Chapter 430: I Can Too! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As Gongsun Wan’er stepped from the cyan trial into the blue trial, Bai Xiaochun slowly opened his eyes in the Ravine of Endless Mountains.

He had a blank expression, and just barely visible within each eye was the flickering image of a stone golem.

Only gradually did he begin to become aware of his surroundings. After enough time passed for half an incense stick to burn, he took a deep breath, and was fully conscious. He felt like he had just woken up from a long sleep, with his thoughts being a bit sluggish.

“Did it work?” Rubbing his forehead, he slowly stood up and then checked his cultivation base. However, he still wasn’t sure if he had succeeded; everything that had happened recently was a complete blank.

“This....” After a moment of hesitation, he used the techniques of the Living Mountain Incantation to perform an incantation gesture. When he did, a tremor ran through him, and his eyes widened as an explosively powerful force began to build up inside of him.

At almost the exact same instant, the images of two stone golems grew clear in his eyes. As for the power inside of him, it continued to build, and he suddenly felt as if his own body were restricting it and making it impossible to release. Without even thinking about it, he opened his mouth.

In that instant, a rumbling sound that resembled his voice exploded out in a roar. As it did, the illusory image of a gigantic stone golem appeared above him, roughly 30 meters tall!

As he roared, he leapt up into the air, his eyes shining with berserk light. The power inside of him had reached the point where he felt that he had to release it, so he clenched his hand into a fist and then unleashed a punch toward one of the other nearby mountains.

Rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth as an enormous force slammed into the mountain peak, causing it to tremble violently and then explode into pieces. The sea of clouds in the area roiled violently, and from a distance, it almost looked like Bai Xiaochun was at the center of a huge vortex.

The power that he had just unleashed was by no means weaker than that of the early Nascent Soul stage, and had been pure fleshly body power. Perhaps it was even correct to say that it was a magic pertaining to the fleshly body!!

It was a secret magic just like his Throat Crushing Grasp, Mountain Shaking Bash, and Undying Hex!

After unleashing the fist strike, Bai Xiaochun felt a tremor pass through him. Then, the illusory image of the stone golem faded away into obscurity. Bai Xiaochun’s face was a bit pale, and yet, his eyes were shining with disbelief and excitement.

“This is totally different from the Undying Live Forever Technique. Although I won’t be able to use it as many times in a row as the Throat Crushing Grasp or the Mountain Shaking Bash, this Living Mountain Incantation is actually the most powerful technique I can unleash. It’s way more domineering than the Throat Crushing Grasp!” After a quick check, he confirmed that using the fist strike seemed to converge all of the different types of power in his body, and that after using it, he was almost completely drained.

Even still, it was worth it to be able to unleash a strike that could shake heaven and earth!

“Hahaha! I finally succeeded. From now on, the Living Mountain Incantation will be one of my trump cards. Hmph! Bai Xiaochun is now invincible to anyone under Core Formation!” Filled with excitement at how awesome he was now, he flew away in high spirits to leave the Ravine of Endless Mountains.

Upon emerging out into the open, he immediately turned to look at Stonemountain on the boulder, hoping to share his success. After all, despite not being able to assess Stonemountain’s cultivation base, he could sense from his aura that he too cultivated the Living Mountain Incantation.

However, he quickly realized that Stonemountain was staring off in the direction of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials.

“Elder Brother Stonemountain,” Bai Xiaochun called out excitedly, “I succeeded!”

“Mhmm.” Stonemountain had a very serious expression on his face as he continued to look in the direction of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials.

Surprised at the reaction, Bai Xiaochun repeated himself. “Elder Brother Stonemountain, I said that I just succeeded with the Living Mountain Incantation!”

Stonemountain didn’t even look over at him, and in fact, seemed to be getting even more somber by the moment. “Oh. Congratulations.”

The fact that he had just succeeded in fully cultivating a powerful trump card, but had no one to share his joy with, was a bit depressing. However, he couldn’t resist the urge to look over at the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials to see what Stonemountain found so interesting.

Almost immediately, he realized that on the blue portion of the rainbow, there was a star that happened to be glittering more brightly than the others, to an eye-catching level. Focusing on the star, he suddenly found that Gongsun Wan’er’s name had popped into his mind.

“Huh?” he said, jaw dropping. He quickly took out a command medallion and spent some merit points to see what was happening inside the trial. To his shock, he saw Gongsun Wan’er in the blue trial, fighting some unknown young man!

His cultivation base was in the great circle of Core Formation, and he was wearing a cyan robe. His face was expressionless, and he was surrounded by countless swirling bolts of lightning. As he fought back and forth with Gongsun Wan’er, he unleashed divine abilities that were definitely beyond his own cultivation level.

Despite that, Gongsun Wan’er unexpectedly waved her finger, causing the young man to shake violently and then explode into pieces.

Bai Xiaochun gasped, and as for all of the other cultivators in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect who were watching the scene, they were completely shaken. After all, the statue in the blue trial by fire was left behind by the most recent previous successful challenger.

In other words, the statue she had just defeated represented a consummate Chosen who occupied 8th place in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars!

Anyone who wanted to get into the blue section of the rainbow would have to fight the statue left behind by the previous victorious challenger. That was the only way to get into the violet portion of the rainbow. In the moment that Gongsun Wan’er attained victory, a statue of her formed right there in the blue trial by fire.

That indicated that anyone who came after her to try to get into the blue trial by fire would have to defeat the statue of Gongsun Wan’er in battle. A moment later, Gongsun Wan’er vanished, to appear within the violet trial by fire!

In that instant, the star which represented her on the outside rose from the blue section of the rainbow all the way to the violet section, becoming the ninth star therein!

Countless cries of shock and surprise filled the air. After all, for many years, the current generation of Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars had only seen eight stars in the violet section of the rainbow. But as of this moment, there were nine!

According to the sect rules, anyone who reached the violet portion of the rainbow would have any request they made of the sect fulfilled, as long as it wasn’t too excessive!

Another thing happened when Gongsun Wan’er entered the violet trial. No one could see her anymore. According to the rules of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trials, it was permissible to observe the first six trials by fire, but as for the final trial, the violet one, only the people who entered the trial itself were allowed to know what happened inside.

Very few people were aware of what the violet trial by fire was like.

It only took a few moments for Gongsun Wan’er to appear back out in the open, and her name remained in the ninth spot. Immediately, rumors began to spread through the sect regarding what that indicated.

Even still, Gongsun Wan’er had risen to prominence by reaching 9th place. It was a spectacular accomplishment that shook the whole sect. Even more shocking, moments later, a Dharmic decree was sent out from the sect leader’s portion of Myriad Star Rainbow.

“Gongsun Wan’er, your request is granted. Henceforth, you are no longer a hostage, but rather, a core disciple of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect!”

Everyone was completely stunned by the announcement, and actually, it was the first time that most people even realized that Gongsun Wan’er had been a hostage. As for Bai Xiaochun, his eyes were wide with shock.

This was his first time realizing how amazing Gongsun Wan’er actually was. However, he also felt a bit irritated. Then he thought back to everything that had ever happened with Gongsun Wan’er, and suddenly, his vigilance rose.

“What’s so amazing about that…?” he muttered as he left the Ravine of Endless Mountains. As he walked along, nobody paid much attention to him at all; they were all talking about Gongsun Wan’er.

More irritated than ever, he returned to Sky Quarter, and found that all of the cultivators there were also talking about Gongsun Wan’er. Depressed, he went back into his immortal's cave and sat down.

Gritting his teeth, he said, “I can do the same thing. I got all the way to the cyan trial last time. It's just that there were too many ghosts! I should figure out a way to suck all of the ghosts into one place and keep them from moving. Then I can just walk past them.” Frowning, he began to think about the matter.

A few days later, he looked up, his eyes bloodshot, but his expression one of excitement.

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