Chapter 1209: Reunions Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun didn’t so much as blink. Almost as soon as the words left the Saint-Emperor’s mouth, he excitedly took two steps forward, clasped hands and bowed. 

“Big Bro!” he said, his voice seemingly quivering with emotion, as though he were worried he might not sound sincere enough. Of course, to the other celestials, it seemed blatantly melodramatic….

Before any of them could even begin to feel derision, though, the Saint-Emperor, who didn’t seem to have noticed anything overtly melodramatic, also bowed in excitement. 

Eyes sparkling, he laughed and said, “Second Bro!!”

The Saint-Emperor actually spoke in even more melodramatic fashion than Bai Xiaochun. Upon seeing this, Bai Xiaochun was a bit disgruntled. Not wanting to be outdone, he took a deep breath and then spoke in the loudest and most sincere voice he could possibly achieve.

“Big Bro!”

“Second Bro!” the Saint-Emperor replied, sounding completely delighted. The two of them looked at each other, and then burst out laughing.

As for the celestials present, strange feelings rose up in their hearts, and they felt goosebumps spreading out all over them as they exchanged awkward glances, then quickly looked away from each other….

Although they had seen hypocrites before, nothing they had ever seen came close to Bai Xiaochun and the Saint-Emperor in this moment.

As the Saint-Emperor and Bai Xiaochun laughed together, both of their minds were racing at top speed. Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were narrowed, making him look very much like a crafty young fox. Meanwhile, the Saint-Emperor’s eyes glittered like that of a crafty old fox. Of course, the Saint-Emperor had known all along why Bai Xiaochun came. Perhaps if he hadn’t fought with the Vile-Emperor, and revealed his archaean-level battle prowess, then the Saint-Emperor would never have mentioned the subject of becoming sworn brothers.

But Bai Xiaochun was growing stronger at a breathtaking rate. That, coupled with his Archaean Luminescence, ensured that the Saint-Emperor took him very seriously, and viewed him as being on a completely different level than before.

Furthermore, he had an inkling of how Bai Xiaochun was accomplishing all of this.

He had been suspicious all along, just like the Vile-Emperor. And as of now, he was absolutely certain… that Bai Xiaochun had taken the sovereign-level damaged fan for his own!

Only by possessing a legacy precious treasure like that could he possibly become so strong so quickly.

Before the battle with the Vile-Emperor, the Saint-Emperor might have made a move on him to try to take the fan for himself. But now that Bai Xiaochun had proven to have archaean-level battle prowess, and also had all of the cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm ready to fight for him, the Saint-Emperor’s attitude naturally changed.

One important factor was that Bai Xiaochun had come in person to visit. Another was Bai Xiaochun’s confidence, which made his command over the Archaean Luminescence even more mysterious and unfathomable.

Also, the fact that Bai Xiaochun hadn’t come with any clear demands meant… that he was interested in an alliance!

Some matters didn’t require discussion or negotiation. Both Bai Xiaochun and the Saint-Emperor realized that if they entered into an alliance, it would be a heavy blow to the Vile-Emperor and his dynasty. In fact, it would be just about the most serious catastrophe possible, short of killing the Vile-Emperor himself!

It would change the entire political structure of the world! Another major factor for the Saint-Emperor to consider was that… rivalries never last forever. If he refused to join forces with Bai Xiaochun, it was entirely possible that Bai Xiaochun would eventually be able to resolve his issues with the Vile-Emperor, and ally with him instead!

“Second Bro, now that we’ve become sworn brothers, it's only appropriate that I, the elder brother, give the northern regions of my second immortal domain to you!” With a chuckle and the wave of his hand, he offered up the barren and infertile north as a gift to Bai Xiaochun. Of course, it had already belonged to Bai Xiaochun to begin with.

As for Bai Xiaochun’s response, it seemed like complete and utter hogwash to Gu Tianjun and the other celestials…. 

“Big Bro, now that we’re allies, you can rest at ease. As long as the north is under my command, the armies of the Vile-Emperor Dynasty will never be able to get past me!” 

After all, if Bai Xiaochun occupied the north, then he would control nearly half of that entire immortal domain. And if the Vile-Emperor Dynasty took over that area to get to the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, then it would mean that Bai Xiaochun had been completely wiped out.

The Saint-Emperor chuckled loudly as they sealed the agreement. At that point, the Saint-Emperor threw a banquet for Bai Xiaochun.

After Bai Xiaochun left, the smile immediately vanished from the Saint-Emperor’s face, to be replaced by a frown. However, the frown faded away after a moment, as he realized that this alliance with Bai Xiaochun was a good thing for him.

All he had lost was the north of his second immortal domain, which was an infertile place that had once belonged to the Vile-Emperor Dynasty. Bai Xiaochun had eventually taken it back, giving the Vile-Emperor Dynasty two and a half immortal domains, and the Saint-Emperor Dynasty two and a half. However, the north was still of little value or interest to the Saint-Emperor.

To give up something worthless to get an alliance was not quite taking advantage, but was definitely worth it. Now that Bai Xiaochun was back, the Saint-Emperor controlled one full immortal domain, and two half-portions.

In the end, it was back to the status quo.

Of course, the Vile-Emperor Dynasty had it much worse…. Bai Xiaochun’s visit there had ended with him taking away an entire immortal domain….

And thus, the landscape of the five immortal domains of the Eternal Lands experienced a drastic change!

The Vile-Emperor Dynasty now only controlled one and a half immortal domains, and the Saint-Emperor Dynasty stayed the same as before, with two. That change instantly propelled the Saint-Emperor Dynasty to much higher heights!

The final one and a half immortal domains went to Bai Xiaochun.

After taking everything into consideration, the Saint-Emperor smiled and decided to make the biggest show possible of his magnanimity and good faith. Therefore, he made an official decree stating that anyone from the Heavenspan Realm who was living in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty was free to stay or leave at their own discretion!

That led to quite a bit of excitement among the Heavenspan Realm cultivators in the Saint-Emperor Dynasty. Almost immediately, they began to flock to what had long since become a holy land to them!

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun, who had just left the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, called upon his connection to the Greatsword of the North to determine its general location. Then, he sped out over the waters of the Eternal Sea before diving down into its depths.

After sending out his divine sense, he soon located… a huge sword!

It was none other than the Greatsword of the North!

As soon as his divine sense locked onto it, it stirred for the first time in many years. Rumbling sounds echoed out as it shot toward him, and he grabbed it. Even as he flew up out of the sea, he sent some divine sense into the world inside of the sword!

There, he caught sight of Li Qinghou, Patriarch Spirit Stream, the Giant Ghost King, the Grand Heavenmaster, and many other familiar faces. Heaving a sigh of relief, he began to laugh heartily.

At the same time, everyone within the world of the sword looked up in astonishment.


“Our exalted leader!!”

“That’s the aura of the Arch-Ancestor!!”

A moment later, Bai Xiaochun’s excited voice rang out to fill the world of the sword.

“I'm back!!”

As many exclamations of delight rang out, Bai Xiaochun returned to the immortal domain he controlled and began to teleport hundreds of thousands of people out of the sword. Soon, quite a buzz of activity was underway.

Whether it was the Grand Heavenmaster or Patriarch Spirit Stream, all had played a part in the events which led up to the current situation. Therefore, when they heard from Bai Xiaochun what had occurred, they were all very excited.

There was no need for Bai Xiaochun to do anything. The Grand Heavenmaster immediately took leadership of the immortal domain, and Patriarch Spirit Stream set to work reestablishing the River-Defying Sect!

Time passed, and more cultivators from the Heavenspan Realm left the Saint-Emperor Dynasty and headed to reunite with their people.

Some appeared who had never been seen up to this point…. for example, the Nine Serenities King, Spirit Advent King and War Champion King from the old Wildlands!

There were also the former apprentices of Daoist Heavenspan, the demigods from the north and east, who were of equal ranking to the heavenly kings!

Unlike some of the others, the northern demigod had hesitated long and hard before making his decision. After all, he had treated Bai Xiaochun quite impolitely in the past. In the end, when he saw how amazing everything was going, he finally made his decision, and cautiously went to Bai Xiaochun.

All things were progressing wonderfully!

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