Chapter 1222: Steadily Stronger Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“This divine ability is called the Sutra of Future Pāramitā. By implanting a pāramitā lily into my enemy, I create a connection to them. Whenever I’m injured, they are also injured. Of course, injuries I inflict on an opponent will likewise return to me.” Bai Xiaochun was completely confident in his Sutra of the Future. After all, he had put a lot of thought into how to make the technique truly roguish.

With his tough fleshly body, and powers of regeneration, any opponent he faced would definitely be unlucky, and would hurt themselves merely by landing a blow on him.

“So, what do you think?” he asked proudly, waving his hand to extract the red pāramitā lily from her.

Actually, there was a second usage of the Sutra of the Future that was even more shocking: he could intentionally injure himself to inflict wounds on his opponent….

After gritting her teeth for a long moment, she slowly said. “It’s completely shameless!”

With that, she waved her hand to dismiss him.

He rubbed his nose awkwardly. Seeing that she wasn’t interested in talking with him further, he went back to his private chamber. As time marched on, he would occasionally spend time with his family, but focused mainly on cultivation and twenty-three-colored flame.

Obviously, he had not given up on multi-colored flame. And although he had not yet reached the point of being confident enough to resurrect Bai Hao, he still felt confident in being able to succeed eventually.

The sun and moon seemed to become a blur as two years passed. Although he didn’t achieve a cultivation base breakthrough, he made steady progress. Dabao and Xiaoxiao were growing up strong and healthy. Song Junwan and Zhou Zimo often rolled their eyes because of the names Bai Xiaochun had given them, and had repeatedly tried to convince him to change them. However, he wouldn't budge on the issue.

Eventually, the two women simply got used to the names.

And the names didn’t have any negative influence on the cultivation progress of the mothers. Thanks to the nearly endless resources they had access to, Song Junwan broke through to the Deva Realm, and Zhou Zimo eventually reached the Demigod Realm.

However, compared to Hou Xiaomei, they were actually a bit slow. With Gongsun Wan’er’s help, Hou Xiaomei made rapid progress. In two short years, she climbed from the mid Deva Realm to the late Deva Realm. Soon, she would catch up to Zhou Zimo and become a demigod.

Unfortunately, it was to Hou Xiaomei’s displeasure that she didn’t get any sense that she was pregnant. Despite the fact that she had learned from Song Junwan that it took quite some time for any effects to appear, Hou Xiaomei was too nervous, and went to visit Bai Xiaochun privately on numerous occasions….

Over the course of the two years, more and more Heavenspan Realm cultivators flocked to the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, which was flourishing. The population rose, with spirit enhancement becoming the pillar of the nation. More and more grandmasters arose, becoming famous in all of the Eternal Immortal Domains.

Because of the peace treaty, relations with the Saint-Emperor Dynasty and Vile-Emperor Dynasty were good. The only downside was that the Arch-Emperor Dynasty only had one celestial, Gongsun Wan’er.

The Grand Heavenmaster had been in the great circle of the Demigod Realm for many years, but was always wrapped up in affairs of state. However, now that the Arch-Emperor Dynasty was on the right track, both Bai Xiaochun and Gongsun Wan’er urged him to focus more on cultivation. With their help, and the addition of certain immortal pills that Bai Xiaochun provided from his treasured fan, the Grand Heavenmaster finally reached the point of a breakthrough!

It was very important to Bai Xiaochun, a major milestone for the Grand Heavenmaster himself, and something vital for the Arch-Emperor Dynasty as a whole. Only by increasing the number of celestials could they possibly ensure that their nation was truly strong.

Much to Bai Xiaochun’s delight, the Giant Ghost King was also reaching the point of a breakthrough!

Earlier, the Giant Ghost King had not been making such quick progress, and Bai Xiaochun had assumed that the War Champion King would actually be the first to break through. However, he had forgotten about how cautious the Giant Ghost King was.

The Giant Ghost King couldn’t stop thinking about how his grandson was the highest-ranking prince in the nation, and that left him feeling very nervous. In his view, his most important mission now was to make sure his grandson was safe.

As one of the four heavenly kings of the Wildlands, he knew exactly how imperial dynasties worked. It was not unheard of for a concubine to kill the highest-ranking prince in order to have her own son earn the right of inheritance. Bai Xiaochun would have little or no control over such situations. And therefore, there was only one way for the Giant Ghost King to ensure that his grandson was entirely worthy to hold the position of grand prince…. He needed to become a celestial!

Only by being a celestial could he truly watch over and protect his grandson. After all, he knew that Bai Xiaochun had a lot of dubious relationships with various female companions, and could very well have more children in the future. It wouldn’t be impossible for some spectacularly talented rival to appear in the future.

The biggest threat of all was probably Gongsun Wan’er. It was common knowledge in the Arch-Emperor Dynasty that she and Bai Xiaochun had an unusual relationship. Such rumors had been floating around since the day Bai Xiaochun first arrived in Saint-Emperor City.

Furthermore, the fact that the Grand Heavenmaster seemed to want to play the matchmaker caused the Giant Ghost King to feel even more nervous.

“If Gongsun Wan’er becomes a part of the imperial harem, and gives birth to another son, then considering that she's a celestial, it could be a big threat to my grandson!” Out of fear of that very circumstance, the Giant Ghost King held nothing back in his attempts to further his cultivation.

Bai Xiaochun had no idea what was going on in the Giant Ghost King’s mind, so when he saw him advancing by leaps and bounds, he was very taken aback.

At the same time, the War Champion King, Nine Serenities King, and Spirit Advent King, as well as the eastern and northern demigods, were also surprised, and went into secluded meditation to pursue breakthroughs of their own.

Bai Xiaochun was very pleased with all of that. With so many impending breakthroughs, it seemed that a new era was on the way for the Arch-Emperor Dynasty.

Three months later, the Grand Heavenmaster’s Celestial Tribulation arrived. Thanks to all of the vast preparations the Grand Heavenmaster had made, he passed his tribulation with ease.

After all, he had been the third most powerful expert in the Heavenspan Realm, after the gravekeeper and Daoist Heavenspan.

Although the tribulation he incited was not as shocking as Bai Xiaochun’s, it was terrifying to behold. However, he didn’t need any outside assistance. Soon, the voice of the Eternal Mother spoke into the ears of all the living beings in the Eternal Lands, provoking cheers within the Arch-Emperor Dynasty.

Because Gongsun Wan’er was not actually from the Heavenspan Realm, that meant that Bai Xiaochun was their first celestial, and the Grand Heavenmaster was the second!

The Grand Heavenmaster took a portion of his Daoseed and gave it to Bai Xiaochun, which he enshrined in the imperial palace!

Not long after the Grand Heavenmaster achieved his breakthrough, the people of the Eternal Immortal Domains were again shaken by the Arch-Emperor Dynasty when the Giant Ghost King’s Celestial Tribulation came!

Unlike the Grand Heavenmaster, the Giant Ghost King had pushed forward too recklessly, and as his tribulation began, it became clear that he was destined to fail.

The Giant Ghost King knew that, but was convinced that Bai Xiaochun wouldn’t let it happen. First the Grand Heavenmaster stepped in to assist, and even Gongsun Wan’er helped. Finally, when that wasn’t enough, Bai Xiaochun sighed and performed a right-handed incantation gesture, causing a crimson pāramitā lily to appear.

After the flower entered the Giant Ghost King’s body, the ill effects of the tribulation were transferred to Bai Xiaochun. Because of that assistance, the Giant Ghost King’s tribulation became much easier.

And thus, despite nearly being killed, the Giant Ghost King passed his tribulation.

As the voice of the Eternal Mother spoke to all living beings, the Giant Ghost King struggled to his feet, threw his head back, and laughed uproariously.

The Arch-Emperor Dynasty had another celestial!

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