Chapter 455: Elder Sister, Hear Me Out Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Seeing that Bai Xiaochun had already made his choice, Zhao Tianjiao dismissed the others, then turned to look at the two who had been selected.

“This is one of the most important things in my entire life,” he said to them, “and it all depends on you two!”

The two cultivators immediately got nervous, and at the same time, felt ill premonitions about what was to come. They exchanged a quick glance, but knowing that they had no choice in the matter, they both nodded and asked what they were supposed to do.

After Zhao Tianjiao explained everything, the followers’ eyes turned blank with shock. Upon hearing that they were to dress up as villains and then allow Zhao Tianjiao to beat them up, they couldn’t help but grumble inwardly at how Bai Xiaochun nursed his grudges. How could he still be interested in getting revenge over a minor event from so long ago? However, Zhao Tianjiao was obviously very serious about the matter, and they were his followers, so they had no choice but to agree.

Clasping hands, Zhao Tianjiao bowed and said, “Don’t worry. When I attack you, it will look quite fierce, but I won’t hit you very hard. You’ll have plenty of time to just run away.”

The two followers gritted their teeth as they glanced furtively at Bai Xiaochun. By this point, they had both determined to never again do anything to provoke him; it was truly frightening how he never let anything go, and wreaked his revenge in the most complicated ways....

Bai Xiaochun stood off to the side, all smiles. Inwardly, he was snorting coldly; the truth was that he really had nursed that grudge, and when he thought about how one of these cultivators had asked for 1,000,000 merit points to help him, and the other had told him to wait for five years, he couldn’t help but feel angry.

After going over the plan several times, the two followers left miserably. As for Zhao Tianjiao, he was filled with anticipation. According to Bai Xiaochun, they couldn’t delay at all, and would carry out the plan that very night. Upon success, Zhao Tianjiao would have made significant progress in getting closer to Chen Yueshan.

“It will definitely work!” Zhao Tianjiao said to himself as he left to get ready.

As the sky grew dark outside, Zhao Tianjiao set up a whole series of spell formations outside of Chen Yueshan’s cabin, using all the power of his cultivation base to do so.

Considering how he truly loved Chen Yueshan, it didn’t matter that this was all part of an act; he was meticulous in how he set up the spell formations, not holding anything back. He even used some special materials to make the spell formations especially effective against illusory spirit entities.

Before long, it was the dead of night. Master God-Diviner and the other Dao protectors wanted to come along to watch, but having so many people present would attract too much attention, so the only person Zhao Tianjiao brought along to deck 2 was Bai Xiaochun.

“I have to be here,” Bai Xiaochun said quietly. “That’s the only way for me to direct things properly. Tonight is too important to leave things up to chance!” Zhao Tianjiao was fully convinced. Without Bai Xiaochun here, he wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do.

Therefore, he led Bai Xiaochun to a corner with a clear vantage point of the entire corridor, and then used a deva-level magical device to cloak him in invisibility. Finally, he took a deep breath and stood there to wait for the next phase of the plan.

Time passed, and the two of them remained in place, unspeaking. As the moments ticked by, Zhao Tianjiao got more nervous, as did Bai Xiaochun. Of course, Bai Xiaochun was nervous about seeing his meticulously scripted plan come to life.

“The time has come for Love Saint Bai Xiaochun to shine!” he murmured to himself, eyes glittering. They waited in silence for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, after which two shadowy figures suddenly appeared, dressed in voluminous black robes with deep hoods that covered their faces. Faint mist surrounded them, making them seem almost like illusory spirit creatures.

Of course, these were Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers, and considering that their faces were covered, it was impossible to see the bitter looks on them. Gritting their teeth, they headed at full speed toward Chen Yueshan’s cabin.

As they approached, they did as they had been instructed by Bai Xiaochun, and emitted bizarre shrieking noises that echoed out in all directions.

The next part of the plan was for Zhao Tianjiao to leap out with a roar, looking like he would fight to the death rather than allow Chen Yueshan to be hurt.

But then, even as the two followers began to shriek, and Zhao Tianjiao tensed in preparation to take action, his expression turning into one of rage...

There was an unexpected turn of events.

All of a sudden, the door to Chen Yueshan’s cabin was violently kicked open from inside.

Then, Chen Yueshan herself appeared, her eyes flashing with bluish-green light as she transformed into a series of afterimages. Right hand flashing with an incantation gesture, she sent a gale force wind surging out toward one of Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers.

Blood sprayed out of the young man's mouth, and he staggered backward as if he had been struck by a mountain. At the same time, Chen Yueshan snorted coldly and took a step forward to appear in front of the other of the two followers. Clenching her right hand into a fist, she unleashed a powerful and even somewhat manly punch.

Cracking sounds reached Bai Xiaochun’s ears, whose eyes went wide as he watched the two cultivators being beaten backward by the shocking power of Chen Yueshan’s fleshly body, blood spraying out of their mouths.

Gasping, he said, “This... this....”

Zhao Tianjiao was equally struck mute; things were not playing out how Bai Xiaochun had planned, and as of this moment, he had absolutely no idea what he should do.

Chen Yueshan’s eyes were flickering with killing intent; she had a profound cultivation base, and although she had pretended to not pay much attention to Ji Fang’s death, the truth was that from that moment on, she had been extra vigilant. Zhao Tianjiao had been able to get close to her cabin undetected because of his own incredible cultivation base, but as soon as his two followers got close, she noticed them.

Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers were already soaked with blood, and were shedding so many tears of sorrow that they could form a new Heavenspan Sea....

From what the two of them could tell, if the fight went on much longer, they would both be killed. Therefore, even as Chen Yueshan was about to press the attack, the two of them both threw back their hoods to reveal their faces.

“Elder Sister, hear me out....”

“Don’t hit me, Elder Sister....”

Even as the words escaped their lips, they couldn’t help look over at Zhao Tianjiao, who was standing there with his jaw hanging open.

The lamentations shining within the eyes of the followers couldn’t have been more clear. You said it was just an act.... You said it would only be fake blows.... You said we would have plenty of time to run away....

Eyes flashing, Chen Yueshan snorted and looked in Zhao Tianjiao’s direction.

Beads of sweat were running down Zhao Tianjiao’s forehead, and his heart was pounding wildly with alarm. Without even thinking about it, he turned to look at the place where Bai Xiaochun was hiding in the cloak of invisibility. Bai Xiaochun’s heart was also pounding; never could he have imagined that the seemingly soft and gentle Elder Sister Yueshan, who so often had blushed at the sight of Zhao Tianjiao, would be so explosively violent and terrifyingly fierce.

Most nerve-wracking of all was the thought of what would happen if Chen Yueshan found out that he had been directing Zhao Tianjiao in his attempt to seduce her. Would she fly into a rage and vent her explosive temper on him...?

Bracing himself, Zhao Tianjiao said, “Junior Sister, I--”

However, before he could continue with any sort of explanation, a bloodcurdling scream echoed out from deck 3, a scream filled with the utmost terror and indescribable fear. Everyone who heard it was immediately shaken.

Bai Xiaochun’s face fell, Zhao Tianjiao’s pupils constricted, and Chen Yueshan looked similarly serious. Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers gasped.

Before any of them could react, a white, shadowy figure flew up from deck 3 to deck 2.

It was impossible to see clearly, but it had a freezing aura that spread out in all directions, causing ice to build up on everything, and causing everyone’ souls to suddenly feel as if they might turn to ice.

On this very night, the unclean thing... chose to make a comeback!!

As soon as that white shadow appeared, Zhao Tianjiao, being the one with the highest cultivation base among the group, quickly took action. He was not acting in the heroic way that Bai Xiaochun had asked him to, but instead, was immeasurably grim. A murderous aura burst out from him, making him look like a god of death as he strode toward the white shadow.

Rumbling sounds echoed out as Zhao Tianjiao attacked with incredible power. Lightning bolts appeared, each thrumming with incredible power. Such lightning bolts would cause even Nascent Soul cultivators to frown, and as they converged onto Zhao Tianjiao’s person, they emitted heaven-shaking, earth-shattering power.

Before the white shadow could reach Chen Yueshan, Zhao Tianjiao slammed into it, causing a huge boom to echo out!

Bai Xiaochun gasped. He had been aware that Zhao Tianjiao was strong enough to kill Nascent Soul experts, but to see him in action personally was quite a different experience.

“Elder Brother Zhao, I can't believe you’re so strong!!”

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