Chapter 166: Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Blood Annihilation World was a legacy magic from the Blood Stream Sect’s Middle Peak, and could only be fully unleashed by a Foundation Establishment cultivator. However, even when Song Que was only a Qi Condensation disciple, he had still been able to use some of its might. Now that he had reached Earthstring Foundation Establishment, he was able to fully unleash it.

Even the first form was terrifying. The sword slashed down, and the beam of blood-colored sword light seemed to surpass everything around it, becoming the only thing in heaven and earth as it slashed down toward Bai Xiaochun.

Close examination would reveal that the blood sword was a stream of sword qi, bright and scintillating, seemingly capable of slicing through anything and everything. When Bai Xiaochun’s little wooden sword blocked its path, it shattered into pieces. It didn’t matter that the little wooden sword had a threefold spirit enhancement, completely transforming its base material; it was destroyed in an instant.

The Golden Crow Sword was of higher quality, and had also benefited from the fundamental transformation of a threefold spirit enhancement. When the blood sword hit it, it was flung off to the side.

Song Que howled, madness filling his eyes, as well as supreme self-confidence. Back in his first fight with Bai Xiaochun, he hadn't resorted to using this Inverse Blood Sword Form, mostly because his cultivation base was insufficient. But now he could use it!

This was his most powerful trump card, and in order to ensure that it was successful, he had even used his final precious blood sphere to injure Bai Xiaochun. Only then did he resort to the Inverse Blood Sword Form.

Only then was he absolutely certain he would succeed!

“Give me that heavenstring energy or die!”

When cultivators fought, it was often important to resort to scheming and tricks. But sometimes, it wasn’t necessary to put too much thought into such things. Sometimes, you just needed to find the right moment to weaken your opponent, and then unleash your most powerful attack!

Song Que was also supremely confident that his secret magic of restoration would heal his wounds in a very short time. Once he returned to his full battle prowess, he was sure that he would have no trouble seizing victory.

However, even as his sword descended, a strange look flickered through Bai Xiaochun’s eyes. There was something very strange about this blood sword, and yet, there was no time to ponder the matter at the moment. Suddenly, the fading golden light that emanated from him increased in intensity as he reached his two fingers out toward Song Que’s throat.

Apparently, he was willing to end the battle in mutual defeat!

Song Que’s face flickered, but then twisted with vicious ferocity. Instead of evading, he sped up! The blood sword slashed down onto Bai Xiaochun’s shoulder, and at the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s two fingers closed in on Song Que’s throat.

A cracking sound rang out. Song Que’s neck suddenly turned blurry, and an afterimage appeared. As a result, Bai Xiaochun’s attack hit nothing but thin air. At the same time, as Song Que’s sword lashed into Bai Xiaochun’s shoulder, golden light exploded up. All of the power of his Undying Gold Skin focused on fighting back against the sword. Apparently... the sword was completely neutralized. Apparently... the power of the sword couldn’t match Bai Xiaochun’s defensive power!

Both Song Que and Bai Xiaochun were stunned. However, neither hesitated. Both of them were aware that the other was certainly fully prepared, and as such, unleashed their follow-up techniques.

“Inverse Blood Seal!” Song Que howled. His blood qi sword collapsed, transforming into countless blood-colored sealing marks, which then flew out toward Bai Xiaochun and then exploded.

At the same time, Bai Xiaochun’s Throat Crushing Grasp transformed into an incantation gesture. Waving his finger at Song Que, he unleashed the might of the Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art. He didn’t utilize Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning, nor Lightness-in-Heaviness. Instead... he used something that he had failed at over and over again, but had never abandoned... the Human Controlling Grand Magic!

Back on the north bank, he had never been able to perfect his Human Controlling Grand Magic. He had never been able to exert full control even over the small animals; at best, he had produced some random effects on their limbs.

However, at this moment, he didn’t need full control; he wanted a random effect!

As the control magic was unleashed, Song Que’s arms and legs suddenly didn’t seem to be coordinating with each other. He felt like someone had pushed him hard from behind, and he staggered and almost fell over. His expression flickered as he realized that his body was under the influence of something else. Furthermore, the next attack was heading, not toward his throat, but... his dantian region!

All of this takes some time to describe, but actually occurred in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. Rumbling sounds filled the air as the blood seals exploded around Bai Xiaochun, causing him to cough up several mouthfuls of blood. At the same time, he unleashed the Throat Crushing Grasp in the direction of Song Que’s abdomen, where his dantian region was.

Song Que was scared out of his mind. The dantian region was extremely important. Although a blow there wouldn’t necessarily be fatal, it was the location of his spiritual seas, as well as the heavenstring energy. He tried to spin to the side, but Bai Xiaochun’s Throat Crushing Grasp suddenly erupted with a powerful gravitational force.

Instantly, Bai Xiaochun’s right hand, backed by the power of the Throat Crushing Grasp, stabbed into Song Que’s abdomen, piercing deep into the flesh and blood, all the way into the spiritual seas in his dantian.

Song Que let out an agonized shriek. If Bai Xiaochun squeezed his fingers down with the power of the Throat Crushing Grasp, then the Song Que’s spiritual seas could be destroyed.

Any ordinary person in such circumstances wouldn’t have the clarity of mind to defend themselves. They would be unable to escape the fate of having their spiritual seas destroyed. But Song Que... was widely regarded as the number one Chosen of the Blood Stream Sect. He was anything but ordinary!

It was a moment of profound crisis, and yet he was profoundly decisive. Therefore, he immediately flushed all of the heavenstring energy in his body directly toward his dantian region and Bai Xiaochun’s right hand.

He was using the heavenstring energy as an attack! Intense power battered his dantian region, causing cracking sounds to emanate out as fractures spread out through all of his eight spiritual seas. However, at the same time, massive force exploded onto Bai Xiaochun’s right hand!

Song Que was abandoning the heavenstring energy and even damaging his spiritual seas, all to shove Bai Xiaochun’s hand away. Thankfully for him, his spiritual seas weren’t destroyed. Face ashen, coughing up blood, he didn’t hesitate to flee at top speed.

Despite his pain and how weak he was, he produced a jade slip which he then viciously crushed. Instantly, all of the energy nodes he had linked together through the Fallen Sword World... began to crack apart!

Those cracks rapidly began to spread across the surface of the entire sword! Originally, Song Que would never have been able to do such a thing. However, the reason why the enormous sword had remained intact for so long was because of the heavenstring energy. Now that the heavenstring energy was gone, its powers were fading. The sword had already been tilted on its side, but now that the strange spell formation created by the Blood Stream Sect had been activated, the entire sword was collapsing!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flickered as he examined the complete strand of heavenstring energy in his hand. Without any further hesitation, he began to absorb it through his palm. As it coursed into his dantian region and combined with the previous portion of heavenstring energy, a heaven-shaking, earth-toppling energy surged out inside of him.

A Heaven-Dao aura erupted out, something profoundly holy, something that could destroy mountains and dry up seas. It filled the world, causing the scattered remnants of the disciples of the four sects to be completely and utterly shaken. Shockingly, an enormous face had appeared up in midair, in the same direction the aura was coming from.

That face... belonged to Bai Xiaochun!

“Bai Xiaochun... reached Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!”

Off in the distance, Song Que spit more blood out of his mouth as he sped along. When he saw what was happening, he looked up hatefully at the enormous version of Bai Xiaochun’s face. Eyes bloodshot, he clenched his hands into fists so hard that his fingernails dug into his own skin. Blood started dripping down, and yet, he didn’t notice.

“Bai! Xiao! CHUN!”

Even as everyone watched, shaken, filled with mixed emotions, the aura of Heaven-Dao in Bai Xiaochun’s dantian region grew stronger and stronger. His nine spiritual seas were rapidly turning golden, although the process would clearly take a few days to complete. Once that happened, and they were completely gold, that would mean... that Bai Xiaochun had truly reached...

Heaven-Dao Foundation Establishment!!

As of this moment, his cultivation base, his latent power, his longevity, were all rising rapidly. At the same time, he could sense that something momentous was occurring within the Fallen Sword World. Even more astonishing was that, for some reason, he had the feeling that further up beyond the current sky, there was... an even more ancient heaven and earth, something profoundly primordial!

The feeling vanished only a moment later. At first, Bai Xiaochun had been on the verge of chasing after Song Que, to take advantage of his moment of weakness to kill him. But once Song Que smashed the jade slip, destroying the energy nodes, everything in the entire Fallen Sword World changed!

Intense cracking sounds rang out, as loud as claps of thunder. Huge crevices appeared, spreading out across sky and land alike. Mountains began to crumble, and plains split apart. Everything started crumbling.

The disciples present were completely shaken.

The whole world was falling apart!

“This is bad! What’s happening!?”

“Heavens! Don’t tell me the Fallen Sword World is going to collapse!?!?”

Meanwhile, outside of the Fallen Sword Abyss, Master Snakescale, Ouyang Jie, and the elders from the Profound Stream Sect and Pill Stream Sect were all sitting there cross-legged in meditation. There was still one more month left before the Holy Land was to be opened up. Suddenly, all of their faces flickered as they looked over toward the huge sword.

Already, massive cracks could be seen spreading out over its surface!

“What happened?!”

“The fallen sword is breaking apart!!”

“Dammit, not even we can get inside!” All of them were shocked, and almost couldn’t believe that the enormous sword would really collapse!

They even tried to enter, but it was impossible.

All four of them were thinking the same thing: “Back when the sword was discovered, the patriarchs of the four sects set up teleportation formations. If the world collapses, they’ll be activated. However, we have no way of knowing if the disciples will be sent back to the sect, or somewhere else in the vicinity....”

Back in the Fallen Sword World, the ground continued to crumble. At the same time, four enormous spell formations appeared, and the power of teleportation exploded out, spreading to touch all of the disciples.

Because the disciples of the different sects cultivated different techniques, their auras were different, and as such, they were teleported out by different formations!

One by one, the disciples were enveloped by teleportation power and whisked away. Bai Xiaochun was among them. As he looked around at the shocking catastrophe, he thought back to what Ouyang Jie had said, and did nothing to resist the power.

In the blink of an eye, his vision went dark, and the power of teleportation was pulling him away. However, at that very moment, a little hand reached out, as if to prevent him from leaving.

“Why don’t you stay and play with me, sweetie...?”

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