Chapter 348: The Rabbit’s Weakness.... Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun felt more than ever that he was being unjustly accused. He instantly drew upon the full power of his Heaven-Dao Gold Core, and even his Undying Heavenly King Body. Although that pushed him forward with incredible speed, it didn’t make him faster than the rabbit. Furthermore, the rabbit was a very crafty character, and knew just where to kick him for it to hurt the most.

Scowling on the verge of tears, he considered calling upon the three precious treasures he had just been given. But before he could, the rabbit shot forward with blinding speed, causing a series of sonic booms to echo out as he kicked Bai Xiaochun over and over again.

Most outrageous of all was that the rabbit actually chose to kick him in the face....

Bai Xiaochun felt like he was going to go crazy. The rabbit was obviously refusing to give him a chance to use the precious treasures, all in its attempt to bully its way to revenge.

“You can’t blame me for everything! You’re the one who loves to repeat everything! Y-y-you’re... you’re a total bully!!”

Behind him, the rabbit roared, “You think I want to repeat what everybody says? Dammit! Nobody asked you to bring up that topic! This... this is all your fault!” The rabbit unleashed more kicks at Bai Xiaochun.

“All your fault! Especially the last time! I can’t believe you only said half a sentence! Do you know that you almost drove me literally insane!?!?

“Listen to me, you little punk, the next time I'm repeating what people say, you had better finish your sentences!!” The angrier the rabbit got, the harder and more viciously it kicked Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun was sore all over, and was being driven to the point of rage.

“He’s trying to kill me!” he howled. “He’s trying to kill me!!

“Somebody save me! I'm the junior patriarch of the River-Defying Sect! I've spilled my own blood for the River-Defying Sect!

“Save me, patriarchs!!” However, no matter how loudly he shouted, the Nascent Soul Daoist masters didn’t respond at all. Bai Xiaochun felt completely maligned.

“You’re pushing things too far, rabbit!!

“So what if I only said half a sentence? If I had said any more, and you repeated it, I would have lost my poor little life!

“I said half a sentence back then, and I’ll say half a sentence next time too!

“In fact, I’ll do it now.... What comes after I, Bai Xiaochun? Tell me! Hurry up, spit it out! What comes after I, Bai Xiaochun?!?!”

As the words left his mouth, a tremor suddenly ran through the rabbit. A blank look appeared in his eyes, and he suddenly lurched to a halt in midair.

“I, Bai Xiaochun....”

In response, Bai Xiaochun’s jaw dropped, and it was the same with the other disciples who had come to see what was going on. Everyone was looking at the rabbit, which now looked completely different from before.

Instead of keeping his hands clasped behind his back, he dropped down on all fours, like a normal rabbit. Ears sticking straight up, he began to repeat the same words over and over again.

Bai Xiaochun’s heart was already pounding, but instead of continuing to flee, he cried, “Come on, tell me! What words come after I, Bai Xiaochun?!”

Equally nervous, the rabbit howled, “I, Bai Xiaochun....”

“Come on, tell me! Spit it out!” Looking excited, Bai Xiaochun took a few steps forward toward the rabbit. Now that he had found what appeared to be the rabbit’s weakness, he was eager to take advantage of it.

“I, Bai Xiaochun....” The rabbit’s eyes were so red that they looked like they might start bleeding. His fur was standing on end, and the pressure being put on him from Bai Xiaochun made him tremble on the verge of collapse. With that, he let out a bellow like a crack of thunder, then turned and began to flee for his life. At the same time, it began to cry out all sorts of gossip, a large amount of it having to do with Patriarch Crimsonsoul. Incensed, Crimsonsoul himself appeared and tried to chase down the rabbit, but it soon disappeared.

At long last, Bai Xiaochun realized that the rabbit clearly wasn't stable mentally. Sometimes it was clear-headed, other times not. Only when it was clear-headed did it act like an old bastard. The most important thing was that their last encounter had left a deep impression on him; the matter of saying only half a sentence could drive the rabbit nearly to collapse....

“So that’s how it is! Hahaha! Trifling little rabbit. How dare you try to tangle with Bai Xiaochun! Let’s see if you ever dare to mess with me again in the future!” He breathed a sigh of relief, and was just about to continue to boast when suddenly he realized that Patriarch Crimsonsoul had given up on chasing the rabbit, and was currently glaring at him.

Then he thought back to some of the things the rabbit had said, and quickly ducked his head and hurried back to his immortal's cave.

“It wasn’t my fault,” he muttered. “Nobody did anything to help me! Everyone just watched the poor junior patriarch getting beaten up by that rabbit!” Rubbing his face discontentedly, he decided that it would be best not to go out very often. After all, if he ended up chasing the rabbit again, who knew what the thing might say.

“Hey, what about Bruiser? Where did he get off to? I haven’t seen him for days now. I bet he’s off messing around with some female beast!” Because of the special connection between the two of them, he could tell that Bruiser was safe, though, so he didn’t give it much more thought.

“Ah whatever. I never took the time to rest and recover after reaching Heaven-Dao Gold Core. I might as well take advantage of the time now to go into secluded meditation.” With that, he made his decision. He immediately sealed his immortal's cave up tight and began to focus on cultivation.

Time passed. A month later, he opened his eyes, and found that his cultivation base was much more stable than before, and had even made a bit of progress. With that, he slapped his bag of holding and produced a jade slip.

It was pitch-black, and didn't seem very impressive. However, as soon as he put his hand on it, a sensation of intense coldness filled him. This was none other than the technique that Frigidsect had given him....

After scanning the jade slip with divine sense, Bai Xiaochun’s expression flickered with surprise.

“Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation!

“The cultivation of this technique requires Heavenspan River water. However, instead of consuming it, you alter its structure into two types: Frigid and Will....

“Use the technique to form the Frigid, use the Frigid to evolve the Will....

“If one masters it, one’s Will can freeze everything in the area with frigid coldness. Hmm... what’s the Will it talks about?” As he continued to study the jade slip, his surprise grew. Eventually, he put the slip down.

“So, Will is the ultimate level of control power, something completely and utterly bizarre. Essentially, it comes by fusing control power with one’s own thoughts!

“The Violet Qi Cauldron Control Art develops control power, and the Violet Qi Heavenspan Incantation uses that control power to create the Heavenspan Dharma Eye. That’s only the initial step toward fusing control power with one’s thoughts. The Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation involves a complete fusion of one’s thoughts with control power. Then, true Willpower can be developed and grown....”

Bai Xiaochun took a long, deep breath, and slowly picked up the jade slip again. Finally, he understood the truth; the Spirit Stream Sect techniques were all steps in a ladder leading to the ultimate form of power: Will!

“In that case, I can definitely succeed with my Human Controlling Grand Magic!

“In fact, by using Will, I can also complete my work with the powers of gravity and repulsion!

“Will....” he murmured. Looking over at a rock in the corner of the Immortal's cave, he tried to use nothing but his own thoughts to get it to fly up into the air.

Almost immediately, the little rock trembled in place. Although it didn’t fly up, Bai Xiaochun was already delighted. He had just moved that rock without any magic, without any cultivation base power, without any divine abilities. He had used only his own thoughts.

After a bit of time passed, he suppressed his excitement and began to think about going to get a huge bucket of Heavenspan River water to start cultivating. All of a sudden, he thought about his Undying Live Forever Technique. Closing his eyes, he began to review the information he had received from the legacy of the Blood Ancestor, the third volume of...

Undying Tendons!

Tendons were the source of speed, and the power of tendons could make a person strong and tough. When you combined such levels of speed and power into a fist strike, the shocking results would surpass anything that had come before it!

Even more fantastic was that the ultimate combination of speed and power in the Undying Tendons technique led to an incredible divine ability, a hexing magic that could be unleashed with every punch or kick!

It was a hexing magic that could seal anything and everything!

The first two volumes of the Undying Technique provided miraculous divine abilities in addition to the ultimately powerful fleshly body improvements, and this one was no different.

“The Undying Hex!” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with bright light. That was the divine ability that came with the third volume, something similar to the Throat Crushing Grasp and the Mountain Shaking Bash!

Unlike the other two volumes, the Undying Tendons were not divided into different levels. Instead, the goal was to apply the technique to every part of the body!

It was divided up into the four limbs, the torso, and the head!

The only way to master the technique was to apply it to each and every one of those body parts!

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