Chapter 1255: Archaean Battle Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

361 beams of Archaean Luminescence was an outrageous number. Everyone present to see it happen felt their mind reeling, and those who had often wondered about how many shots Bai Xiaochun actually had were now completely blown away.

“I can’t believe… he has so many!!”

“How is that even possible? Heavens! More than three hundred?! Either the Arch-Emperor has gotten stronger, or… he never got pushed to the point of actually calling upon the full power of his trump card before!”

There were too many shocked individuals in the Vile-Emperor Dynasty to count. As for the Saint-Emperor Dynasty, it was only the Saint-Emperor and the celestials who could observe the battle via divine sense. However, all of them were also completely astonished.

That was especially true of the Saint-Emperor. Never could he have guessed that Bai Xiaochun would have so much Archaean Luminescence. More than three hundred shots was enough to shake heaven and earth, and would be enough to force him to fall back.

At the same time, he had gone all out in fighting the Vile-Emperor in the past. But now, the Vile-Emperor seemed much, much stronger than he had before.

For example, his Vile Imperial Crystals seemed capable of defending against just about any divine ability in the Archaean Realm. The Saint-Emperor would have been forced to pay a heavy price to destroy those crystals, and would also have been injured in the process.

“How could both of them have gotten so strong, so quickly!?!?” Meanwhile, the Vile-Emperor hovered in the air above Vile-Emperor City, feeling very unsettled as he glared murderously at Bai Xiaochun.

It had never occurred to him that Bai Xiaochun could possibly command so much Archaean Luminescence, and if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes, he would still believe it to be impossible.

“At this point, he shouldn’t have any more!” he thought, eyes glittering. He had originally just wanted to probe Bai Xiaochun a bit, only to provoke killing intent within him. However, he was now fairly convinced that since Bai Xiaochun didn’t have any Archaean Luminescence, he shouldn’t be very difficult to kill!

From what he could see, Bai Xiaochun was still in the Celestial Realm. Because of the level of Bai Xiaochun’s cultivation base, and how he had been blessed by the Essence of time, not even the Vile-Emperor was able to see his true level. 

Bai Xiaochun knew that it was only a matter of time before that changed, and yet, he didn’t care. He would reveal the truth eventually, and only hoped to force his opponent to lose some of his advantage by making certain moves too soon. When the time came that the Vile-Emperor realized the truth, Bai Xiaochun would attack with utterly devastating force.

“I'm willing to bet that you have no more Archaean Luminescence, Bai Xiaochun!” The Vile-Emperor then threw his head back and roared. Although he had no more Vile Imperial Crystals, he had many other trump cards, reserves built up over many years. Besides, he was in Vile-Emperor City! Therefore, he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand, and pointed down at the city below!

As he did, the enormous bone dragon that was wrapped around the gigantic trident suddenly shivered. At the same time, two balls of black flame appeared in the eyes of the skull that housed the imperial palace.

Along with the flame came a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering aura from the dragon’s body itself, and a force of vibration that caused the sky to grow dim, and massive winds to spring up.

The dragon itself was massive, and was the foundation of Vile-Emperor City itself. Therefore, as it vibrated, the buildings that made up the city began to collapse, and countless cultivators were thrown off of the body!

Millions and millions of cultivators were shocked to the core as they were ejected from the city. Then, to their shock, the bone dragon looked up, let loose a deafening howl, and then shot off of the trident and into the air!

It was a huge dragon, and now that the buildings that had once covered it were destroyed, it was possible to see something like a crown on its head, as if this bone dragon were actually an emperor among dragons!!

It was incomparably fierce, with a towering aura of death. The black flames in its eyes were ferocious and cold, and it was heart-stoppingly shocking as it hovered there in the air. Then, the Vile-Emperor performed an incantation gesture, and the dragon shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

As it flew toward him, the air around it shattered, destroyed by the mere pressure emanating from the dragon!

“Archaean dragon!” Bai Xiaochun thought, pupils constricting. The aura coming from the bone dragon was indeed that of the Archaean Realm. This was one of the Vile-Emperor’s trump cards; in order to kill Bai Xiaochun, he was even willing to destroy Vile-Emperor City!

Back when Bai Xiaochun was a celestial, if he had faced this dragon with no Archaean Luminescence, he would have been completely powerless to fight back. He could only have gone all out to flee. But now, he didn't seem worried at all. Instead of flinching, his eyes shone with strange light as he lifted up both hands and performed an incantation gesture.

“Sutra of Former Reincarnation!”

In that instant, a strange and indescribable aura shot out into the open, causing the Vile-Emperor’s expression to flicker. This was not his first time seeing Bai Xiaochun unleash this strange magic, but this time, something about it seemed different.

Even as the Vile-Emperor looked on suspiciously, the bone dragon shivered as numerous magical symbol appeared on its body. In the blink of an eye, they covered the entire dragon, making it impossible to count how many they were. Within moments, they were like a huge net that completely covered the archaean dragon!

Each and every one of the magical symbols that made up the huge net represented a memory, and by gazing at them for long enough, it was possible to see things that had happened when the dragon was alive!

This was the Sutra of Former Reincarnation, one of the three great divine abilities of Bai Xiaochun’s Time Immemorial Codex. With his previous cultivation base, it had been difficult to utilize the true power of his three divine abilities. But now he didn't face that obstacle. And thus, he was using the true sealing power of the Sutra of Former Reincarnation!

The bone dragon’s memories became magical symbols that could not be separated, and became karma, sealing the dragon completely!!

“Seal!” Bai Xiaochun said, his voice as cold as the winter wind. Meanwhile, the dragon shrieked miserably, and struggled in vain to free itself. However, it didn't matter how shockingly powerful the dragon was, as the net of magical symbols tightened, it was completely powerless. To the shock of all of the observing cultivators who had once lived in Vile-Emperor City, the magical symbols began to crush the archaean bone dragon into a ball!!

When the process was finished, rumbling sounds could be heard as the sphere of magical symbols emanated colorful light, dropped down to the ground, and remained there unmoving.

“Heavens! The Arch-Emperor actually sealed the bone dragon!!”

“This… this is impossible!!” Even the Vile-Emperor had forgotten to breathe, and was looking at Bai Xiaochun with narrowed eyes.

“You’re not a celestial!! But you couldn’t possibly be an archaean….” At that point, Bai Xiaochun looked up, his aura surging to reveal his boundless archaean cultivation base. Heaven and earth trembled, and winds screamed. As countless voices cried out in shock, he shot toward the Vile-Emperor like an arrow loosed from a bow!!

Booms rang out as, over the course of only a few breaths’ worth of time, the two of them exchanged hundreds of blows. The lands quaked and the air shattered, and back in Saint-Emperor City, the Saint-Emperor looked on with wide eyes, completely mind-blown!

“He actually became an archaean? That’s impossible!! The Eternal Mother is asleep! If she approved of another archaean, then she would have announced it to all of the Eternal Immortal Domains!!”

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