Chapter 498: Who Else Wants To Die!? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

After exterminating the first giant, Bai Xiaochun spun to face the other two incoming giants. Just when they were about to unleash attacks, Bai Xiaochun grinned viciously and lifted his right hand. Even as the second giant was striking out with his fist, Bai Xiaochun’s hand moved as quickly as lightning to grasp onto his throat.

His hand wasn’t even big enough to wrap around that throat, and yet his hand still contained incredible destructive power. In the blink of an eye, his two fingers clamped down with crushing strength!

Black light spread out, and the giant’s throat and neck were crushed!

It was none other than the Throat Crushing Grasp!

Things weren’t over yet, though. After killing the second giant, Bai Xiaochun’s right foot swept through the air toward the third giant, who was just preparing to slash at him with a serrated greatsword.

However, when Bai Xiaochun’s right foot slammed into the sword, cracking sounds rang out as the sword shattered. Then Bai Xiaochun’s foot contacted the giant’s arm, reducing it to a haze of gore. Even as the giant screamed, black threads spread out to completely seal him!

Apparently, the sealing was an indescribably painful one. Continuing to scream, the giant dropped to his knees, unable to move.

It was none other than the Undying Hex!

“Who else wants to die!?!?” Bai Xiaochun growled. His skin was gold, his hair was flying in the wind, and his murderous aura was as explosive as ever. He looked like some sort of god!

As he glared at the other savage giants in the area, his eyes radiated madness and ferocity, causing the savages to hesitate, their eyes shining with disbelief.

They had just witnessed how powerful he was, even when surrounded by more than a thousand giants. Before, they had assumed he was impressive only because of his defenses, but now they had watched him kill three of their own in a row, even without any defenses to back him up.

Not a single one of them dared to respond to his challenge....

He had killed three giants with precision and ruthlessness. However, it had not been a simple task; they had not been ordinary savages, but rather, had cultivation bases comparable to the great circle of Core Formation. They were actually half a step into the Nascent Soul stage.

So far, Bai Xiaochun’s Undying Live Forever Technique was the key to everything. Because of how it helped him recover quickly, it ensured that his battle prowess remained very potent for a long time.

In fact, although his murderous aura made him seem very threatening at the moment, he was actually taking time to relax and build back some energy.

It was in that moment that a voice rang out from off in the distance. “Here I come!”

Then, the ground began to tremble, and Bai Xiaochun looked up to see a 300-meter-tall giant running in his direction, clad in beast pelts.

The giant’s hair was flying about crazily, and a ferocious expression could be seen on his scar-covered face. He made a very impressive sight, and clearly possessed massive amounts of power. As for the other giants, they rushed to make way for this newcomer, expressions of reverence on their faces.

As the giant got closer and closer, the other giants began to howl excitedly.




Bai Xiaochun’s heart immediately started pounding. It wasn't quite clear what the other giants meant; was ‘king’ this giant’s name? Either way, the simple wave of his hand knocked all of the other giants out of the way.

Almost in the same moment that Bai Xiaochun looked over at him, the giant glared at him with vicious rage and then lifted his food to stomp on him!

“Time to die!!” Both in terms of size and speed, this giant was completely shocking, and fairly radiated intense fleshly body power.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes nearly popped out of his head, and yet he knew that he wouldn’t be able to evade this attack. If he even tried to, he would quickly be surrounded and overwhelmed by the other giants in the area.

“You’ll be the one dying!!” Bai Xiaochun yelled, his anger burning. Instead of trying to avoid the giant’s descending foot, he clenched his hand into a fist and struck out!

From a distance, the two opponents were so mismatched it almost seemed like a joke. The giant was 300 meters tall, whereas Bai Xiaochun was like a tiny ant. And yet, he was relying on his fleshly body power to fight back with a fist strike!


A deafening boom filled the sky, causing the entire battlefield to tremble!

At the same time, a shockwave rolled out in all directions!

When Bai Xiaochun’s fist made contact with the giant's foot, he began to shake. Howling, he poured all of the power he could into the fist strike, causing his skin, his bones, and even his blood to begin to vibrate.

It was almost as if his life force and body itself were about to be destroyed!

“How could I possibly die in this place!?!?” Bai Xiaochun howled. Pulses of boundless power rippled through him, originating from his own flesh and blood as it created a powerful energy to counter-attack.

“Die, die, DIE!!” Bai Xiaochun roared as he punched out again and again. The power of his Undying Skin, Undying Heavenly King, and Undying Tendons all merged together, making a black glow that spread out from his fist to cover the huge giant!

The 300-meter-tall giant began to tremble, and then let out an agonized howl as his right leg collapsed into a mass of blood, ripped flesh and shattered bone. Then, the black light continued to spread out, doing the same thing to the giant’s other leg, his torso, his arms, and finally his head. In the blink of an eye, his entire body was reduced to a mass of gore!!

Blood splashed down like rain in all directions as the giant was destroyed in body and soul, leaving Bai Xiaochun standing there completely alone.

Silence spread out as the surrounding giants stared in shock at what had just occurred. Their minds felt as if they were being struck by countless bolts of lightning.

“King is dead?”

“How could this be happening? King! He was King! The boundlessly powerful King was actually killed by Devil Bai’s fist strike!?”

“How is this possible!? Heavens! Is Devil Bai a warrior of the Holy People, or are we?!?! That fleshly body power, it... it....” All of the savages were shaking in terror of Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun had clearly proven that his power came, not from his defenses, but from his fleshly body. Not even the boundlessly powerful King had been a match for him!

As the rain of blood spattered down onto the surrounding savages, their hearts drained of the desire to do battle. At the same time, that figure standing in the middle of all the falling blood became like a thing of nightmares.

Bai Xiaochun wasn't affected at all by the corrosive rain of blood as he looked around coldly at the rest of the giants in the area.

“Who else wants to die!?”

Not a single giant responded. Instead, they just stood there, panting, their expressions those of terror.

“Who else wants to die!?!?” Bai Xiaochun repeated, his murderous aura raging. Then he took a step forward, only to find that the ashen-faced giants stepped backward in response.

“You want to kill Bai Xiaochun? Well let me ask you. Who else wants to die!?!?!?” The thunderous roar of Bai Xiaochun’s voice spread out across almost half of the battlefield, reaching the ears of many of the other savage giants as they fought with the cultivators of the five legions.

As for the cultivators who heard, they trembled and looked in the direction the voice came from. Some of them had strange expressions on their faces, but most of them gritted their teeth and began to head in his direction.

Before long, more and more of the scattered five legions cultivators began to close in on Bai Xiaochun. They were wounded and bedraggled, and yet none of the giants dared to block their paths. Before long, a group of hundreds had gathered around Bai Xiaochun.

When they saw him, and the mountains of corpses that surrounded him, their hearts were filled with complete and utter shock.

“Our respects, Grandmaster Bai!!”

“Our respects, Grandmaster Bai!!”

As their stunned cries rang out across the battlefield, it became clear that all of these cultivators now viewed Bai Xiaochun as their figurehead.

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