaton!!” he exclaimed.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes narrowed. Now that he was in the late Celestial Realm, he was a lot more confident than he had been in the past. Snorting coldly, he stepped off of his damaged fan and appeared within the beam of light that Bai Xiaochi had sent streaming off of it. The enormous spirit automaton was immediately on guard, and even lunged at Bai Xiaochun with outstretched hands.

“Screw the hell off!” Bai Xiaochun barked, waving his sleeve and sending the power of his cultivation base shooting out. As soon as the giant spirit automaton was struck, it howled in anguish and began to back up.

What had injured it was not Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base power, but rather, the sovereign aura he now had!!

Although most cultivators would not understand what it was, the gigantic spirit automaton was very sensitive to that type of aura. Eyes swimming with terror, it continued to back up. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun performed a double-handed incantation gesture and then reached out toward the other half of the fan!

Rumbling sounds echoed out as the two fans rushed toward each other and began to merge together!!

The giant spirit automaton howled in terror and rage, but Bai Xiaochun simply looked over his shoulder and quietly said, “Didn’t you say you planned to crush him, little automaton?”

Although Bai Xiaochi had initially been a bit frightened by the way Bai Xiaochun leapt to the attack, his eyes now began to shine brightly. Flying toward the huge spirit automaton, he shouted, “I'm the real spirit automaton, fool! Who cares if you’re extra big? You’re mine!” 

The two spirit automatons roared as they began to fight viciously.

That was something that Bai Xiaochun couldn’t assist with, so he simply sat down cross-legged and sent his divine sense out to speed up the process of the two halves of the fan combining with each other.

Slowly but surely, the fan was becoming whole. Bright light shone as the two spirit automatons fought, until eventually, Bai Xiaochi won, and consumed the larger automaton.

Bai Xiaochi looked larger and oddly disproportionate as he flew unstably back to Bai Xiaochun. A happy look on his face, he burped, then sank down into the fan face, where he disappeared. As he left, Bai Xiaochun scanned the fan with divine sense to make sure that Bai Xiaochi wasn’t hurt. 

Before long, the two halves of the fan had combined to create one whole fan.

There were some areas that were still damaged and cracked, but considering how the fan was capable of repairing itself, Bai Xiaochun was fairly certain that it wouldn’t take long for it to be back to its original state.

Now that the fan was complete, it was larger than before, and also shone with much brighter light. It looked completely spectacular as it continued to sail through the void.

Even more exciting was that his level of authority over the fan had actually increased. With a mere thought, he could change the direction the fan was traveling in, and also its speed. He could even make it stop if he wanted to!

That was something he had not been able to do in the past.

However, he could also tell that the fan was following a pre-set trajectory. And after sending some divine sense into the fan, he realized that somewhere far off in the distance, something was calling to the fan….

Now that the fan was whole, that calling had begun to pull the fan toward it, causing it to fly in one specific direction.

“What called out to the fan after it became whole…?” he thought. “Could it be…?” His heart began to pound.

“Could the call be coming from the sovereign from the Immortal World, the one who created the Dao Essence of Life and Death, and also the fan?” It didn’t seem likely to Bai Xiaochun, considering that the sovereign had supposedly perished.

At this point, he realized that although he could make minor adjustments to the fan’s direction, he couldn’t change its overall course. Finally, he decided that he would ask Bai Xiaochi some more questions when he woke up.

Now that the fan was whole, the greatest change to it was the world in the fan’s face!

Before, that world had contained a river, a mountain, a tower, and a boat with two men playing Go. There was also a palace floating in the river, and the arm of a sovereign hovering in the air!

But now… the river was complete, and contained something new. A black fish! Its eyes shone with strange light, and although it wasn’t moving, Bai Xiaochun could sense the fluctuations of a sovereign coming off of it!

There was something about the aura… that made him think of the Dao Essence of Life and Death, and seemed to be connected to the Daoist Tower of Life and Death. After closer inspection, Bai Xiaochun was certain that the black fish… contained the fan’s true sovereign-level divine ability!

Before, the damaged part of the fan that he had become the owner of had the Daoist Tower of Life and Death, but had lacked the black fish. And the half of the fan that the fish had existed in lacked the Daoist Tower of Life and Death.

But now that the fan was whole, its sovereign-level divine ability was complete!

Excited, he performed a few tests, only to find that the current level of his cultivation base didn’t permit him to actually use that special magic. Not willing to give up so easily, he performed some more tests, only to find that he was unable to do anything with the mountain, the river, or the boat.

However, the palace was different. It had been so severely damaged that, despite the fact that it contained a portion of an archaean soul, it wouldn’t actually be dangerous to an archaean in a fight. Frustrated, Bai Xiaochun sent his divine sense onto the boat. To his shock… one of the old men playing Go suddenly shivered, and the Go piece in his hand began to shine with bright light, and emit powerful fluctuations!

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