Chapter 453: I’ll Do Whatever You Say, Xiaochun! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

In the same moment that Zhao Tianjiao walked out of his room, Chen Yueshan’s door opened and she slowly walked out, dressed exactly the same as she had been the day before.

Even as she walked out, she subconsciously turned to look at Zhao Tianjiao....

Today, Zhao Tianjiao wasn’t wearing pink. This time, he wore a long white robe and a scholar’s hat, making him look completely different than before.

He seemed refined and learned, a man of erudite knowledge, righteous instead of cold, and even smiling broadly. The smile was a bit stiff, but compared to his usual self, he seemed much warmer.

Most astonishing of all were the deep emotions which swirled in his eyes, emotions that Zhao Tianjiao didn’t need any help from Bai Xiaochun to put on display.

As he stood there outside of the door of his cabin, he looked like the picture of a young scholar preparing to go take the imperial examinations. As soon as Chen Yueshan looked over, she saw him, and their gazes met.

At that point, Chen Yueshan’s jaw dropped, and she gasped. Without even thinking about it, she took a few steps back, and appeared to be on the verge of hurrying away down the corridor. However, the strangeness of the situation caused her to turn and walk back into her cabin, after which the door slammed shut behind her.

Doing his best to control his nervous breathing, Zhao Tianjiao hurried back into his own cabin. He seemed to be a lot less flustered than the day before, though, and was continuously reminding himself to remain calm.

“She doesn’t like playboys and doesn’t like scholars. Xiaochun was right. I really need to try out multiple angles here....”

On the third morning when Chen Yueshan walked out, she couldn’t help but look over in the direction of Zhao Tianjiao’s cabin, whereupon she instantly caught sight of him standing there....

This time, he was wearing a full suit of armor, with a greatsword strapped to his back. The way he bristled with a murderous aura made him seem like a matchless hero, a general ready to charge into the thick of battle.

Yet again, Chen Yueshan was completely taken aback. However, instead of being confused, she was more curious about what was happening, and even thought about asking Zhao Tianjiao what was going on. However, the strangeness of the situation made her a bit embarrassed to do that, and after a moment of hesitation, she went back into her room.

“Keep up the good work, Elder Brother Zhao!” Bai Xiaochun said excitedly via voice transmission. “You’ll succeed in no time. It seems that Elder Sister Yueshan has abandoned any plans to go up to the deck. That indicates that you’ve attracted her attention!”

Zhao Tianjiao was also getting excited, as he could sense that things were already a bit different between him and Chen Yueshan. Feeling more confident in Bai Xiaochun than ever, he hurried to prepare the following morning’s attire.

On the fourth day, Chen Yueshan hesitated in her cabin before finally deciding to go outside at the same time she usually did. This time when she opened the door, it wasn’t with the intention of going to the main deck, but rather, to see what crazy antics Zhao Tianjiao would get up to.

As soon as she emerged, she didn’t even have a chance to look over at his cabin before she realized that the corridor was filled with the dazzling twinkle and glow of pearls and gold. Today, Zhao Tianjiao looked like the epitome of a rich and powerful person.

He was festooned with countless spirit pearls and other treasures, including at least three rings of holding on every finger on both of his hands, for a total of more than thirty. His forearms were also completely filled with bracelets of holding.

He seemed proud and arrogant, as if he were the richest person in all the world. As soon as Chen Yueshan saw him like this, her eyes went wide, and she was convinced that something was wrong with Zhao Tianjiao.

Frowning, she hurried back into her room, her eyes sparkling a bit, and her heart pounding for some unknown reason as she thought back on the events of the past few days.

Crestfallen, Zhao Tianjiao paced back and for in his room. “I'm finished, Xiaochun. Finished! I told you that Junior Sister Yueshan wasn’t so lowbrow. I... I should never have dressed up like that.”

“Calm down,” Bai Xiaochun said sternly. “We want to give Chen Yueshan just enough rope to hang herself with. Only by dressing up in this fashion could you provide the perfect foil for tomorrow, and leave her truly shaken. Don’t worry, I’ve already decided what you’re going to wear. It's time to pull out our trump card!!”

“Trump card?” Shivering, Zhao Tianjiao looked at the copper mirror, his eyes shining brightly.

“That’s right. After the past few days of observation, I, Love Saint Bai Xiaochun, can draw upon my decades of experience to see through all of Elder Sister Yueshan’s defenses!” With that, he laughed loudly. However, inside, his confidence was beginning to waver a bit. So far, the plan had not quite gone as he had expected.

Based on his original assumptions, it should have only taken four days of dressing up to identify what Chen Yueshan liked. However, as of this moment, she was completely unreadable.

“It almost seems like she likes all of them, and at the same time, none of them....” After some more thought, he was convinced that it was time to deal the finishing blow.

The night passed quickly. Zhao Tianjiao was too nervous to do any meditation, and kept pacing around, thumping himself on the chest. When the appointed time came, he rushed out of his cabin under the careful observation of Bai Xiaochun and his Dao protectors.

Outside, he stamped his foot down and then began to remove his clothing.

One piece at a time fell to the ground until he was almost completely unclothed, revealing his strong, muscular body. He even pulled out a vial of medicinal oil that Bai Xiaochun had provided and spread it out on his skin, making him look even more athletic than before, as if he were on the verge of unleashing explosive and shocking power.

He had an almost perfect physique, with tight muscles bulging out everywhere, making him almost like the ultimate representation of manly attractiveness....

This was the trump card that Bai Xiaochun had prepared for Zhao Tianjiao!

Zhao Tianjiao wasn’t quite thinking straight at the moment, otherwise he would never have agreed to do something like this. However, he had already followed the plan up to this point, so there was no going back now. He could only grit his teeth as he placed all of his hopes on Bai Xiaochun’s plan.

He even began to practice a few poses that Bai Xiaochun had taught him.

Chen Yueshan’s door opened, and she cautiously stepped outside, looking slightly scared. Then she looked over in the direction of Zhao Tianjiao’s cabin, and saw him standing there bare-chested, shifting from one pose to another. At that point, her mind began to spin as she was shaken to the core.

After seeing all of Zhao Tianjiao’s strange transformations over the past few days, Chen Yueshan finally couldn’t hold back anymore. Overwhelmed by curiosity, she finally said, “Elder... Elder Brother Zhao, what... what are you doing...?”

To hear her speak was almost too much for Zhao Tianjiao to take. Thankfully, he had been practicing remaining calm, and thus, he stuck to the plan. Maintaining the pose he had just struck, he turned his head and looked deeply into Chen Yueshan’s eyes.

His eyes burned in a way that caused her heart to begin to pound, and suddenly, a flush spread out over her face. Seemingly flustered, she suddenly rushed back into her cabin.

When Zhao Tianjiao saw that, he got so excited he couldn’t control himself anymore.

“I did it, Xiaochun! Hahaha! Did you see that? Not only did she talk to me, but she actually looked me up and down a few times! And she blushed!”

Back in his own cabin, Bai Xiaochun slapped his thigh and exclaimed, “Now that’s more like it! This indicates that Elder Sister Yueshan likes it when you look strong and enticing!”

He couldn’t be more excited that the plan he had designed and executed had finally made some major progress.

Moments later, Zhao Tianjiao was back in his cabin, pacing back and forth in excitement, his eyes shining brightly. “How could I have never noticed that Junior Sister Yueshan liked me when I looked like that? You’re awesome, Xiaochun! Hahaha!”

“Yeah, I know,” Bai Xiaochun said. “Like I said, this was a trump card designed by Love Saint Bai Xiaochun!” Clearing his throat, he continued in a stern tone, “However, it’s too early to get excited. This is only the first step. You’ve got Elder Sister Yueshan’s full attention, but now we need to solidify things. We need to make sure that she gets even more attracted to you than ever, and that your face is burned indelibly into her heart!”

Zhao Tianjiao immediately nodded. Looking very serious, he said, “What do you want me to do?!”

Bai Xiaochun rubbed the bridge of his nose as he sat there in thought. After a long moment, he looked up, and his eyes were shining even more brightly than before.

“Elder Brother Zhao, we can’t delay our next move. We get to work tomorrow....

“It’s been a few days since Elder Sister Yueshan has gone up to the main deck. If she doesn't see you out in the corridor tomorrow, then she’ll probably go outside. Therefore, you need to be there waiting for her, in a place where there are a lot of waves crashing against the side of the ship!

“Remember, you need to wear some really thin clothes! Once Elder Sister Yueshan appears, make sure some of the Heavenspan Sea waves splash on you and soak your clothes. That way, your strong, muscular body will again be completely revealed to Elder Sister Yueshan. That will make her even more attracted to you than ever!” Master God-Diviner, Song Que, and Chen Manyao all stood off to the side, strange expression on their faces as they listened in on the conversation.

After a moment of silence, Zhao Tianjiao said, “I’ll do whatever you say, Xiaochun!”

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