Chapter 500: Battle Prowess That Shocks The Masses! Deathblade's Thoughts

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Within the frigid domain, giants and soul cultivators alike trembled in fear as their cultivation bases were seemingly frozen solid!

Not a single person under Nascent Soul could escape its effects!

Even people in the great circle of Core Formation, or quasi-Nascent Soul experts were by no means exempt! The shocked giants and soul cultivators’ first instinct was to flee.

However, thanks to the frigid qi locking them down, they were incapable of doing so. Bai Xiaochun took a step forward, and with the wave of his hand caused the middle-aged soul cultivator in front of him to explode to bits. The other seven soul cultivators were howling in rage, and yet couldn’t do anything to fight back.

Moments later, booms filled the air as the seven Core Formation soul cultivators exploded to bits, sending frozen chunks of blood and gore out in all directions.

“This is my world!” Bai Xiaochun said, his eyes shining with fierce light as he waved his finger down at the ground, causing the frigid qi to surge out again!

This time, it didn’t spread out for thousands of meters, but rather, for 30,000!!

The 30,000-meter frigid domain was a tool of the Frigid Master!

Within that area, everything was frozen solid and couldn’t stand up to Bai Xiaochun any more than dried twigs and limp weeds. Each and every attack he unleashed cut down another Core Formation soul cultivator, one after another!

Everything was happening too quickly; nothing could prevent the slaughter from being carried out!

A savage giant shivered, and then his head exploded, sending frozen chunks of flesh out in all directions. Bai Xiaochun burst through him, hand flashing in an incantation gesture that caused a dozen nearby soul cultivators to explode to bits!

However, there were so many savages and soul cultivators that even with the help of his Frigid Master powers, Bai Xiaochun couldn’t wipe them all out in a short period of time. As the moments ticked by, the terrified and despairing soul cultivators looked around with flickering eyes, hoping to find some way of extricating themselves. Soon, some of them began to twitch and move.

When Bai Xiaochun saw that, he snorted coldly, performed a double-handed incantation gesture, and then stretched his arms out wide.

“Domain projections!”

Instantly, what appeared to be a dozen human-sized mirrors appeared in the area, from within which stepped a dozen shadowy figures. Shockingly, all of those figures looked exactly like Bai Xiaochun!

These clone-like entities were frigid domain clones who immediately began to slaughter the enemies around them.

Giant after giant, soul cultivator after soul cultivator, one by one they were destroyed in body and soul. Even those who were regaining their ability to move couldn't do so quickly enough, and died screaming.

Booms rose up as the entire frigid domain became like a terrifying hell!

Unfortunately, to use divine abilities and magical techniques in this way would quickly drain one’s cultivation base. Were Bai Xiaochun back in the lands of Heavenspan, it would have been easier to use and easier to recover from. But he was in the Wildlands, where there was no spiritual energy of heaven and earth. Whatever spiritual power he lost was lost for good, and therefore, he was being drained of energy at a rapid pace.

As such, Bai Xiaochun could only keep up the current action for the space of a dozen breaths of time or so. After that, his right hand flashed with an incantation gesture, and the freezing domain around him began to melt and fade away.

As that happened, screams began to ring out; some of the soul cultivators and savage giants had been smashed to pieces, but because they were frozen in place, hadn’t been immediately killed.

But now, blood and gore filled the 30,000-meter area, and the ground was littered with the corpses of hundreds of giants and roughly seventy or eighty soul cultivators!

The other soul cultivators and giants who hadn’t entered the freezing area earlier were now left gasping in horror and disbelief at Bai Xiaochun.

“H-how... how is this possible?!?!”

“How could he be so strong? He’s not a Core Formation cultivator; that was obviously the power of the Nascent Soul stage!!”

“He slaughtered those Core Formation experts as easily as if he were stomping on ants!!”

Not only were the giants and soul cultivators shocked, but the cultivators of the five legions who had remained within the freezing area but weren’t affected by the coldness were also dumbfounded.

As they looked around, panting, their eyes began to shine with passion, and for many, worship!

In an era where the law of the jungle prevailed, powerful experts always gained respect. That was even more true in the cultivation world than the mortal world. As of this moment, the way that Bai Xiaochun had dominated the battlefield ensured that a deep impression would be left on the hearts of all present!

“Come with me,” Bai Xiaochun said loudly. “We're going back to the Great Wall!” Bai Xiaochun’s breath was coming in ragged gasps, and exhaustion gripped him tight. He had already drained much of his cultivation base. However, he still threw his head back and roared as he led the cultivators of the five legions charging across the battlefield once again.

The way the cultivators clustered around him protectively caused him to sigh in relief; despite the carnage he had just unleashed, he was jumpier than ever. Only he could truly be aware of how nervous he was at the moment.

However, he didn’t think it was appropriate to let anyone know how afraid he was, which was a skill he had long since mastered. As he sped along, he pulled out a bottle of spirit alcohol and guzzled it down, sparing some to give to a few of the surrounding cultivators.

At the same time, he surreptitiously pulled out a Godly Vestige Pill and tucked it into his palm in case he needed it later.

His Godly Vestige Pills were his trump cards. One such pill could completely heal any injuries in the blink of an eye. Although it wouldn’t restore his spiritual power, he did have plenty more spirit alcohol in his bag of holding.

Everyone in the group around him was getting excited as they charged viciously toward the shield. At the moment, the savages and soul cultivators were powerless to stop them, and by now, they were only about 3,000 meters away from the shield. However, there were also hundreds of soul cultivators speeding in their direction.

Further off in the distance were numerous tribal chiefs who radiated shocking auras. Clearly, they had the battle prowess of the Nascent Soul stage, and yet, under the command of Chen Hetian, the enormous eye within Great Wall City continued to send destructive beams of light out to prevent them from getting closer!

Unfortunately, there were too many Core Formation soul cultivators for the enormous eye to do anything about them. As they closed in, they unleashed wave after wave of soul power which forced the giants to join their attack.

The giants’ eyes would turn blank, and then they would howl as they lurched forward and self-detonated as soon as they got close enough!

From the look of things, the giants and soul cultivators were going to throw everything at their disposal toward Bai Xiaochun to prevent him from escaping!

The power of the detonations rippled out, and corrosive blood splashed everywhere. Many of the group of thousands of cultivators were injured, and tumbled backward as a result. At the moment, it seemed like the troop formation they had created would fall apart at any moment.

Anxiety mounting, Bai Xiaochun guzzled down another mouthful of spirit alcohol, then burst into motion, unleashing more frigid qi.

However, as the frigid qi spread out, the soul cultivators’ eyes flickered, and all of them quickly responded by sending out clouds of black mist. Within those mists were soul shadows that screamed through the air toward Bai Xiaochun, fighting back against the frigid qi and simultaneously providing the soul cultivators with a measure of protection.

Theoretically speaking, all Bai Xiaochun had to do was unleash slightly stronger frigid qi, or keep the current frigid qi roiling out for a bit longer. If he did, then his opponents wouldn’t be able to do anything against him, at least not for the following ten breaths of time.

After all, the soul cultivators from earlier had been powerless to resist, and the current batch were only just able to fight back on a small scale!

However, Bai Xiaochun could do neither of those things. Not even relying on spirit alcohol could negate the fact that there was no spiritual energy in the Wildlands.

There was only one thing that Bai Xiaochun could do, and that was rely on his veins of steel to go all out to fight the soul cultivators, even if he got injured in the process!

And that was exactly what he did. He quickly closed in on the nearest soul cultivator, ignoring the divine ability being unleashed against him. Grabbing his opponent's arm, he unleashed the Mountain Shaking Bash, crushing him to pieces!

Things weren’t over yet, of course. He took another step forward, placing him right in front of a soul cultivator who had just summoned a pitch-black soul sword. Allowing the sword to bite into his shoulder, he grabbed the man’s neck with his left hand, then crushed his fingers down viciously.

Without pausing for a moment, he continued forward, using Violet Qi Cauldron Summoning as well as a host of wind blades to destroy everything in his path!

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