Chapter 230: What If She Uses Force? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

After Bai Xiaochun left, Song Junwan was left alone in the immortal's cave, somehow feeling irritated and depressed, all at the same time. And yet somehow, she didn't know how to give vent to her feelings. All she could think about was the image of him walking away, then turning and looking at her with that cold expression.

“Nightcrypt, you ignoramus!” she growled through gritted teeth. Then she looked down at the medicinal pill on the ground and made a grasping motion, causing it to fly through the air into her palm.

Upon closer examination of it, she was moved. It was a tier-4 spirit medicine, not designed to improve the cultivation base or heal injuries. Instead, it contained a delicate, sweet odor that was quite pleasing to the senses.

“A tier-4 Spirit Perfume Pill....” she muttered, shocked. Although she couldn’t concoct medicine herself, she was an experienced and knowledgeable person, and could instantly tell that this spirit medicine was a Spirit Perfume Pill, designed for use by female cultivators.

Upon consuming the pill, one’s entire body would emit a wonderful fragrance. It also caused one’s skin to become more fair, and would remove old scars. As for versions which were tier-4 and higher, they would even purify the bones. Although the end results were common in nature, and could not lead to immortal transformations, it was enough to make any woman even more beautiful than she already was.

A tier-4 spirit medicine like this, even one that was relatively useless to male cultivators, would fetch an exorbitant price if it went up for auction. Despite the fact that she was from the Song Clan, even Song Junwan wouldn't be able to get her hands on one easily.

As she looked down at the medicinal pill, her face softened, and she thought back to what Nightcrypt had just said. As she stood there quietly, she realized that her heart was trembling. After a while, the sensation passed, and an enigmatic smile appeared on her face.

“You little rascal. You’re just making a complicated pass at me, aren’t you? That’s what you’ve been doing from the beginning! Hmph. I’ve seen everything there is to see, you impudent little child. You really think I can't see through your plan?!” With a cold snort, she examined the medicinal pill again to ensure that it was pure. After confirming that it was safe, she consumed it.

Over the course of the following days, Bai Xiaochun waited nervously in his immortal's cave, unsure of whether his manly show had been effective. One day, Song Junwan arrived outside. He immediately rose to his feet to go out and receive her. He was just getting ready to put on a cold, manly front, and step out of the door, when she said, “That pill of yours got dirty, so I threw it away. I'm giving you a task. Concoct me something with sex appeal.”

Without another word, she turned and left.

Bai Xiaochun was a bit taken aback. From the time she had arrived until the moment she left, it seemed like barely a moment had passed. Apparently, she’d only come to say one sentence.

“What is that vixen up to? What’s the meaning of this latest move?” After a moment, his eyes widened with shock. Then he sniffed the air, and his brows rose in amusement.

“That’s obviously the fragrance of my Spirit Perfume Pill! I put extra jasmine oil in it. Anyone who ate it would naturally smell that way.” He immediately felt relieved. The fact that she had consumed the medicinal pill and then come asking for him to concoct more pills indicated that their previous conflict had been resolved.

“Man, this vixen really has a lot of demands. What does she want a sex appeal pill for, isn't she sexy enough as it is? I guess she wants more sexiness.” Even as he shook his head, his heart suddenly flip-flopped, and his eyes went wide with a look of terror.

“Hold on. What does she plan to do with a sex appeal spirit medicine? Is she planning to consume it and then try to make another pass at me? Heavens! This vixen is terrifying....” At first he got even more nervous, but after thinking about it for a while he realized that this way, he might not have to actually become the grand elder to get access to the relic of eternal indestructibility. If he had free access to Song Junwan’s immortal's cave, he would surely get a chance to secretly find the relic.

Although the thought excited him, it also caused his heart to pound....

“What a sacrifice, though,” he thought. “She's a deadly vixen. I have to be very careful not to cause her to flip out. If I really mess up, then what would I do? I can’t beat her in a fight, and if she tried to force herself on me, it would be absolutely terrifying.” He blinked a few times, then put the matter to some more thought. Finally, he stuck his chin up. Expression one of pure righteousness, he flicked his sleeve.

“Fine. It’s all for the chance to live forever. I’ll just have to endure. If Song Junwan turns out to be a true predator, I’ll... I’ll just have to endure!” Grieving at how he was willing to sacrifice everything for the chance to live forever, he settled down to concoct medicine for Song Junwan.

He put a lot of effort into this batch. A few days later, a new Spirit Perfume Pill came out of the pill furnace. This one was actually a mid-grade medicinal pill.

It was specifically designed for female cultivators. Not only would it make the skin more fair and purify the bones, it would make the woman more attractive. Furthermore, she would emit a fragrant aroma that males would find fatally attractive.

Holding the spirit medicine in hand, Bai Xiaochun sniffed it, and a fragrant aroma buffeted his face. Instantly, he could tell that it was an aroma a man might lose himself in, never to awaken.

“It worked!” he said, seemingly drunk with passion. It took him a bit of time to recover, after which he took another whiff of the pill’s aroma. By doing so repeatedly, he got used to the fragrance, and even managed to create another spirit medicine specifically designed to counteract the effects. After confirming that he had a powerful resistance built up, he looked at the pill in satisfaction, and he stared up into the sky. Looking profoundly melancholy, he said, “It’s all for the chance to live forever!”

He emerged from his immortal's cave to find that the sky was already turning dark. As he began to make his way toward the upper finger of the peak, he continued to ponder whether or not he would submit if Song Junwan went truly crazy. He was really torn about what to do.

After he had been walking along for a while, teeth gritted as he agonized over what decision to make, his expression suddenly flickered as he saw a bald-headed figure on another nearby mountain path.

It was none other than Song Que. He had absolutely no hair visible on him, not even eyebrows, and was somewhat gaunt. He was just now coming back from a visit to his aunt. Although he had gone to her with some questions about cultivation, he had been criticized and taught a lesson. As such, he was in a foul mood. Almost as soon as Bai Xiaochun caught sight of him, he also noticed Bai Xiaochun.

Their gazes locked, and Bai Xiaochun’s eyes went wide. He hadn’t seen Song Que for quite a few days, and almost did a double take.

He couldn’t help but curiously blurt, “Eee? What’s with the new look? You’re skinnier and hairless too?”

Only then did he suddenly realize why Song Que looked like this, and then he saw the murderous look rising up in his eyes. Without any hesitation, he said, “You look great, by the way. Much better than before. Really....”

Song Que’s eyes widened, and he subconsciously ran his head along his bald scalp as the hatred in his heart surged. All of the hair on his body had been scorched clean off during the recent incident with the exploding furnaces. Apparently because of the medicines that were part of the explosion, his hair still hadn’t returned despite the passage of several months.

Because of that, every time he examined himself in his copper mirror, his mood would sink dangerously. If that were the only thing he had to worry about, he might have been able to endure it. But then there was the half month of diarrhea. On one occasion, he had visited the restroom more than a hundred times in a single day, so the words Bai Xiaochun had just spoken seemed like naked provocation!

In the Blood Stream Sect, Song Que had always been the type of person no one dared to provoke. Considering that he had met disaster three times because of Nightcrypt, he suddenly snapped.

“That's it, Nightcrypt!!” he shouted, stepping forward to block Bai Xiaochun’s path. “Ever since you came to Middle Peak, not even the animals can sleep easy. Everybody hates you! I'm gonna--”

Song Que’s rage actually sparked Bai Xiaochun's anger. He had just spoken quite conciliatory words. Besides, everything that occurred had been an accident. Therefore, he was forced to interrupt Song Que.

“Quiet down, boy! Get out of my way and go play or something.”

Song Que almost exploded. Nightcrypt was talking to him the way someone of the Senior generation might talk to a child. Throwing his head back, he howled and unleashed the power of his cultivation base. Eyes bloodshot, he reached out toward Bai Xiaochun with his right hand.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flashed with cold light. If he were dealing with anyone else, he might have been a bit nervous. However, he had already become familiar with Song Que in the Fallen Sword Abyss, and even more so after having come to the Blood Stream Sect. The instant that Song Que’s hand began to move, Bai Xiaochun took a step forward, reached out, and grabbed his forearm, then threw him headlong down the path leading to the foot of the mountain.

When the explosive fleshly body power of the Undying Heavenly King exploded out, Song Que felt like he couldn’t even control his own body. The air screamed past in his ears, and his mind reeled as he slammed into the ground and then tumbled head over heels down the mountain.

“Nightcrypt!!” he screamed. He wanted to stop moving and right himself, but the force which had been unleashed was something he couldn’t fight against.

Bai Xiaochun straightened up his garments, then ignored Song Que and once again began to ponder what to do if Song Junwan tried to force herself on him. Such thoughts preoccupied him all the way to her immortal's cave.

It didn’t take too long for Song Que to finally grind to a halt. Without a moment’s pause, he shot madly back up the mountain, face ashen with rage and heart bursting with the desire to do murder. Although the terrifying force Bai Xiaochun had unleashed filled him with a sensation of deadly crisis, there was no way he would let someone of his own generation treat him that way inside the Blood Stream Sect!

“This Nightcrypt is wily and cunning. He’s brought disaster to the sect, and is the subject of universal complaint on Middle Peak. He dares to curse people, but doesn’t dare to talk reason? I don’t care if the patriarchs favor him or if my aunt likes him. He’s nothing more than an outsider, with no connections in the sect. I’m the firstborn son of this generation of the Song Clan! I don’t care what happens, I’m going to find my aunt and make an appeal to justice! She’ll definitely drive this guy off. And even if she doesn’t, she’ll at least make him kowtow to me. Then he’ll know who’s boss!!” Gritting his teeth and fuming with anger, Song Que raced at top speed toward the upper finger.

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