Chapter 1303: Bitter And Desperate Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

It was the final battle!

If the Mortal Renegade won, then the Eternal Immortal Domains would be consumed. The Eternal World would be plundered, and the Mortal Renegade would use the Essence of the Eternal to reach the Eternal Realm!

The so-called Holy Extermination would take advantage of the rebirth of the Mortal Renegade to escape the dying Eternal Spirit World, to surpass his previous unknown cultivation level, and then slaughter the Never-Ending Dao Domain!

Bai Xiaochun knew all of that. Although he wasn’t sure exactly what the Never-Ending Dao Domain was, he did know… that the people there feared the Eternal Spirit World!

More specifically, they feared the Essence of the Eternal!

Fully aware of all of this, Bai Xiaochun looked at the Mortal Renegade with glittering eyes. And then, the Mortal Renegade made his move, lunging forward with fist clenched to strike at Bai Xiaochun!

He did not use any divine abilities or magical techniques. Based on his Dao, he knew that such things were of no use in this fight. Considering their current state, every fist strike that they launched could be considered a divine ability, a magical technique, or an expression of Essence!

In the end, great Daos were relatively simple. At this level, what might seem like an ordinary fist strike would actually contain all sorts of natural laws. They could ignore divine abilities cast their way in defense, and could destroy ordinary sovereigns with impunity, killing them in body and soul!

As for Bai Xiaochun, he also clenched his hand into a fist and let loose a punch.

His blow was backed by his cultivation base, his fleshly body, his Dao, and everything else that made him up. It drew on the starry sky, causing it to twist and distort as a tempestuous rumbling sound echoed out!

Booms rang as the two opponents exchanged more than ten thousand fist strikes!

For the first thousand, neither Bai Xiaochun nor the Mortal Renegade reacted with anything more than muffled grunts. But after ten thousand, both were coughing up blood!

As they battered each other, they began to shrink. After all, the blows they were sustaining contained massive force, and despite the both of them being the most powerful of sovereigns, they still had a hard time enduring!

And the price they had to pay was their Dao clones!

In some senses, each Dao clone was like an additional life for them. Each time they sustained a heavy enough blow to die, what died was one of their Dao clones.

From that, it could be seen that, at this level, both Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade had already reached the point of being essentially undying!

Each of them had 1,080,000 lives. Only after all 1,080,000 of their Dao clones perished would they actually be forced to draw upon the life of their true form!

In the beginning, both Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade had been somewhat unsure of each other. Eventually, they had fought through space and time. And now, they were simply battering at each other desperately!

Booms rang out, and they both coughed up blood. And as they shrank down, their Dao clones died, one after another!

It didn’t happen at exactly the same rate. Occasionally, the Mortal Renegade would gain the upper hand, and destroy some of Bai Xiaochun’s Dao clones. Then the tide would turn, and some of the Mortal Renegade’s Dao clones would be killed.

And thus, they fought back and forth, starting at the location of the Immortal World, but then leaping back and forth between the various ruins that dotted the starry sky.

In some ways it was a pity that the only living beings in the starry sky existed in the Eternal Immortal Domains, making it impossible for anyone to witness their desperate struggle.

Either you die, or I die!

Rumbling booms like heavenly thunder were the only sound that existed. Blood sprayed out of Bai Xiaochun’s mouth, and his chest was caved in. He looked like he might collapse at any moment, to the point where his powers of regeneration did almost nothing. After all, the powers of the Mortal Renegade’s nirvanic extermination could not be negated in a short period of time!

On the other hand, the Mortal Renegade couldn’t easily regenerate. Bai Xiaochun fought with the power of radiance and light, which was the perfect foil to the Mortal Renegade.

And thus 10,000 fist strikes turned into 100,000. Then 200,000. 300,000…. The starry sky was being destroyed, thrown into utter chaos, with ruins being transformed into ash left and right.

“You’ve earned my respect, Bai Xiaochun. However… you’re not a match for me!” Howling, the Mortal Renegade launched another attack. As for Bai Xiaochun, he laughed loudly as he joined the fight. As of this moment, he didn’t fear death in the least.

500,000 fist strikes. 600,000. 700,000….

Now they were less than half the size they had been when they had started. As the bitter fight wore on, they did not hesitate to shed Dao clones. Neither attempted to evade or flee. For the Mortal Renegade, it was because the only way to achieve his long-cherished wish was to kill Bai Xiaochun.

It was different for Bai Xiaochun. He didn’t fight with the reckless madness of the Mortal Renegade. He had started out that way, but as the fight wore on, he realized that doing so would have a negative impact on him. At that point, he considered trying to draw out the fight longer. However, that was also when he noticed something unusual. As his Dao clones died, and the fight went on, he actually was able to sense the Essence of the Eternal even more clearly.

“What exactly is the Eternal…?” he thought, panting. But there was no time to ponder the subject now. All he could do was keep battering his foe.

Time passed. It was hard to say how long it had been since they started fighting. Perhaps ten years. Perhaps twenty. Maybe even longer than that.

Eventually, 700,000 fist strikes became 900,000. Then 1,000,000. At a certain point… they surpassed 1,080,000 fist strikes!!

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as Dao clones fell, and the two combatants shrank further and further. Soon, the battlefield had reached the starry sky near the Eternal Immortal Domains!

From a distance, the Eternal Immortal Domains glowed with soft light, and a sensation of life force that was highly conspicuous within the starry sky!

As Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade neared, the living beings in the Eternal Immortal Domains could sense what was happening. By now, they had been waiting for more than a full sixty-year-cycle for this fight to end!

During those sixty years, they had not forgotten about Bai Xiaochun and the Mortal Renegade. It had been a time of deadly crisis for everyone, during which they had seen what appeared to be two stars in the sky, battering each other endlessly!!

Xiaobao had grown up, and both Dabao and Xiaoxiao now looked middle-aged. As for Song Junwan, Zhou Zimo, and Hou Xiaomei, they all looked as beautiful as they had before, except for their eyes, which sparkled with an ancient gleam.

The Grand Heavenmaster, the Giant Ghost King, and everyone else in the Eternal Immortal Domains had spent the last sixty years praying ceaselessly.

Eventually, the fight between the two sovereigns neared the Eternal Immortal Domains, and at long last… everyone could see Bai Xiaochun!

The Mortal Renegade wiped the blood from his mouth and glared at Bai Xiaochun. “Did you drag the fight here because this is where you want to die, Bai Xiaochun? If so, then I’ll fulfill your wish!”

At the moment, the Mortal Renegade had ten Dao clones left, whereas Bai Xiaochun only had three!

And both of them were roughly the size of an ordinary person. Without any further talk, they attacked each other again, whereupon blood sprayed out both of their mouths, and they fell back from each other.

“You only have two clones left!!”

Spinning, the Mortal Renegade turned into a shooting star that closed in on Bai Xiaochun with fury and death. Apparently, he was drawing more fully on his murderous aura than he had during the entire sixty-year fight, as he unhesitatingly… threw out five successive fist strikes!!

Their explosive power caused the starry sky to tremble, and blood to spray madly out of Bai Xiaochun’s mouth. Even as his final two Dao clones collapsed, he threw five fist strikes back at the Mortal Renegade, destroying two of his remaining ten Dao clones. However, the interchange was so devastating to Bai Xiaochun that many of his bones shattered, and he began to tumble… down toward the Eternal Immortal Domains!

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