Chapter 1305: The Mortal Renegade Perishes Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As this second finger attack appeared, most of Bai Xiaochun’s hair turned gray, and his skin suddenly lost its luster. His life force faded a bit, transforming into boundless power that created a great Dao resonance with the starry sky, as well as the Essence of the Eternal!

As that resonance formed, the mysterious energy in the area poured into Bai Xiaochun’s finger, and then shot toward the Mortal Renegade!

The Mortal Renegade’s face fell. Howling, he threw his hands out, causing intense black light to shoot out from his third eye. That black light formed a shield of numerous layers, so strong that not even the full-force attack of a sovereign would be able to penetrate it.

Holding nothing back, he accelerated toward Bai Xiaochun.

“You might have stirred the Eternal, but you are too weak. Once I get close enough, a single fist strike will be all I need to kill you!” No expression could be seen on Bai Xiaochun’s face, and yet, even as the Mortal Renegade spoke, he shivered.

In that same moment, the black shield of light, which had seemed completely and utterly impenetrable, transformed into something like an illustration. Just like the black battleship from earlier, it was erased, layer by layer, revealing the Mortal Renegade behind it.

The Mortal Renegade howled as his body began to collapse, and blood sprayed out of his mouth. Tears of blood oozed out of his third eye, and at the same time, his remaining eight Dao clones all slipped away into death!

The Mortal Renegade was trembling, and his aura was dramatically weakened. However, he still managed to survive Bai Xiaochun’s second finger strike.

Eyes shining with madness, he did not retreat, but instead, continued onward toward Bai Xiaochun. He moved with such incredible speed that he was soon only thirty meters away. Just when he was about to make his move, Bai Xiaochun looked at him, eyes expressionless as he pointed out with his finger a third time. As a result, his hair turned completely gray, and wrinkles spread out to cover his skin, making him look extremely old. Even his eyes looked dim and dull.

He drove the Essence of the Eternal, directing the mysterious energy in a way that was profoundly draining. But, in the end, his finger strike still shot toward the Mortal Renegade!

“Noooo!!” the Mortal Renegade howled in terror. His third eye was now completely gray, and even though he knew he couldn’t withstand the force, he still pushed himself forward in a last-ditch effort to kill Bai Xiaochun.

Before he could, though, he ran into the mysterious energy, and its power of erasure.

He trembled as his body began to vanish, starting with his legs, and then his hands, and then his torso, and finally up his neck toward his head…. 

The Mortal Renegade, who had destroyed 1,080,000 worlds, was now turning into nothing more than ash.

In the last moments before his head vanished, his third eye suddenly twitched, turning even grayer than before. The Mortal Renegade vanished, and as he did, the third eye madly sucked in everything that made up his life and his Dao!

It was also in that moment that his eyes suddenly turned completely clear, and he looked at Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaochun shivered, thinking back to the memories of the Worldly Daoist, and the time that locusts had filled the snowy lands, and how this very person had risked his life to find food for his younger brother.

Right now, his eyes suddenly looked like they had back then.

In that instant, he shouted his final words!! 

“Little brother… you must… kill Holy Extermination!!”

Even as his words continued to echo out, his head vanished, erased out of existence forever!

The Mortal Renegade was dead!!

However that third eye of his… exploded right before he vanished!

As it did, masses of gray smoke erupted out to fight back against his third finger strike!

Rumbling sounds could be heard as the mysterious energy faded away, and the third finger strike ended. At that point, the gray smoke collapsed, then formed back together into a human figure. It wasn’t the Mortal Renegade, but rather, an unadulterated aura of death and extermination!

It seemed completely and utterly boundless, as though it were the purest and most ultimate expression of nirvanic extermination!

Gradually, the figure took on the features of an old man in a gray robe. This was exactly the same figure Bai Xiaochun had seen when he shifted time, the Holy Extermination who had entered the Eternal World on a battleship!

Smiling faintly, the old man said, “What a pity that you can’t unleash a fourth Finger of Allheaven!”

Then he shot toward Bai Xiaochun, becoming a gray blur that seemed intent on stabbing into his body!

As that blur neared, though, the weakened Bai Xiaochun spoke in a raspy voice.

“You sure about that…?” Even as the words left his mouth, he reached out… and unleashed a fourth finger strike!!

The smile did not leave the old man’s face, but instead, transformed into a sneer of ridicule. He had fought countless powerful experts in his life, and knew that although Bai Xiaochun had a bit of strength left, it wasn’t enough. Therefore, this had to be a bluff. And there was no way Holy Extermination would fall for a bluff!

However, a moment later, his sneer froze, and his eyes shone with disbelief.

“Impossible!!” he cried. All of a sudden, he lurched to a halt, then tried to fall back.

But he was too late. Bai Xiaochun’s hair fell out of his head, and his body shrank and withered to the point where he was little more than skin and bones. He looked like an oil lamp on the verge of winking out forever, his life force wasted, and yet… not quite dead!!

In fact, not only was he not dead, but there was a powerful life force streaming out from inside of him. Obviously, it did not belong to him, and yet, it was so powerful that it easily directed the Essence of the Eternal!

It was massively draining, and yet… it was enough to fuel a fourth finger strike!!

“This is impossible!!” Holy Extermination blurted in shock. He had planned everything out meticulously. He had even paid a heavy price to acquire a Dao puppet, which dealt with Bai Xiaochun’s first three finger strikes. He had been sure that a fourth strike was impossible, and yet, based on the life force that was exploding out of Bai Xiaochun, he now realized that all of his plots had been in error.

“Where is that life force coming from!?!?” In his confusion, he didn’t notice that, within the Eternal Immortal Domains, in the reconstructed Arch-Emperor City, the little turtle was shrieking as his body withered up, and his life force vanished. Twitching, he began to slide into unconsciousness.

“I hate you, Bai Xiaochun….” he said. Then he passed out. After all, back when Bai Xiaochun had discovered him, their lives had become linked….

If Bai Xiaochun died, he would die too….

After all the years that had passed, the little turtle had forgotten about that fact. No other entity which might have been linked to Bai Xiaochun could possibly have fueled a fourth finger strike. But the little turtle… was not only the Eternal Turtle, he was also from beyond the starry sky!

And thus, his seemingly endless supply of life force could most definitely bolster Bai Xiaochun’s remaining strength to unleash a fourth strike!

As the fourth finger strike was unleashed, massive fluctuations rocked the starry sky. In his exhaustion, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes began to close, too weak to stay open. He lost control of his body, and began to float back down toward the Eternal Immortal Domains. And as he did… Holy Extermination let out a howl of unprecedented frustration.

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