Chapter 331: Indestructible In Foundation Establishment Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The fighting spirit among the River-Defying Sect and the Sky River Court raged over the Heavenspan River. Rumbling sounds filled the air, and vicious gleams could be seen in the eyes of all cultivators!

Miserable shrieks echoed out, and magical techniques lit up the sky. Although the River-Defying Sect’s patriarchs and the Gold Core cultivators held the advantage in the fighting, the assassination techniques used by the Sky River Court were a big source of frustration. When facing such techniques, even the slightest misstep could lead to death.

After all, when the Sky River Court had initially been punished by the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, their top-level forces, and even middle level forces, had all suffered severe losses. However, the low-level cultivators hadn’t been affected as much.

The fighting going on over the Heavenspan River was incredibly fierce. The four divisions of the River-Defying Sect had already experienced such fighting in the Lower Reaches, and were familiar with large-scale battles. Although they were initially surprised by the Sky River Court’s unique battle tactics, it didn’t take long before the fighting reached a deadlock.

As far as the River-Defying Sect was concerned, that was a good position to be in. All they needed to do was wait for the patriarchs and Gold Core cultivators to seize victory, and then the rest of the enemy forces could be easily crushed!

Massive rumbling sounds echoed out. As for the clans and sects which had already sworn allegiance to the River-Defying Sect, although they weren’t making a huge showing on the battlefield, they were providing significant assistance, and were fighting just as fiercely as everyone else.

As the deadlock continued, numerous Chosen rose to prominence in the fighting. Shangguan Tianyou controlled one of the spell formation incarnations, and the sword qi he unleashed caused a web of swords to appear, a dazzling sight as it swept across the battlefield.

Ghostfang didn't say much, but his attacks were extremely intimidating. The spell formation he was part of became just like him, abounding with ghost qi. Numerous pitch-black ghost hands appeared, which unleashed deadly violence onto the Sky River Court enemies.

Then there was Hou Yunfei, Gongsun Yun, as well as cultivators from the Blood Stream Division such as Song Que, Xuemei, Master God-Diviner, Jia Lie, Song Junwan, the three blood masters and the grand elders. Everyone was attacking with full power, making a spectacular showing on the battlefield.

Others were also present, such as Nine-Isles from the Profound Stream Division. He had long since recovered, and usually spent his time avoiding Bai Xiaochun. Now, he took advantage of the opportunity this battle presented him to vent his frustration.

There were few Chosen among the Pill Stream Division disciples. The spectacular beauty Chen Manyao was actually the only one, but she was extremely skilled in commanding the army on the field of battle. Pill Stream Division squads of three to five cultivators roved about, unleashing toxic gases, or using healing powers to aid their comrades.

In fact, it was mostly because of the Pill Stream Division that the River-Defying Sect was able to benefit from the deadlock.

Chen Manyao’s orders kept the Pill Stream Division cultivators completely in order, moving about the battlefield with particular skill and finesse.

As Chen Manyao sent out one order after another, strange light gleamed in her eyes. She was like a star shining over the aquatic battlefield, and became the second most important target for the Sky River Court.

The person who people were paying attention to the most, however, had just emerged from the Blood Ancestor and then formed a giant incarnation. It was Bai Xiaochun, who wielded an enormous greatsword formed from blood qi!

Considering that the look in Bai Xiaochun’s eyes was the same as the look in the eyes of the Blood Ancestor, everyone could tell that he had been the person in control of the blood giant!

Of course, even though the Sky River Court had been prohibited from interfering with the affairs of the Lower Reaches cultivation world, they were able to gather intelligence. As such, they knew that he was also the person responsible for unifying all of the Lower Reaches sects.

Therefore, almost as soon as he appeared, the Sky River Court forces glared over at him and sent a wave of assassins in his direction. At the same time, numerous smaller skybanyans began to race toward him, expressions those of madness and ferocity.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes glowed with red light. As of this moment, he felt like he was back fighting the Luochen Clan, or in the Fallen Sword Abyss. Even the fighting outside the Profound Stream Sect city had been similar. Throwing his head back, he roared, causing blood qi to surge around him, increasing the battle prowess of the Blood Stream Division cultivators in the area.

Bruiser could sense Bai Xiaochun’s energy, and also let out a howl, causing waves of battle beasts to leap toward the Sky River Court forces.

Then there were the refined corpses, gargoyles, and puppets. A dazzling display could be seen on the battlefield as endless booms and crashes rang out.

Bai Xiaochun swung his blood sword at an incoming skybanyan treant. Even as he did, an explosive voice roared, “Die!!”

The voice came seemingly out of nowhere. Simultaneously, eight Foundation Establishment cultivators materialized out of thin air. Every one of them was clearly a cold-blooded assassin, and none of them paused for even a moment before unleashing their most powerful attacks onto Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes glittered as he followed through with his blood sword strike. Even as he slashed the skybanyan treant into two pieces, his energy erupted, and an enormous figure formed behind him. In the blink of an eye, it became crystal clear; shockingly, it was the manifestation of his Undying Asura Body!

The undying asura and the spell formation incarnation merged together, and when the combined attacks of the eight Foundation Establishment cultivators landed on it, the only thing that happened was that the Foundation Establishment cultivators coughed up mouthfuls of blood. Looks of disbelief and terror appeared on their faces.


“What type of fleshly body is that? I can’t believe something like this exists!!”

“Dammit! He's almost at the point where he’s indestructible within the Foundation Establishment stage!!”

The eight cultivators were so shocked that their qi and blood was in chaos. Looking at Bai Xiaochun like he was a ghost, they didn’t hesitate for even a moment to begin to flee at top speed.

“Indestructible in Foundation Establishment?” Bai Xiaochun wasn’t hurt in the least. He let go of the blood sword, allowing it to dissipate as he performed an incantation gesture and pointed out, causing all of the resulting blood qi to form into a cloud of smaller blood swords, which shot out like a tempest wind.

The eight Foundation Establishment cultivators didn’t have the time to flee very far. The blood sword formation swept over them, slashing away their flesh and blood and chopping their bones into dust. By the time the wind passed, not a single trace remained of the eight cultivators.

When the other Sky River Court cultivators saw this, they gasped in shock. As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes flickered with cold light as he looked around the battlefield. He saw River-Defying Sect cultivators dying here and there, killed at the hands of the assassins. Hatred began to gleam in his eyes, and instead of continuing his fight with the skybanyan treants, he began to flit across the battlefield looking for the elusive assassins.

Everywhere he went, thunderous booms could be heard. The assassin’s murderous methods didn't hurt Bai Xiaochun at all, not with the explosive power of his Asura Body.

Instantly, the assassins began to tremble and hide. None of them dared to get anywhere near Bai Xiaochun. Just as Bai Xiaochun was about to start hunting them down, a roar of rage echoed out behind him, and it came from one of the skybanyan treants that was twice as tall as any of the others.

A bizarre gleam could be seen in the eyes of the huge treant, whose body was festooned with freshly severed heads. Some of those heads belonged to Spirit Stream Division disciples, and when Bai Xiaochun saw that, his murderous aura erupted.

Suddenly, a face appeared on the trunk of the treant. It was a young man, whose venomous eyes were filled with madness. Looking at Bai Xiaochun, he said, “Indestructible in Foundation Establishment? Invincible within your stage? Trifling Lower Reaches punk. I’ll show you what it means to be invincible. I’ll show you what an indestructible Foundation Establishment fleshly body is!”

Looking nervously at the treant speeding toward him, Bai Xiaochun murmured. “A Sky River Court Chosen? Every time I see people looking crazy like this, I feel like I need to bring them to their senses....”

Without any hesitation, he shot forward with the Mountain Shaking Bash!

Every time the Mountain Shaking Bash appeared, his energy rose even higher than before!

As the Mountain Shaking Bash was unleashed, a second asura appeared behind him, which merged with the first asura, causing his power to skyrocket!

He moved with such speed that the treant had no time to react. He was nothing more than a blur of afterimages, like an entire mountain smashing through the air toward the treant.

A huge boom echoed out, and everyone in the area gasped. As for the treant, it let out a bloodcurdling scream as it was sent flying backward, tumbling through the air like a kite with its string cut, all the way until it slammed into the ground on the bank of the river.

At that point, it went silent.

“Can’t take a hit, can we?” Bai Xiaochun said proudly. The other eight cultivators in the formation with him all smiled wryly, and knew that the situation had been under control the entire time. There were few people in the Foundation Establishment stage who could withstand the Mountain Shaking Bash.

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