Chapter 260: The Second Blood Ancestor! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

They were not memories revealing the origins of the Blood Ancestor, nor were they recollections of his life. They did not include visions of what had occurred upon his death. Apparently, all aspects of the will of the Blood Ancestor had vanished completely.

Perhaps, in the moments before his death, the Blood Ancestor wasn’t worried about trying to possess someone to return to life years later. He only wanted one thing.... To pass on his legacy!

His legacy... of the Undying Live Forever Technique!!

Apparently, the Blood Ancestor felt that the legacy of the Undying Live Forever Technique was even more important than his own life!

Insane rumbling sounds filled Bai Xiaochun’s mind as the countless lightning bolts from the world poured into him. Soon, the life force he had felt began to fade and dissipate.

As for the lightning bolts, they bored relentlessly into Bai Xiaochun, causing the fragmented memories to gradually solidify into the first portion of the legacy!

That was... the Undying Skin!

The first volume of the Undying Codex was the cultivation method for the Undying Skin, which now rapidly grew clear in his mind.

In fact, he even came to notice some areas where his own cultivation methods were slightly different. Apparently, this portion of the legacy was even more ancient than what he had studied!

Before Bai Xiaochun could analyze it in much detail, rumbling filled his mind as the second portion of the legacy appeared. It was... the second volume, that of the Undying Heavenly King. Strangely, his version of the legacy was exactly the same as what Bai Xiaochun had acquired from the gravekeeper!

There were absolutely no differences!

Bai Xiaochun was already panting. Now, the third portion of the legacy appeared inside of him, and as soon as he saw it, he was completely shaken, and his eyes shone with excitement.

Shockingly, it was... the Undying Tendons!

The first sentence within the legacy of the Undying Tendons was...

Grow the tendons by one portion, extend longevity by ten years!

Bit by bit, the complete mnemonic to cultivate the Undying Tendons appeared within his mind. Bai Xiaochun was breathing hard; he knew that, with this legacy, even if he didn’t eventually acquire the relic of eternal indestructibility, everything he had done had been worth it, just to acquire the cultivation method of the Undying Tendons!!

But of course, the legacy wasn’t over yet! Even as the Undying Tendons technique floated in his mind, the fourth portion of the legacy bored into him.

Floating there in his mind could be seen... the Undying Bones!!

The resilience of power comes from the bones, and can support limitless strength!

Bai Xiaochun trembled. His eyes seemed to burn with fire as the cultivation technique of the Undying Bones swirled in his mind. His heart was pounding as, for the first time, he took the initiative to absorb the lightning surrounding him.

“The next volume is definitely... the ultimate portion of the Undying Codex, the Undying Blood!!” He howled inwardly, and his mind trembled as...

The Undying Blood appeared!

Blood is the ultimate foundation of the physical body!

As of this point, all five volumes of the Undying Codex had been passed on to Bai Xiaochun, and existed in his mind, full and complete!

To Bai Xiaochun, the complete Undying Codex was indescribably precious. Without this bit of good fortune, after he mastered the Undying Heavenly King, he would have been forced to find the Undying Tendons volume on his own. Unfortunately, the lands of Heavenspan were huge, and Bai Xiaochun wouldn’t even have known where to begin looking for it. Furthermore, he would have been forced to expend significant resources to do so.

It would have been like searching for a needle in the ocean. Even if by some random chance he happened to acquire the cultivation method for the Undying Tendons, he would have next been forced to look for the Undying Bones method, and finally, the Undying Blood.

But now, he had the full and complete Undying Codex there in his mind. On Bai Xiaochun’s path of cultivation, this type of good fortune could only be described as remarkable!

The complete five volumes formed something cyclical, meaning that Bai Xiaochun now understood the Undying Codex as a whole much better.

The skin was an external protection. The Heavenly King flesh provided power. The tendons increased speed. The bones provided the structure. The blood was the essence!

These five aspects together formed the Undying Codex, and if someone cultivated all of them to completion, then it would be easier to find a phoenix feather or a qilin horn than to find someone who could kill them. That person would essentially be undying!

Because of the unification of the Undying Codex within Bai Xiaochun, his Heavenly Demon Body erupted with power. Blood qi surged inside of him, and when it combined with the lightning, it caused a second heavenly demon to appear behind him!

His fleshly body power increased exponentially. Trembling, he threw his head back and howled. And yet... the transmission of the legacy wasn’t over yet.

The lightning which crackled around him began to coalesce into... a lightning crystal!

The crystal was glittering brilliantly, filled with innumerable magical symbols that flickered and glowed, almost as if they were thoughts. When Bai Xiaochun looked closer, he realized that within those symbols, he could see faces.

After looking even more closely at the faces, his heart shivered, and he gasped. Most of those faces were people he recognized, cultivators of the Blood Stream Sect.

He saw Song Junwan, Song Que, the Song Clan patriarch, Patriarch Limitless, Xu Xiaoshan, the blood masters.... There were many, many people, including quite a few that he didn’t recognize.

“This....” His eyes went wide. The matter didn’t take much thought to comprehend; he quickly guessed who these faces were....

“These are all of the people who have drawn upon on the hand of the Blood Ancestor to further their cultivation.... They borrowed the Blood Ancestor’s power for their cultivation, and thus... they established invisible connections with him!”

Bai Xiaochun felt like his mind was being struck by thunder. In the moment that the lightning crystal formed, the countless fragments that made up the world around him faded and went dark. All of the life force which had been present was now gone, and yet, the lightning crystal flickered with boundless light.

The appearance of the lightning crystal didn’t just cause the surrounding fragments to grow dark. Everything inside of the Blood Ancestor’s body seemed to fade. It was as if... the lightning crystal surpassed everything else present.

“This legacy has two main parts!

“The first part is the legacy of the Undying Codex. The second part... is the Blood Ancestor’s personal legacy!!

“Throughout the years, everyone who has cultivated with the help of the Blood Ancestor has become connected to him. That connection is part of the legacy!

“In addition to the blood master legacies inside the Blood Ancestor, there is also the legendary... the one and only... Blood Devil legacy!!

“That’s what I'm receiving right now…. This is… the Blood Devil legacy!” Bai Xiaochun’s mind spun as he understood everything. The lightning crystal shot toward his forehead and pierced inside of him. Instantly, pain washed through him, and he howled.

Shaking from the agony, he suddenly seemed to leave his body. His consciousness floated up and out of his head, spreading out... to fill the entire body of the Blood Ancestor!

From the head, it raced out, reaching all the way to the feet and the hands....

Millions of strands of his consciousness filled the Blood Ancestor.... He could sense the waters of the Heavenspan River surrounding him, soaking him. His right hand was reaching out of the river, stretching toward the heavens, and yet, he had no energy left.

At the same time, he realized that a sect was located on his hand... and everyone in that sect relied on his help to practice cultivation.

From the patriarchs to the Outer Sect disciples, everyone had a blood-colored gleam in their eyes. The sensation was very strange, but Bai Xiaochun didn’t have time to analyze it before everything suddenly ended.

His consciousness dispersed, and when he opened his eyes, he was back where he had been inside the body of the Blood Ancestor. It was almost as if everything which had just occurred was nothing more than a dream.

Bai Xiaochun took a deep breath, and a blank look could be seen in his eyes. It almost felt as if... he had just become the Blood Ancestor!

Although the sensation had ended quickly, he still felt countless thoughts swirling around in his mind, thoughts that weren’t his own. They were thoughts from countless years in the past, the thoughts of everyone who had ever called upon the Blood Ancestor for help in cultivation.

Now that the countless fragments of the world around him had faded into darkness, the legacy transmission was over. Although that ending came without any fanfare, Bai Xiaochun felt different.

From what he could feel inside of him, he had the power... to suppress the cultivation bases of anyone who had cultivated the path of the Blood Ancestor. Whether they were people or animals, corpses or gargoyles.... Whether they were Outer Sect disciples or Inner Sect disciples, Dharma protectors or elders, blood masters or prime elders, blood rippers... or even patriarchs!

Although he couldn’t completely suppress them, he knew that a single thought on his part could reduce their cultivation bases by at least half!

Of course, the person truly doing the suppressing wouldn’t be him, it would be the Blood Ancestor. Now that Bai Xiaochun had acquired the legacy of the Blood Ancestor, for all intents and purposes, he was the new Blood Ancestor!

Although his cultivation base was currently too low, not nearly as fearsome and terrifying as the original Blood Ancestor’s, it was still correct to say... that after obtaining the thoughts of the legacy, he... was the living, second Blood Ancestor!

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