Chapter 402: Threatening Home! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The boss of the Celestial Sky Society was delighted, and immediately began to lead the way. As for the other cultivators with Li Yuansheng, they were all silkpants from various clans in the rainbow district. Because of how they had been showered with cultivation resources by their clans, their cultivation bases, despite being in the Core Formation stage, were extremely high.

Generally speaking, they had little to occupy their time, so seeing that something interesting was afoot, they all followed along with Li Yuansheng, laughing and chatting the entire time. One by one, they entered the teleportation portal, and were zipped down to Sky City.

The boss of the Celestial Sky Society was very excited, but he knew that when it came to silkpants like this, however quickly they got interested in something, that was also how quickly they would lose interest. Therefore, he wasted no time hurrying in the direction of the west district.

“Boss Azure Dragon Society is a complete villain!” he said. “He created that Ultra Fasting Aid Pill, which hurt a lot of fellow disciples!

“He was also the one who invented those Fantasy Pills, which were so bad the sect outlawed them. Given the extent of his vile deeds, it’s impossible to even guess how many people in Sky City hate him!

“Young Lord, you’re not just acting for the benefit of the clan, you’re wiping out an evil that threatens the entire Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!”

Along the way, the Celestial Sky Society boss continued to spout all sorts of stories to Li Yuansheng and the other silkpants. They found it all very amusing, although they didn’t believe much of what they were being told.

“I can’t literally wipe him out,” Li Yuansheng said coolly. “If he has his own personal property, then he definitely has powerful backers. But considering he's offended a deva clan, that won’t help him.” Although Li Yuansheng was a silkpants, he was also a Chosen from a deva clan, and despite his arrogant nature, was not the type to lose his head because of a bit of flattery and oily words. “Of course, after I handle the matter, you should know how to proceed going forward.”

With that, he gave a meaningful look to the Celestial Sky Society boss, who immediately understood what he was implying. Li Yuansheng wanted some merit points in compensation for his help! The Celestial Sky Society boss quickly nodded his head to indicate that he understood.

Li Yuansheng responded with a slight smile. As far as he was concerned, going to pick a fight with the Azure Dragon Society wasn’t a big deal, so he simply continued to laugh and chat with his friends as they headed toward the west district.

Along the way, quite a few Sky City cultivators noticed them, and many of them looked very shocked. With the exception of the boss of the Celestial Sky Society, everyone in the group was a yellow-robed disciple.

The sight of so many colorful yellow robes caused many hearts to tremble with astonishment and envy. Clearly, this was a group that had come down from the rainbow district.

It didn't take long for some people to realize which direction these yellow-robed disciples were heading: the west district! As speculations rose about what they were planning to do, many people began to follow along cautiously.

Soon, a crowd of several hundred people was following them. Li Yuansheng didn’t pay them any attention; as a Chosen from a deva clan, and a yellow-robed disciple, he would receive a reception like this just about wherever he went in the eastern cultivation world.

The group didn’t proceed along with any great haste. Eventually, they reached the desert, from which point they could just make out the ruins, and the enormous tavern next to it.

There were still quite a few cultivators coming and going, despite the fact that it was already evening. However, as soon as the cultivators in the area noticed Li Yuansheng and the other yellow-robed disciples, expressions of shock appeared on their faces.

“Yellow-robed disciples!”

“Look at how many of them there are! And look at that guy with them. Isn’t that the boss of the Celestial Sky Society?!?!”

“It's no wonder. The Celestial Sky Society is backed by a deva clan, and now they’ve finally come to deal with the Azure Dragon Society!!”

Under the astonished gazes of everyone present, Li Yuansheng and his friends flew toward the tavern, unleashing their Core Formation cultivation bases with reckless abandon. Instantly, rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth, and a huge wind kicked up. Intense pressure weighed down on the area, causing all cultivators to tremble in place.

It was like layer upon layer of pressure descending from the heavens, like numerous mountains crushing down onto the shoulders of all the cultivators. As for the cultivators of the Azure Dragon Society inside the tavern, their faces fell, and they began to cry out in alarm.

Master God-Diviner rushed out into the open, his eyes shining with a strange light. Thanks to his enormous income of merit points, he had recently been able to surpass the great circle of Foundation Establishment, and was now in the quasi-Core stage.

Big Fatty Zhang also appeared. His progress in cultivation was the fastest among all of the Dao protectors. Perhaps it was because he had an affinity for the spiritual energy near the source of the Heavenspan River, or perhaps it was because he was so skilled at spirit enhancement, but those things, coupled with the help of some merit points, helped him to break through into the great circle of Foundation Establishment.

Thus, he made quite the impressive figure as he rushed out to see what was happening. Xu Baocai and Chen Manyao also appeared, expressions flickering with uncertainty. When all of them saw a group of a dozen or so yellow-robed disciples in the air above, all of them radiating the pressure of Core Formation, they were completely taken aback.

The boss of the Celestial Sky Society looked extremely excited as he shouted, “Tell Boss Azure Dragon to get the hell out here this instant!”

Obviously, he hated the Azure Dragon Society down to his marrow, so being able to utter such words left him feeling very satisfied.

The group of several hundred onlookers who had come to watch the show couldn’t help but look on with wide eyes at what was happening.

“The Azure Dragon Society is finished....”

“The Celestial Sky Society is so powerful! They're backed by a deva clan.... Even a single command from a deva clan is enough to send countless cultivators crazy with the desire to please them!”

“I've seen that guy before. He’s Li Yuansheng! Heavens! He’s a Chosen who ranks somewhere in the 900’s among the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars!!” Such exclamations rang out loud and clear for all to hear.

Only the true superstars among Chosen could make it into the top 1,000 of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars. After all, the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect was a huge sect, so large that it would be difficult for any outsider to even calculate how many disciples were in it.

As the crowd devolved into a hubbub, and as the boss of the Celestial Sky Society roared out his challenge, Bai Xiaochun opened the window a crack to see what was happening outside. When he saw the dozen or so cultivators hovering up above, he simply rolled his eyes. After all, this was his personal property, so there was nothing for him to worry about. Clearing his throat, he swaggered out into the open.

“Who’s causing all this racket!?” he said, standing on the balcony, frowning with disdain. “Leave, all of you!”

With that, he waved his sleeve, activating the spell formation power from the seven-colored flag. Instantly, violet winds spread out to drive the unwanted guests away. However, that was when Li Yuansheng smiled and suddenly produced a jade slip, which he pushed his finger down onto.

“Disperse formation!”

As soon as those two simple words left his mouth, the power of the spell formation vanished as if it had never existed. Bai Xiaochun’s jaw dropped as Li Yuansheng burst into motion, white flames erupting around him as he shot down like a meteor.

As he closed in, his mid Core Formation cultivation base erupted with power, becoming intense pressure. From a distance, it almost looked like the fires of the heavens had appeared right in front of Bai Xiaochun.

“Don’t make me say it again,” Li Yuansheng said coolly, his expression one of complete scorn and disdain. “Get the hell out here!”

The sight of such shocking flames caused Bai Xiaochun’s pupils to constrict. This person’s cultivation base was at the same level as his own: the mid Core Formation stage. Also, he was attacking with extraordinary power. In fact, he didn’t appear to be holding anything back, indicating that he not only wished to seriously injure Bai Xiaochun, he wanted to destroy his tavern!

Master God-Diviner and the other Dao protectors all shouted out in alarm, but as for Bai Xiaochun, his anger spiked. This was his home, and for someone to show up like a bandit and try to wrest it away from him caused his fury to burn.

You get the hell out!” he said, his right hand flashing with an incantation gesture. Instantly, the Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation roiled out, sending shocking frigid qi spiraling out from his palm to freeze everything within a 3,000-meter area.

Li Yuansheng’s heavenly flame blasted into Bai Xiaochun’s right palm, and was deflected, causing it to rage out into the surrounding area. However, not only did it not affect any of the frozen buildings or structures of the tavern, the flames themselves were transformed into little frozen flower petals!

Li Yuansheng’s face fell as frigid coldness swept into him. Strangely, the frigid qi couldn’t be dispelled, but instead, became like countless tiny ice chunks, causing blood to instantly ooze out of the corners of his mouth and freeze into chunks.

However, his breathing wasn’t affected, so he barked, “The rest of you join forces and--”

However, before the complete sentence left his mouth, Bai Xiaochun looked up. Frigid qi swirled around him, completely eradicating the flames as he burst into motion, shooting toward Li Yuansheng.

Considering the incredible speed he was capable of, it only took a moment before he was right in front of Li Yuansheng, where he quickly performed an incantation gesture. In response, the frigid cold in the area swept toward Li Yuansheng, whose face fell as he let loose another attack. A moment later, a huge boom filled the area as all of his friends unleashed attacks, causing the air to collapse as a huge mouth formed and attempted to consume Bai Xiaochun.

“Xiaochun!!” Big Fatty Zhang yelled. He wanted to help, but unfortunately, was incapable.

Unexpectedly, the instant the huge mouth seemed to be on the verge of swallowing up Bai Xiaochun, he vanished. When he reappeared, he was behind the group of a dozen or so Core Formation cultivators, his expression grim, his murderous aura raging in much the same way it had back when he was Nightcrypt!

A moment later, the Core Formation cultivators turned around, their faces masks of disbelief as they cried out in alarm.

“A minor teleportation? That’s impossible!!”

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