Chapter 1250: Domineering Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Despite having an archaean cultivation base, Bai Xiaochun was still blushing as he found himself surrounded by so many gorgeous women. Clearing his throat, he marveled at how he was willing to throw caution to the wind, all for his apprentice Bai Hao.

“Oh, Hao’er. After feeling those energy fluctuations of yours, Master is willing to do that which he would never, ever be willing to do normally!” 

Bai Xiaochun really was impressed with himself. Flicking his sleeve, he announced, “Bring out your best food and your finest wine!” 

The madam of the brothel quickly called out some orders. Meanwhile, the women escorted the swaggering Bai Xiaochun into the building.

The inside was alive with dazzling light, and was extravagantly decorated. Even Bai Xiaochun, who had seen many things in his life, was impressed. The tables and chairs were actually crafted from immortal jade, as were the floor tiles. There were also spell formations set up that made the entire place seem like a celestial paradise.

The candles lighting the interior were made from expensive medicinal plant materials. As a grandmaster of the Dao of medicine, Bai Xiaochun could tell with a single sniff that at least seven or eight of those medicinal plants were actually legendary immortal plants of incalculable value.

And yet, there were more than a thousand such candles, leading the shocked Bai Xiaochun to the conclusion that these people were definitely very rich.

Most astonishing of all was that, whether it was his divine sense or his physical sight, everything around him was not illusory. In other words… the building, the candles, and the floor tiles were all real!

Shaken, he allowed the flirtatious women to lead him to a seat made of jade, where he sat down, heart pounding. The women sat around him, stroking their hair seductively and chatting in lovely voices as the food and wine was served.

Despite being a powerful monarch, the leader of the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, Bai Xiaochun had never experienced pampering like this. Adding in the fact that he was somewhat weary from his lonely travels in the void, and this sudden change of pace was actually very exciting.

After examining his wine glass closely, he laughed heartily and downed the entire glass. Then he began to devour the delicious foods and spirit fruits. The women were obviously playing hard-to-get, and alternated between chatting flirtatiously and shying away bashfully. At one point, a few stepped forward and began to perform a musical number that made the entire scene even more lively than before.

Two handmaidens came to massage Bai Xiaochun’s neck and shoulders, and one particularly beautiful woman began to lift his wine cup up for him to drink. As for the madam, she stood off to the side, smiling affably.

The two archaean slaves were also being attended to dutifully by several women. As all the sounds of chatting, laughter, and music mixed together, Bai Xiaochun laughed loudly, and his eyes began to shine with bright light.

Were it not for the fact that Bai Hao’s mark continued to pulse, Bai Xiaochun would have simply relaxed and enjoyed himself after his long journeys. However, as time passed, the madam's smile began to grow more and more mysterious. And the eyes of the women, whether the dancers or the musicians, and even the two maidens massaging Bai Xiaochun, began to glow with mysterious light.

Their fingernails began to turn black and grow longer, and their expressions began to turn vicious. Their hair even grew longer. It all happened relatively quickly, as Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were closed in relaxation.

Within moments, the madam had completely transformed into a vicious, evil ghost. Eyes flickering with avarice, she leaped into the air toward Bai Xiaochun!

Apparently, her movement was the signal; all of the other women completely transformed into evil ghosts who pounced on either Bai Xiaochun or his two archaean slaves.

Shrill howls filled the air as the music stopped, and the candlelight suddenly turned green and deathly. The ground was also different; the floor tiles were now made from bones, making the entire place seem like a graveyard.

The building itself even seemed to wither up, until it looked like nothing less than a graveyard!

Strangely, the delicious food and wine did not change; somehow, these evil ghosts had actually produced real food and beverages.

As all of these changes happened, and as the women turned into evil ghosts and lunged toward Bai Xiaochun and his archaean slaves, Bai Xiaochun was sitting there, humming a little tune. But then, his eyes snapped open.

“Pipe down!” he said, looking displeased. Waving his sleeve, he sent out a burst of energy that sent the evil ghosts tumbling backward, miserable shrieks echoing out of their mouths, and looks of surprise lighting up their eyes.

The archaean slaves drew on the full power of their cultivation bases, blurring into motion to block both the front entrance and rear exit. Divine sense erupting out, they prevented any of the evil ghosts from fleeing.

Even as the evil ghosts continued to shriek, and those who Bai Xiaochun had already hurt continued to tumble backward, he turned his glare onto the madam.

Her face fell, and she made to flee, but before she could, Bai Xiaochun reached out and grabbed her.

“Change back immediately!” he said with head held high. “Lord Bai doesn’t get to see ordinary little ghosts very often. How dare you transform and try to scare me! Hurry up! Enough chatter. Change back and start dancing again!”

For years, he had been afraid of ghosts, and through all that time, had never even thought to imagine that the day would arrive in which he would frighten the ghosts. As far as he was concerned, he was only one step away from being at the ultimate peak of life. However, he still felt as if something were missing, and began to contemplate whether using the soul of the madam to conjure a flame would be the perfect touch. However, it was at that point that the fluctuations coming from Bai Hao grew more intense.

“Eee?” Bai Xiaochun said. After a moment of thought, he pushed the madam’s soul toward the mark on the back of his hand. As soon as the two of them touched, the mark erupted with gravitational force, and dragged the screaming madam inside.

After absorbing the madam’s soul, fluctuations of satisfaction appeared from Bai Hao’s mark, which then faded into calm after a moment. Apparently, it was only the soul of the madam that had been needed; Bai Hao didn’t seem to care about the other ghosts at all.

Chuckling, Bai Xiaochun smacked the table.

“I finished my wine. Bring some more!” In response, the evil ghosts all quickly transformed back into gorgeous women, their eyes shining with dread as they looked at Bai Xiaochun. The fact that he had absorbed the soul of the madam was horrifying to them, leaving them trembling in fear. Immediately, they resumed their singing and dancing, and began to serve Bai Xiaochun again.

However, they were so scared that both their dancing and singing was affected. It was the same with the girls massaging his shoulders. 

Closing his eyes, Bai Xiaochun reveled in his success. Slowly, the women began to calm down, and hoped that he would leave as quickly as possible….

Of course, there was no way Bai Xiaochun would let them off the hook so easily. He enjoyed his surroundings for a whole day, helping himself to vast portions of delicious food and fine wine. The following evening, he opened his eyes, and realized that it was time to resume his lonely journey through the void.

However, he was in a very good mood. After all, it was rare to find moments of enjoyment like this.

“These women are all souls, but they're definitely unique. It would be a big waste to leave them here. Maybe when I get back to the Arch-Emperor Dynasty, I can have them do a bit of singing and dancing….” Having reached the conclusion that this was definitely the best idea, his heart began to pound. After all, ever since his love letters had been confiscated, he had felt like his bag of holding was missing something.

Eyes shining, he said, “What I've been missing is some good singing and dancing! Yeah, I’ll take them with me. Next time I see the Saint-Emperor, I’ll show him, and he’ll be completely envious!” Convinced that this was definitely the best thing to do, he waved his hand as he rose to his feet.

“From now you, all of you girls are with me!”

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