Chapter 217: Beast King! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Spirit Stream Sect cultivators’ expressions were the same as ever, but inwardly they were laughing derisively. As far as they were concerned, what made Bai Xiaochun the most powerful was not his cultivation base or his battle prowess, but his disastrous medicinal pills!

Big Fatty Zhang looked over contemptuously at Nightcrypt and thought, “You can tell at a glance that this monster Nightcrypt is good at nothing more than fighting and augury. How could he possibly compare with Bai Xiaochun? If they competed, Bai Xiaochun would toy with him like a cat toys with a mouse! Bai Xiaochun would just toss out some medicinal pill, and Nightcrypt would be wiped out of existence so cleanly you couldn’t bury him!”

Bai Xiaochun felt a bit embarrassed as he looked around at the Spirit Stream Sect cultivators. There was no need for him to even speculate what all of them were thinking, and it made him sigh sadly.

“Having two identities is a real headache. I guess you can only blame my outstanding nature.” Bai Xiaochun shook his head and sighed.

Xu Meixiang smiled slightly, but didn’t take the bait. Instead, she led the Blood Stream Sect cultivators on a simple tour of Violet Cauldron Peak and Green Crest Peak. No matter what anybody said, Bai Xiaochun refused to perform any more divinations. He followed along at the end of the line, allowing these two mountain peaks to impress the Blood Stream Sect people with their might. By this point, the Blood Stream Sect was starting to understand how powerful the Spirit Stream Sect was.

After completing the tour of the south bank, they headed toward the north bank.

At that point, Xu Meixiang relinquished the lead to the old woman from Irispetal Peak.

The old woman was relatively reticent, and didn't say much as she led the way. However, before Song Junwan and the Blood Stream Sect cultivators could even step onto the north bank, the battle beasts threw their heads back and roared. Heaven and earth trembled as an enormous shockwave rolled out. Expressions of shock appeared on the faces of the Blood Stream Sect disciples, and Song Junwan’s eyes widened. To have so many countless battle beasts releasing such explosive auras was something none of them took lightly.

Although the battle beasts didn’t actually appear in the open, their aura was so powerful that it created an intense pressure that weighed down on the Blood Stream Sect forces. It actually made it impossible for them to proceed on to the north bank, leaving them stuck between it and Mount Daoseed.

“My apologies,” the old woman said coolly, her eyes flashing with cold light. “The north bank of the Spirit Stream Sect is a bit lacking in manners. Diplomatic missions usually go to the south bank. Your request to visit the north bank caught me a bit off guard, Grand Elder Song.”

Bai Xiaochun felt somewhat shocked. Looking at things from the perspective of an outsider, the Spirit Stream Sect clearly seemed to be soft on the outside, but as hard as steel on the inside!

That dichotomy was epitomized by the south and north banks. The south bank seemed soft and warm, but the north bank was hard and tough. They complemented each other, using different methods to threaten and unnerve the enemy.

Song Junwan’s face was a bit pale. She knew the Spirit Stream Sect was strong, but had never imagined that they would be this powerful. Back on the south bank, the spell formation seemed to pulse with soft warmth, and yet, was filled with biting power. It had been very shocking.

In contrast, the north bank was impossible to even enter. The strength emanating from the battle beasts made it such that any person who desired to go to war with the Spirit Stream Sect would clearly need to be prepared to pay a heavy price.

And that was only what the Spirit Stream Sect was allowing the Blood Stream Sect to see....

“They are gentle and reserved, but also powerful and unyielding,” Song Junwan thought. “Clearly they are capable of being merciless. How threatening! Plus, they certainly have unfathomable powers held in reserve....” Behind her, the others from the Blood Stream Sect were speechless, their hearts filled with pounding waves of astonishment.

Bai Xiaochun suddenly felt proud of the Spirit Stream Sect, including both the south and north banks. Furthermore, he couldn’t help but grin inwardly when he looked over at the north bank and began to search among the various auras for Bruiser's.

“Please don’t take offense,” the old woman said. “Fellow Daoists from the Blood Stream Sect, I'm afraid we really can’t continue on with a tour of the north bank. The north bank is a bit crude, and it would be horrible if the battle beasts got out of control and started eating people.” She smiled, although to the people from the Blood Stream Sect, it seemed quite intimidating.

After a moment of thought, Song Junwan said, “That’s fine....”

However, even as she smiled, a howl rose up from the north bank that instantly caught the attention of everyone present.

It seemed to crush the auras of most of the other battle beasts, and as it spread out, the north bank disciples were shocked to discover that their own battle beasts began to tremble in response. The beasts looked up, seemingly more violently agitated than before, more brutal, and more energetic.

It was as if they were being incited as a group, their spirits rising as they howled. A powerful energy caused a mountain-toppling, sea-draining force to rumble toward the Blood Stream Sect forces.

The massive blast caused the faces of the Blood Stream Sect cultivators to fall. As they edged backward, Song Junwan’s pupils constricted, and she also fell back. The old woman from Irispetal Peak also seemed shocked as she looked over at the north bank.

From the jungle beneath the four mountain peaks, a violet beam of light shot up into the air at high speed.

A moment later, an enormous beast appeared in midair. It was fully 30 meters long, with the body of a horse, the head of a dragon, the scales of a lizard, and the feet of a pangolin. More shocking of all was that its teeth radiated a seven-colored glow.

As for its solitary horn, it looked just like the Heavenhorn ink dragon’s, long and sharp.

Even more astonishingly, violet flames roiled out from its four clawed feet. A single glance at the flames would shake one down to the soul. They roiled out in all directions, covering an area of 300 meters, creating a huge violet sea of flames.

Anyone who looked at the beast within that sea of flames would be shaken to the core, and would most likely gasp in alarm.

It seemed like the king of battle beasts, and its appearance caused all of the other battle beasts on the north bank to howl at full force. It seemed almost as if they would heed the call of this king of beasts to charge into battle at any moment, regardless of what their masters ordered. They seemed to be hovering on the brink of losing control!

This beast who had just appeared was none other than Bruiser!

Bai Xiaochun’s Bruiser!

The instant Bruiser appeared, the cultivators from the Blood Stream Sect felt their minds reeling. Gasps could be heard, and expressions of disbelief appeared on their faces. That was especially true of Song Junwan, whose face fell. One of the bloodstreak elders gasped, “Beast king!!”

“How could this be happening? I can’t believe a beast king has appeared!”

“Heavens! In the eastern Lower Reaches of the cultivation world, there are only two beast kings. One sleeps beneath the surface of the Heavenspan River, the Heavenspan Divine Crocodile. The other is a death beetle that lives in the depths of the earth!”

“That's not a beast king. It’s only a juvenile. But once it grows up, it will definitely be a beast king!!”

“I never heard of any sect raising its own beast king....”

The group from the Blood Stream Sect felt their scalps going numb. Even Bai Xiaochun was shocked. Rubbing his eyes, he looked at Bruiser, whose cultivation base was unexpectedly comparable to the early Foundation Establishment stage.

He remembered that when he’d left the Spirit Stream Sect, Bruiser had been roughly in the tenth level of Qi Condensation. Clearly, he had made a lot of progress since then.

Furthermore, all of the battle beasts of the north bank seemed willing to take orders from him. Although Bai Xiaochun had sensed something to that effect was possible, now it was more clear than ever.

Even the old woman from Irispetal Peak hadn’t been prepared for Bruiser to make an appearance.

The truth was that Bruiser’s current state was only a sign of what was to come for the north bank. Back before he had reached the Foundation Establishment level of power, he had been incredible. And yet, he had completely surpassed all expectations, and reached Foundation Establishment smoothly and naturally!

He hadn’t required any assistance, be it a Foundation Establishment Pill or earthstring energy. He just naturally progressed to an energy and battle prowess comparable to Foundation Establishment. Even the patriarchs had been shocked, and realized that they had underestimated Bruiser from the beginning.

At that point, they realized that he didn’t have a sixth order bloodline, he actually had a seventh order bloodline! In the lands of Heavenspan, such creatures were called beast kings!

If Bruiser kept maturing, there was a high likelihood that he would become a true beast king in the future!

The matter had shaken the entire Spirit Stream Sect, and they had even arranged for a new place for Bruiser to live. However, he refused to move out of the Beast Conservatory. That was his home, and that was where he enjoyed romping about and playing. However, he would often stare off into the distance. All the Spirit Stream Sect disciples knew that he was waiting for someone to return....

The woman from Irispetal Peak was shocked, but couldn’t bring herself to scold Bruiser. Normally, Bruiser would stick to the Beast Conservatory, caring for it like a watchdog. Even when he emerged to play, he wouldn’t erupt with such fearsome energy, and he definitely wouldn't fly up into the air like a king.

Before the shock in the hearts of the cultivators could fade, Bruiser threw his head back and roared. The flame beneath his feet flared, and it was with a wild joy than none could detect that he charged toward the group from the Blood Stream Sect.

As he closed in, flames surging around him, the countless battle beasts from the north bank burst into motion, flying up into the air to join Bruiser as he charged the group from the Blood Stream Sect.

From a distance, they were so numerous that they blotted out everything beneath them. The Blood Stream Sect cultivators’ scalps began to tingle as intense sensations of deadly crisis rose up in their hearts.

Song Junwan began panting. Even though she was in the late Foundation Establishment stage, seeing a beast king like Bruiser left her completely shocked.

“The Spirit Stream Sect really does have a beast king!!” The truth was that the matter wasn't a huge secret. Word of the Spirit Stream Sect’s beast king had spread to some degree. Because of Song Junwan's status, she had long since received reports on the matter. However, to see it in person gave her a completely different feeling of threatening danger.

The old woman from Irispetal Peak seemed shocked, and immediately attempted to intervene. “Bruiser, what are you doing? Back down!”

However, her words seemed to do no good. There was only one person in Bruiser’s eyes.

His father!

Despite the fact that Bai Xiaochun was masked and in disguise, there was something inside of Bruiser than enabled him to instinctively identify his father.

There was no person more dear to him in the world!

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