Chapter 1206: Archaean Luminescence Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun’s voice resonated through the crumbling Megarock City and beyond, directly into the ears of the already stunned audience!

All of them could clearly see that, not only had the Vile-Emperor done little to Bai Xiaochun, but Bai Xiaochun’s attack… had caused the Vile-Emperor to bleed!!

It was as if heaven and earth had both been overturned, to the point where all of them felt like they had reverted to being mortals!!

“Impossible. This is impossible!!”

“His Majesty… His Majesty is an archaean! Don’t tell me Bai Xiaochun is also an archaean…? Heavens!!”

“His Majesty actually… got hurt?!?!”

An uproar ensued which was fueled by countless mixed, complicated emotions. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s laughter filled the air.

How could he not be excited? He had been thinking about this day for years now, dreaming of what it would be like when he returned to the Eternal Immortal Domains and fought an archaean!

Although his cultivation base wasn’t high enough, he knew that every day which passed meant more suffering for the people he cared about. And despite the half of a sixty-year-cycle which had passed, he could not forget the dramatic events that had occurred back in Vile-Emperor City. His wives and children had been placed in grave danger, and Song Que had been killed. And thanks to the archaean cultivation base of the Vile-Emperor, he had been virtually powerless to do anything about it….

He had been driven to the point of madness, and had spent the following thirty years focused almost completely on cultivation. Now… he was going all out, drawing on every scrap of strength he had to forge a new hope!!

This was not some simple tussle. This… was an electrifying fight with an archaean!!

He had not held anything back in his attack just now, but neither had the Vile-Emperor, whose palm strike should have killed any celestial it was targeting. Even ten celestials on the same level as Virūpākṣa, all fighting together, would still have been cut down by it!

But… even that full-power strike was destroyed by Bai Xiaochun!

Worse, the backlash caused the mighty Vile-Emperor, a majestic archaean expert, to bleed!! Although his injuries were miniscule, the fact that they had been inflicted by someone of such inferior standing caused the most unimaginable killing intent to burn in his eyes!

Narrowing his eyes, the Vile-Emperor said, “A sovereign aura…. Very well played…. I really did underestimate you, Bai Xiaochun. However… this farce is over. If all you have is that one fist strike, then the time has come to educate you about how truly powerful archaeans are!” 

With that, he threw his arms wide and then performed incantation gestures, causing the sky to tremble as something like a red sun appeared!!

It was massive, and so bright that the sun that normally shone down on the Eternal Immortal Domains… faded away and vanished!!

As it did, the Vile-Emperor’s red sun grew larger and larger, until it was the only sun in the sky!!

“Perhaps you were unaware that the Eternal Immortal Domains… can only be home to two archaeans…. The Saint-Emperor fused with the bright moon, and I… fused with the scarlet sun!

“Therefore, it has already been fated… that neither you nor anyone else can become an archaean in the Eternal Immortal Domains!

“Now that I have revealed this secret to you, you can take it with you to your grave!!” Smiling viciously, he waved his hands, causing the red sun to explode with heaven-destroying, earth-extinguishing heat. It was the type of heat that could scorch away any and all living beings, and it was now threatening to overwhelm Megarock City!!

Apparently… the Vile-Emperor didn’t care about whether the other people in the city lived or died. He cared only about killing Bai Xiaochun, and snatching the legacy of the treasured fan from him. If he could do that, then any price was worth paying!

As the red sun descended, Megarock City began to melt, and countless cultivators began to scream in agony, and flee. However, they were too slow; it was obvious that, within moments, they would be burned out of existence!

There were screams, pleas for mercy, and incredulous wails of accusation. As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes were narrowed, and his heart pounded with shock at the magic of the red sun that the Vile-Emperor was resorting to!

However, the Vile-Emperor had miscalculated. He thought that the Undying Sovereign’s Fist was Bai Xiaochun’s secret weapon, but… it was not!

There was little time for thought or planning. As the red sun approached with its burning heat, Bai Xiaochun waved his hand and used his divine sense in a very unique fashion to lock onto the treasured fan, far out in the void.

Moments ago, the treasured fan had been flying along smoothly through the void. But now, a tremor passed through it, causing the faces of Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo to flicker. Bai Xiaochi flew out into the open and looked into the world of the fan face, in the direction of the river. There, the Go piece being held by the archaean slave began to shine with bright light, radiating a beam that shot out into the void, and then vanished!

When it reappeared… it was in the Eternal Immortal Domains, right in the sky above Megarock City in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty!

The beam of light shone with dazzling brightness that rivaled that of the red sun. When the mighty Vile-Emperor sensed the fluctuations coming from that beam of light, it was for the first time… that his face fell!


“I call it Archaean Luminescence!” Bai Xiaochun said, his voice ringing out to be heard by all of the despairing cultivators in the city. Even as the red sun descended, and the entire immortal domain around it shook… the Archaean Luminescence blazed forth with the aura of an archaean, and headed straight for the sun!!

Heaven and earth trembled as the light that Bai Xiaochun had meticulously experimented with… became an attack to rival an archaean expert's!

Although some of its power had to do with the archaean slave, more of it… was because of the Go board!!

Bai Xiaochun’s research had confirmed that the game board itself was actually a precious treasure, and that in the hands of an archaean, it could be unleashed in full! As all creation shook, the Archaean Luminescence slammed into the red sun.

Although the red sun was not completely vanquished, the Archaean Luminescence smashed a huge hole into it!!

Deafening rumbling sounds filled the Eternal Immortal Domains, shaking both the Vile-Emperor Dynasty and the Saint-Emperor Dynasty alike!

In Saint-Emperor City, the celestials all looked over in the direction of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, completely stunned. After all, the magical technique the Vile-Emperor had just utilized had caused the sun in the sky to fade away. But now, they could sense intense fluctuations filling the world that caused even them to reel in shock.

“That’s… two archaeans fighting!!”

“Heavens, how could this be happening?!?!”

“Who is it…? Who is fighting with the Vile-Emperor!?!?”

Even as Chen Su, Gu Tianjun and the other celestials gave voice to expressions of shock, the Saint-Emperor floated out of his imperial palace and up into the air, looking extremely solemn.

Gu Tianjun and the other celestials were incapable of determining the truth of the situation. But the Saint-Emperor was an archaean, and therefore all he had to do was close his eyes and send his divine sense out… to confirm that it was Bai Xiaochun fighting the Vile-Emperor. Via his augury techniques, he was actually able to observe the fighting directly!

Whether it was the Undying Sovereign’s Fist or the Archaean Luminescence, he could see them all.

“Bai Xiaochun….” he murmured, his heart pounding because of the sovereign aura and the Archaean Luminescence.

“That’s not his own power, though. He’s summoning it to his aid. I doubt he’ll be able to do it more than a few times. After all… it’s an archaean-level attack!” Based on the Saint-Emperor’s judgement, a powerful attack like that could only be unleashed at significant cost!

The Vile-Emperor was thinking exactly the same thing. Although he was definitely shocked that the Archaean Luminescence could cause problems for his red sun, and even punch a hole in it, he still felt confident that not even multiple blasts could do anything more than significantly damage it!

“I refuse to believe that summoned power like that can be utilized a second time, Bai Xiaochun!” Looking very grim, the Vile-Emperor performed an incantation gesture with his right hand and then waved his finger, causing the red sun to accelerate. He was clearly intent on incinerating Bai Xiaochun and everything around him!

However, that was when Bai Xiaochun began to laugh. Blood oozing out of the corners of his mouth, he said, “You think I can’t use it a second time?”

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