Chapter 502: How Is This Possible!? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Below the tribal chief was the Waterswamp Kingdom. He was surrounded by frigid qi, and was looking up at Bai Xiaochun’s living mountain power. The combination of all of those factors created a deadly gambit that was Bai Xiaochun’s last hope for survival. These were his most powerful trump cards!

Early on, he had assumed that he would face a moment of ultimate danger such as this, and as such, he had been holding back a bit of fleshly body power, and even some of his spiritual power, all for a moment like this!

Furthermore, because of his Godly Vestige Pills, he was much more confident of being able to survive. Therefore, he also knew that he had to go all out!

Although he feared death, in a moment like this when the flame of his life force could be snuffed out at any moment, such fear was useless. If he wanted to keep himself from dying, he had to risk his life!!

Throw caution to the wind!

That was his line of thinking. As he descended, the maddened tribal chief also drew upon every ounce of power he could to fight back against this unprecedentedly deadly crisis. The most unbelievable aspect to the entire situation was that he was a Nascent Soul expert. Although he was only in the early Nascent Soul stage, that still counted as Nascent Soul!

And it didn’t matter how strong Bai Xiaochun was, the chief could sense that he was only in the late Core Formation stage, not even the great circle!

Despite that, despite the fact that this was a late Core Formation cultivator, he imparted such a sensation of imminent danger that the chief couldn’t help but feel both humiliated and terrified.

However, there was no time for thought or planning, nor any time for discussion. The tribal chief’s cultivation base power erupted out, bolstering his fleshly body to the point where he looked like a heavenly king!

The savage giants were different from soul cultivators in that they focused mostly on fleshly body cultivation. Although this tribal chief had some magical techniques at his disposal, the true foundation of his power was fleshly body strength.

“Wanna kill me?!?!” the chief roared, throwing both his hands above him to smash into the Living Mountain Incantation.

“None other!” Bai Xiaochun roared back, unleashing everything that his Living Mountain Incantation, Waterswamp Kingdom, and Frigid Master powers were capable of.


Wind blasted out in all directions, and brightly colored light flashed in heaven and earth. The entire battlefield trembled, and cultivators from both sides of the conflict all simultaneously stared in the same direction to see what would happen.

The eyes of the other tribal chiefs were glued to the scene, and at the same time, their minds were battered with waves of shock. Even the necromancers and the top experts from the five legions were all looking over at Bai Xiaochun!

He was the complete and utter center of attention!

As everyone looked on, a heaven-rending, earth-crushing boom ripped through the air. Then, a moment later, the Frigid Master aura began to fade, and the Waterswamp Kingdom spikes began to vanish.

Up above in the air, Bai Xiaochun was trembling and coughing up blood as he tumbled backward. Cracking sounds rang out as his living mountain form cracked and crumbled. Soon, his true form was revealed, and after coughing up another mouthful of blood, he popped another Godly Vestige Pill into his mouth!

When he looked up, he didn’t even take the time to see the outcome of his attack, but instead, bolted toward the shield.

At the same time, the fading effects of the Living Mountain Incantation, Waterswamp Kingdom, and Frigid Master aura slowly revealed the Nascent Soul tribal chief.

At first, he stood there completely unmoving, but then a breeze swept passed, and he trembled. Then the chief slowly crumbled and transformed into ash, starting from his feet and head, and slowly spreading to the rest of his body!

He had been completely destroyed, from his physical form down to his soul!!

In the moment of his death, his eyes continued to shine with terror and defiance. And yet, nothing could stop him from fading away into the wind....

The battlefield went silent for a long moment before panting sounds began to rise up, and then a huge commotion.


“Heavens! A late Core Formation cultivator just killed a Nascent Soul expert!!”

“This... this.... He wasn’t an ordinary Nascent Soul expert either, he was a tribal chief from one of the Wildlands tribes! His fleshly body power must have been shocking!!”

“This Devil Bai.... Dammit, not only did he come out alive, but he actually ended his opponent! What brilliance!!”

Even as the exclamations of astonishment rang out, the more than 10,000 cultivators in the area began to cry out in joy and cluster around Bai Xiaochun as they all shot toward the shield.

The other giants and soul cultivators in the area were completely shaken. As Bai Xiaochun barreled toward them, their faces turned ashen with fear, and they scattered, not daring to provide even the slightest bit of resistance!

Bai Xiaochun had put far too many giants and soul cultivators to death. He had even killed one of the tribal chiefs. How could any of them even think of trying to stand in his way!?

The enormous eye began to send beams of light out with even more rapidity, making it impossible for any other tribal chief to get closer. Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun’s own battalion was also speeding in his direction. They had been trying to reach him the entire time, intent on joining and guarding him.

After all, Bai Xiaochun had always treated them well, plus, his current achievements in battle ensured that he would almost certainly be promoted in the army. How could they possibly be anything but awe-inspired?

As for the spell formation shield, it continued to bulge out toward him, to the point where all of the savages and soul cultivators, and even the tribal chiefs could see... that he would be within that shield in moments!

In the moment he did, a tremor ran through him, and all of the valor and bravery from moments before vanished, to be replaced by lingering fear. His face was ashen, and he was panting as he turned back to look at the countless savages gnashing their teeth beyond the shield.

“You just wait for Lord Bai to come back and show you a thing or two!”

Inside of the shield, Bai Lin and the other top experts were still fighting the necromancer souls. Unsightly expressions could be seen on the faces of the necromancers, many of whom had received grievous injuries. As soon as Bai Xiaochun made it back inside the shield, the necromancer souls exchanged glances and made as if to charge in his direction.

And yet, how could Bai Lin and the other top experts let that happen? Without the slightest hesitation, all of the major generals, as well as other Nascent Soul experts from the five legions, leapt forward to fight them. Moments later, the necromancer souls scattered, not in an attempt to get at Bai Xiaochun, but to flee back outside of the shield.

They all headed in different directions, and although some of them were close enough to Bai Xiaochun that they might have been able to send a casual attack in his direction, considering how many cultivators surrounded him, and considering how he had fought the tribal chief, they were so frightened that they just left.

Bai Xiaochun maintained full vigilance as all of this happened. Soon, the necromancers were gone, and he finally breathed a sigh of relief. Surrounded by all the cultivators he had led off of the battlefield, he began to speed back toward the Great Wall.

When he finally reached the wall itself, he finally seemed to run out of energy. Heart pounding, he thought back to everything which had occurred during the fight, and was left with the sensation that he had barely escaped with his life.


Eventually, as evening gave way to night, Chen Hetian and the red-garbed young woman finally stopped fighting. The day of battle had finally come to an end, and the only thing left behind on the battlefield were mounds of corpses.

The Wildlands had suffered grievous casualties, and yet, so had the five legions. After a night of rest, the fighting resumed in the morning, just as fierce as before.

Three months passed, during which time the fighting raged. At the same time, the savage giants’ army continued to receive reinforcements, and it was the same with the five legions. Cultivators from World City were continually being sent to bolster the forces at the Great Wall, and ensure that their overall strength didn’t lessen.

During the three months, one name after another rose to prominence within the five legions, all thanks to the battle credit they had accumulated. Of course, Bai Xiaochun was the most spectacular of them all.

Although he never went back to the front lines during the three months which had passed, his bravery and veins of steel during the initial battle caused the more than 10,000 cultivators who he had led to safety to view him with reverence and awe.

Furthermore, his battle credit continued to rise, although no one in the five legions could determine the exact extent of it!

Meanwhile, a similar situation occurred among the Wildlands forces. Because of the fierce fighting, one powerful expert after another rose to fame, the vast majority of them being... necromancers!

A month before, as the battles seemed to be winding down, the necromancers seemed to abandon the tactic of using souls as their weapons, and instead began to fight personally on the battlefield. When they did, the attacks they unleashed shocked everyone present.

That was because the magical items they wielded, despite not being at the level of precious treasures, were all decorated with a minimum of seven spirit enhancement designs!

There were even some of them that had received tenfold spirit enhancements!!

Most shocking of all were three particular necromancers who were in the late Nascent Soul stage. Their magical items unleashed shocking power that not only enabled them to easily kill other Nascent Soul cultivators, but also allowed them to challenge quasi-Deva Realm experts like Bai Lin.

Each of those three Necromancers wielded magical items with thirteen silver designs on them. Shockingly, they were magical items with thirteenfold spirit enhancements!

Many of the cultivators from the legions were shocked by this, especially Bai Xiaochun. In fact, it was so unbelievable to him that he personally went up to the wall to see for himself.

“How is this possible?!?!”

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