Chapter 1220: What About This Name? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Li Qinghou instantly regretted asking that question. If he didn’t understand Bai Xiaochun, then nobody did, but in his moment of excitement, he had momentarily forgotten what type of person he was dealing with. As soon as he saw Bai Xiaochun’s visible excitement regarding the subject of names, he got a very bad premonition.

He wasn’t the only one to suddenly have a bad feeling. The Grand Heavenmaster sucked in a breath, and Patriarch Spirit Stream’s eyes widened in shock. And it almost wasn’t necessary to mention Big Fatty Zhang, Xu Baocai and Master God-Diviner.

Strange expressions appeared on the faces of all present. Even the most simple-minded person wouldn’t need to spend much thought to come to the conclusion that Bai Xiaochun… would come up with some very unusual names.

Most nervous of all was the Giant Ghost King, who, upon realizing that his grandson might live his entire life with a very unpleasant name, interjected, “I came up with some names, too. I’ll go first--”

“Just hold on, father-in-law!” Bai Xiaochun interrupted with a glare; there was no way he would let anyone steal the limelight when it came to revealing some good names.

The Giant Ghost King grimaced and sighed, secretly cursing Li Qinghou for what he had instigated. As for Li Qinghou, he was really starting to get nervous, and was just about to say something when Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat loudly and started talking.

“I've picked a very impressive name for my son. Majestic even. He will be named… Bai Dada!!” [1] By this point, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were shining brightly. He had thought of many names over the past few days, but none of them had seemed impressive enough. But this name made him feel like he had been struck by lightning, and left him shivering with enthusiasm.

He was actually convinced that this was one of the best names he had ever heard in his life. In fact, in all creation, there were only two names which could possibly match up to it!

One was his own name, and the other was his daughter’s.

As soon as he said the name, gasps could be heard. Big Fatty Zhang nearly started laughing, but ended up in a choking fit. 

Bai Xiaochun looked over at him.

“What’s wrong, Eldest Brother?”

Big Fatty Zhang cleared his throat.

“Uh… nothing!” he said. “That’s a great name. Really! It even has the da character like my name. I guess we're connected by destiny!” [2]

Feeling very pleased, Bai Xiaochun looked over at Master God-Diviner, who was staring at him blankly. After a few moments passed, Master God-Diviner’s expression turned somber, and he began to make some calculations with his fingers, as though he were performing a divination.

Pleased with how seriously Master God-Diviner was taking the situation, Bai Xiaochun turned to look at Xu Baocai.

Looking very excited, Xu Baocai said, “It’s the type of name… that resounds like heavenly thunder, that sounds like the heavens singing in my ears! It’s especially appropriate considering that the grand prince’s birth was accompanied by signs and portents in heaven and earth! Only our beloved prince could qualify to bear such a name, a name personally devised by you, Your Majesty!” 

Xu Baocai didn’t seem to care at all that everyone else was likely despising him for his little speech.

Bai Xiaochun was very happy. However, Li Qinghou, the Grand Heavenmaster, Patriarch Spirit Stream, and the other members of the senior generation all seemed completely taken aback.

“Your Majesty, this name….”

“Xiaochun, why don’t you pick another name?”

Most of them were trying to be a bit discreet, but the Giant Ghost King was not.

“Hell no!” he shouted. “There’s no way you’re naming my grandson Bai Dada!! Are you kidding me? What kind of name is that?! If you’re going to name him that, what are you going to name your daughter? Bai Xiaoxiao?!” [3]

Eyes sparkling, Bai Xiaochun laughed. Feeling prouder of himself than ever, he nodded vigorously.

“You really understand me well, father-in-law. You hit the nail on the head. My daughter’s name will be Bai Xiaoxiao. What do you think? Together, Bai Dada and Bai Xiaoxiao will be unparalleled under heaven!”

At this point, everyone began to object. However, despite the fact that Bai Xiaochun wasn’t generally a stubborn person, he wouldn’t budge an inch when it came to the names. No matter what people said, he refused to change them.

Eventually, people began to sigh in defeat. And the Giant Ghost King was nearly on the verge of tears, and felt like he might explode at any moment. It actually made Bai Xiaochun feel a bit bad.

After hemming and hawing for quite a while,he said, “Alright, listen. We can’t change Bai. And we can’t change Da. But since you’re all making the same argument, I guess we can change the third character. Come one, father-in-law, you’re a bit old to be getting all worked up like this!”

At long last, the Giant Ghost King began to calm down. He stood there thoughtfully for a moment, his eyes bloodshot, until he finally gritted his teeth and suggested a new third character for the name!

“Let's change the final character to bao!” [4]

“Bai Dabao?” Bai Xiaochun’s lips twitched slightly. As for the rest of the crowd, they once again looked stunned. Li Qinghou’s jaw dropped as he looked over at the still fuming Giant Ghost King, and then back at Bai Xiaochun. Then he simply sighed. [5]

The Grand Heavenmaster stood there quietly, and Big Fatty Zhang and the other members of the younger generation all exchanged awkward glances. To them… it almost seemed like Zhou Zimo and the Giant Ghost King weren’t related at all.

“That’s right,” the Giant Ghost King said loftily. “Call him Bai Dabao. It’s a lot better than that Bai Dada that you came up with!”

Bai Xiaochun scowled a bit, and then looked down at his son nestled in his arm. In the end, he didn’t want to make the Giant Ghost King too angry, and therefore, had to agree.

“Alright, fine. It’s settled. His name is Bai Dabao, and her name is Bai Xiaoxiao. And remember: this isn’t my decision, it’s our decision.” Bai Xiaochun was worried that Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo might get angry with him, but was convinced that these names were really good. Thus, he dragged everyone else in with him on this decision.

It was hard to say if Bai Dabao could understand what was going on at this young age, but as soon as he heard his name, he started crying.

In contrast, Bai Xiaoxiao was laughing merrily, as though she was very pleased. It made her seem even more charming.

After a bit of time, Dabao apparently got tired and went to sleep, prompting Bai Xiaochun to gingerly hand him over to the midwife. Xiaoxiao remained in high spirits, and continued to laugh and chuckle as Bai Xiaochun held her. She actually seemed very curious about all of the strangers around her.

“Girls are definitely better!” Bai Xiaochun thought as he looked at his daughter, his heart swelling with love. 

The following days were a time of jubilation in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, especially Arch-Emperor City, which was decorated with lanterns and colored banners, and was constantly abuzz with excitement.

Messages of congratulations came from the Saint-Emperor Dynasty and the Vile-Emperor Dynasty, and most of the celestials sent expensive gifts. Even Reverend Devourer and Prince Ur-Demon sent gifts, despite having been captured by Bai Xiaochun in the past.

And there was little need to mention the people who owed favors to Bai Xiaochun, such as Sima Yunhua, Celestial Aged Spirit, Gu Tianjun, and Chen Su.

The biggest gifts came from the Saint-Emperor and the Vile-Emperor. After all, they were all involved in a complicated relationship in which the three of them controlled everything under heaven. And thus, the gifts they gave were spectacular. The Vile-Emperor sent a large stone, and the Saint-Emperor sent two lotus leaves from the lotus flower in his heavenly pond!

Those two leaves were incalculably valuable. After all, the only place in the Eternal Immortal Domains that had leaves like that was that heavenly pond. And the main lotus flower only had eighteen leaves to begin with.

Nowadays, it only had fourteen left, and with two of them being given to Bai Xiaochun, it meant that the lotus flower now only had twelve leaves.

Bai Xiaochun was quite moved by that gift. As for the stone given by the Vile-Emperor, most people would take it to be equally precious. After all, the gift he gave… was made from the flesh and blood of the sovereign in the sky over their heads!

However, Bai Xiaochun knew that there was something suspicious about the Vile-Emperor’s identity, and was therefore very careful about the gift he had sent. Because of that, he didn’t let his children have any contact with it. And the killing intent which flickered in his eyes after receiving the gift took a long moment to fade.

There were also numerous gifts of congratulations that came from within the Arch-Emperor Dynasty. However, only people who had actually known Bai Xiaochun back in the days of the Heavenspan Realm were able to meet with him personally.

Both Chen Manyao and Xu Shan came together to offer gifts. Chen Manyao seemed quite at ease, but Xu Shan was more conflicted. However, she seemed resigned to reality. After giving a respectful smile, she and Chen Manyao turned to leave.

Bai Xiaochun didn't say anything, and sighed deeply as he saw them begin to walk off.

He was not the puny cultivator he had been years ago. He was the Arch-Emperor now, and although he had vast and nearly unlimited power, there were still certain things he couldn’t do.

Although these two women had been connected to him by destiny in the past, their lives had changed in profound ways. All it would have taken was one word, and he could have prevented the both of them from leaving, but that wasn't what he wanted.

When you don’t care for someone, it’s easy to say anything you want to them. But after you care for them, there are some things that just can’t be said. This was a truth Bai Xiaochun didn’t understand in the past, but understood fully now.

After escorting Xu Shan and Chen Manyao away, he returned to the palace hall, and was about to go check on Dabao and Xiaoxiao when he heard a crafty and shrill voice coming from behind him.

“Hey little Xiaochun. Lord Turtle is back. Get me some good food and drink, otherwise I’ll stamp your son’s face with a turtle mark!”

1. The character da means big or grand. Doubling them up emphasizes the meaning of the character, and in this case, sounds kind of cute but also silly.

2. Remember that Big Fatty Zhang’s real name is Zhang Dahai, which also has the character da. Transliterated, his nickname is Zhang Da Pang, which also has da.

3. Xiao means small. Xiaoxiao as a girl’s name is pretty cute. However, the combination of the two names together sounds really silly

4. Bao means treasure, and is not an uncommon character to appear in names. Xu Baocai has this same character in his name.

5. As I mentioned in a previous chapter, Bai Dabao is a valid name, but also sounds a bit pretentious and silly

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