Chapter 277: Complete Spell Formation! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

After Bai Xiaochun’s giant incarnation faded away, a brief silence followed, and then, a massive uproar filled the Luochen Mountains.

“That was Sect Uncle Bai!!”

“Heavens! Didn’t Sect Uncle Bai just get here? I can’t believe he can already unleash the power of the spell formation....”

Everyone was shaken. Some felt enthusiasm, but others weren’t very happy. Quite a few were jealous!

Shangguan Tianyou’s hands were clenched painfully tight. Gritting his teeth, he forced himself to calm down, then sent his cultivation base power out to familiarize himself with his own spell formation.

He wasn’t the only one that was paying close attention. Ghostfang, Beihan Lie, Xu Song, Gongsun Yun, and many others had already been outdone. During the following days, they did further research and experimentation, and began to follow Bai Xiaochun’s example. Soon, more and more giants began to appear.

Eventually, the tens of thousands of people from the fourth wave were all sent to their spots in the various spell formations. The other eight formations in Bai Xiaochun’s area were now almost completely full. As for his own ninth formation, the other eight people had all shown up one after another. None of them were strangers to Bai Xiaochun; they were all disciples whom he had helped greatly in the Fallen Sword Abyss.

After realizing that they had been assigned to work with Bai Xiaochun, they excitedly went about helping him with the giant incarnation, which grew more and more powerful.

As all of the groups worked together and grew more familiar with powering the spell formation giants, the Luochen Mountains filled with increasingly shocking energy.

As the giants appeared, they roared and moved about, sometimes even unleashing magical techniques. All light in heaven and earth dimmed. Even the Outer Sect formations with over a hundred people in them also formed giants which unleashed battle prowess similar to the great circle of Qi Condensation.

The Inner Sect spell formation incarnations surpassed Qi Condensation, and were similar to Foundation Establishment cultivators. And then there were the formations with the Chosen like Shangguan Tianyou, who radiated the power of the great circle of Foundation Establishment.

As for the first and second spell formations from each mountain peak, they were the strongest, and brimmed with power equivalent to Core Formation!

The three mountain peaks from the south bank and the four mountain peaks from the north bank were all on equal footing!

The smallest of the giants was roughly 150 meters in height. At first, many of them had semi-translucent bodies, making it possible to see the cultivators sitting cross-legged inside.

Toward the end, though, the giants became so solid that it was almost impossible to see anyone inside. The sight of so many giants in the Luochen Mountains was shocking to the extreme!

Already, the central ninth spell formation, the Mount Daoseed formation, was far more powerful than the formations of any of the other mountains.

Every time it appeared, the power of the Foundation Establishment cultivators within it caused the battle prowess of the giant incarnation to emanate fluctuations that, despite not being of the Core Formation level, were strong enough to fight a Core Formation cultivator!

Furthermore, when Bai Xiaochun’s giant incarnation appeared, it released a Heaven-Dao aura that caused thunderous rumbling to fill the air. Sparks of electricity even showered about in all directions.

Bai Xiaochun was located in the giant’s dantian region, with the other eight cultivators being located in other fixed positions within the body. On a few occasions after forming the giant incarnation, Bai Xiaochun sent it flying up into the air to unleash a fist strike that would shake everything in the area. Sometimes the giant would perform an incantation gesture, drawing upon the combined cultivation base power of eight people to summon an enormous violet cauldron. Based on the terrifying power, it was obvious that this giant could fight toe to toe with the Core Formation stage.

Bai Xiaochun had never experienced anything like this before, and he could only throw his head back and let out a piercing howl.

Another three days passed.....

At high noon, the sky vibrated, and a column of light shot up into the air that far surpassed the light which had accompanied the cultivators of the fourth wave.

As the ground quaked, all cultivators of the sect looked up into the sky.

Everyone, even Bai Xiaochun, watched as the blinding pillar of light slowly shrank into the form... of an enormous... white sun!!

The instant the white sun formed, all of the surrounding air twisted and distorted, filling with fissures and rifts.

Within the sun could be seen the image of a raven, which apparently formed the core of the sun. Although its eyes were closed, it radiated a sense of intense might!!

Beneath the raven floated... a mountain!

It was none other than... the ninth mountain peak of the Spirit Stream Sect!!

The pressure weighing down from that mountain caused all of the Luochen Mountains to tremble.

A handful of legacy echelon cultivators flew out, as well as prime elders. Then, an old man appeared who, despite not being physically imposing, emanated the loftiest of airs.

He was none other than... the Spirit Stream Sect’s founding patriarch!

Countless voices joined together in a thunderous roar as all cultivators in the mountains clasped their hands and offered formal greetings.

“Greetings, Patriarch!”

“Greetings, Patriarch!!”

The earsplitting sound of their calls shook everything like thunder from the heavens.

Four other figures floated up from the mountains to join him, which were the other patriarchs that had led the previous four waves of cultivators out of the sect.

The founding patriarch looked over the forces of the Spirit Stream Sect, and then spoke in words that echoed out into every corner of the mountains, to reach every cultivator present. “The Blood Stream Sect... has already fully mobilized. They will be here soon!”

Everyone, including Bai Xiaochun, felt shaken upon hearing those words.

“There will be deaths in this war. Even I may perish. However, any of us who fall in battle will be heroes of the Spirit Stream Sect for all eternity!

“This war is a fight for the survival of the Spirit Stream Sect!

“This war will determine the peace and security of our sect for the next 1,000 years!

“This war is something the entire world of cultivation is paying attention to. The Spirit Stream Sect... may go out fighting, but we will never live a life of humiliation!!

“Power up the final formation!

“Let’s show the Blood Stream Sect exactly how strong and decisive the Spirit Stream Sect is!!”

The cultivators felt their blood boiling in response to the founding patriarch’s words, and joined together to shout, “Fight!!”

Now that the founding patriarch had officially declared the war to have begun, the spell formation which filled the Luochen Mountains sprang to life, sending boundless light shining up into the sky.


Up in the sky, the ninth mountain peak towered high, seemingly capable of propping up the heavens. It was surrounded by nine shining magical symbols, each of them different, but all of them fully 3,000 meters tall. Lightning danced back and forth across the symbols, casting out light that filled the sky. At the same time, countless fist-sized magical symbols also appeared, spreading out like waves to cover the sky above the mountains.

Amidst the lightning and the magical symbols were nearly a hundred ancient figures, all of whom emanated shocking auras. These were all of the Spirit Stream Sect’s prime elders!

The prime elders all had serious expressions on their faces. They looked like transcendent beings, their cultivation base fluctuations causing heaven and earth to dim, and causing a powerful wind to kick up.

However, even more eye-catching than them was a group whose numbers had slowly been filled over the past 10,000 years.... The seventeen legacy echelon cultivators, Li Qinghou among them.

Those seventeen cultivators hovered above in the sky, shining with light that, from a distance, made them seem like seventeen stars that emanated heaven-shaking, earth-shattering pressure!

Above the seventeen star-like legacy echelon cultivators were... the five patriarchs who lived on the ninth mountain peak. Each of them possessed a Dharma Idol of incredible stature, something that could easily suppress prime elders or legacy echelon cultivators. The power they exuded seemed capable of crushing the heavens and shaking the earth. It was godlike!

The founding patriarch’s Dharma Idol was clearly visible. It had three heads and six arms, and seemed as tall as the sky. The founding patriarch alone seemed far more glorious than all of the other four patriarchs combined.

Now that the spell formation had been fully activated, the shield of light that rose up to protect the Luochen Mountains began to crackle with lightning. As the lightning spread out to fill the shield, it transformed into an enormous wall of lightning!

On the surface of the lightning wall could be seen nine faces, each one of them 300 meters tall. Their eyes were closed as if in meditation, and they seemed to radiate solemnity and power. If you looked closely... you would see that, unexpectedly, one of those faces... was Bai Xiaochun’s!

Bai Xiaochun almost stopped breathing when he saw that. Now that the Luochen Mountains Grand Spell Formation was fully activated, Bai Xiaochun could sense that his ninth formation was somehow fused with the mountains as a whole.

The sight of his own face on the wall left him shaken and completely shocked.

The ranks of war chariots were now complete. There were hundreds of them, and the black spikes which jutted out from them emanated terrifying power that seemed capable of exploding out at a moment's notice.

Also present were numerous stone puppets that all seemed poised on the brink of unleashing their power. With a single command, they would leap onto the battlefield and wreak havoc.

As for the countless battle beasts of the north bank, they were everywhere, filling sky and land, with the four spirit beast guardians of the four mountains leading them.

Then there were the enormous tower shields, which were now completely arrayed, creating an impenetrable defense for the Spirit Stream Sect disciples who remained behind them.

As for the spell formations, the disciples poured power into them, causing rumbling to echo out as giants appeared, coming from seven different directions.

Each of the seven mountains had dozens of spell formations for the Outer Sect disciples. As a result, hundreds of figures began to gather; some were human giants, others looked like giant beasts. Roars filled the air as ripples spread out in all directions.

The Inner Sect disciples’ spell formations were all activated. Although they didn’t have as many as the Outer Sect disciples, theirs were far more powerful. That was especially true of the spell formations set aside for the Chosen, which were even more shocking.

Just as the south and north banks were different, the incarnations of the spell formations were different, some taking the form of human giants, others of giant beasts.

The nine centrally located spell formations also erupted with terrifying fluctuations as they were powered by Foundation Establishment cultivators.

There were also hundreds of Foundation Establishment cultivators not assigned to spell formations, who were prepared to either fight or join the spell formations as their comrades fell.

If that were all there were to it, it might not be very impressive. But now that the Luochen Mountains spell formations were all activated, a shockingly bright light began to shine out above the ninth mountain peak!

Two beams of light appeared, both of which were magical items!

The first beam of light was a profoundly ancient violet cauldron!! As soon as the cauldron appeared, intense pressure weighed down on the entire area, causing everything to tremble.

Within the second beam of light was... a sword! It glittered with silver light that indicated that it had benefited from a tenfold spirit enhancement. It was... the Heavenhorn Sword!

Ten silver designs covered the body of the sword, making it dazzlingly shocking. The mere sight left everyone shaken, and it was obvious that once this sword was unleashed in attack, it could shatter the heavens and decimate the earth!

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