Chapter 519: Huge Soul?! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The natural restrictive spells in the area seemed complex, but were actually quite simple. The layout of the overlapping mountains in the area would shift depending on the time of day.

The way the mountains were organized affected the method of entry. Back when Bai Xiaochun had first come to the area, there hadn’t been any such restrictive spells active. However, upon leaving, it had been when the break of dawn was approaching.

Therefore, the route he remembered could only be retraced at that same time.

In fact, even at that exact same time, it also required additional effort to find the path. Thankfully, Bai Xiaochun had his Heavenspan Dharma Eye, and was thus able to find the path.

Upon realizing these facts, he quickly left the mountains and then flew back in.

This time, he quickly found a path leading into the depths of the mountains. After about two hours passed, he found the pit!

Suppressing his excitement, he refrained from immediately jumping inside, and instead surveyed the area. For one thing, he checked the spell formation he had set up earlier to see if anyone else had come by.

After discovering that the spell formation was unaltered, he breathed a sigh of relief. Then he flew into the pit and descended into the necropolis.

Upon entering the necropolis, Bai Xiaochun was thrilled to find that the number of souls had returned to the amount from before. There were clearly more than 100,000,000, which was the original amount before he collected the majority of them.

“Could it be that the souls here are literally without end?!” Overjoyed, he began to toss out Soul Convergence Pills.

“100,000 battle credits!”

“1,000,000 battle credits!”

“Hahaha! 10,000,000 battle credits!” Bai Xiaochun was bubbling with happiness. The only thing he regretted was that he didn’t have more Soul Convergence Pills. This time, he spent a total of two days before he ran through all 5,000 of them. The only reason he took so long was that he tried to make sure that each pill was used in the most effective manner. As such, he continued to proceed further and further into the necropolis.

Two days later, he emerged from the pit with 50,000,000 vengeful souls in his possession. After waiting until the break of dawn was nearing, he followed the same path to the outside and then left for the Great Wall.

He proceeded with extreme nervousness, feeling like he was holding an incredibly valuable treasure, and that someone might try to rob him at any moment. If some accident occurred, and his trip back to the Great Wall was interrupted, then his dream of becoming a major general might be dashed to pieces.

Thankfully, his mask was very powerful, and made him look just like a soul cultivator. Coupled with the caution he showed, it ensured that he didn’t run into any problems. When he finally reached the battlefield outside the Great Wall, he used his Undying Hex ability to get back into the city.

“Now I have more than 70,000,000 vengeful souls. If I convert them all to battle credit, it will be a huge amount. Sadly, I still have to get a lot more before I can get that major general promotion. I have to keep working hard!” Feeling excited, but also worried that something unexpected might occur in the pit, he recruited all of his subordinates to go out and borrow as many Soul Convergence Pills from other members of the five legions as possible.

After all, most of the Soul Convergence Pills that he had concocted since arriving at the Great Wall had been distributed among the five legions.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun didn't remain idle while his subordinates went to borrow Soul Convergence Pills. He went to many of the commissaries in the city that specialized in spell formations, and bought as many pre-packaged formations as he could get his hands on.

After all, he wasn’t sure how many Soul Convergence Pills his subordinates would be able to get, and wanted to be fully prepared on his next trip to the pit.

A few days later, he was delighted to find that his subordinates had managed to get their hands on over 90,000 Soul Convergence Pills.

“So many! This time I should definitely be able to succeed in getting that promotion to major general! With these 90,000 Soul Convergence Pills, plus all the souls I’ve already collected, I should be able to get a total of 1,000,000,000 vengeful souls!” With that, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Then, later that night, he slipped out of the city once again.

Being so familiar with the route, he proceeded along casually, entering the mountains right before the break of dawn. He encountered no problems along the way, and was soon at the pit. There, he put all of the spell formations in place, and then flew on down.

After looking around at all the vengeful souls, Bai Xiaochun was ecstatic to discover that, yet again, they had been replenished to the 100,000,000 level.

“This time, I'm definitely going to get that promotion to major general!” Feeling enormously proud of his imminent success, he headed into the necropolis, tossing out Soul Convergence Pills left and right.

The cracking sound of medicinal pills shattering filled the air. With every pill that shattered, 10,000 vengeful souls would be gathered into a soul sphere. Considering the vast amount of Soul Convergence Pills he had at his disposal, it only took him three days to actually clear out the entire necropolis!

Then, after an incense stick’s worth of time passed, streams of mist began to flow up from the ground, which were filled with countless vengeful souls! The roaring souls began to fly to and fro inside of the necropolis as they searched for Bai Xiaochun, and yet, couldn’t find him.

Bai Xiaochun chuckled darkly as he waited for a bit until the souls had been restored to the 100,000,000 level, then once again began to collect them.

“They’re mine!

“All mine!

“Hahaha! I'm going to be a major general!” What made him even more proud was that he was developing some techniques to collect the souls even more quickly than before. This time, it only took him two days to clear out the entire necropolis.

Then, before long, a third wave of souls appeared....

It was in this fashion that seven days sped by. At that point, he started to run low on Soul Convergence Pills; he only had a few thousand left.

Of course, he wouldn't leave until he was completely out. However, it was at this point that something unique happened; for some unknown reason, after clearing out the necropolis and waiting for the time it takes an incense stick to burn, no new souls appeared.

“Hmm. Aren’t there any more?” Curious, he flew here and there in the necropolis for about an hour, and yet no souls could be seen. Stunned, he murmured, “I guess there really aren’t any more.” 

He could only shake his head and sigh ruefully at the fact that he still had some Soul Convergence Pills left, but no vengeful souls to collect. Unfortunately, he was very close to having 1,000,000,000 vengeful souls, which was how many he needed to become a major general.

“And here I thought I had found a never-ending supply of battle credit. Who could have thought this place would run out so quickly?” Feeling less than pleased, he waited around for a bit longer to confirm that no more souls were forthcoming. Finally, he began to fly toward the exit.

However, just when he was about to fly out into the open, everything around him began to tremble, and then, a huge rift opened up in the ground of the necropolis.

In fact, not only was there a rift, but there were numerous crashing sounds like thunder. Apparently, the necropolis was collapsing! Even the shocking crocodile skeleton was beginning to sink down into the earth!

This development caused Bai Xiaochun’s face to flicker, and then transform into an expression of delight.

“Don’t tell me there’s another level down below?!” However, as he looked down, all he saw was a thick, seemingly endless stream of black mist pulsing out from below.

Within that mist, it was just possible to see a gigantic ghost hand stretching out as if to grab Bai Xiaochun, accompanied by a roar of rage.

The sight of the gigantic ghost hand caused Bai Xiaochun’s face to fall, and filled his heart with an intense sensation of deadly crisis. Every bit of his flesh and blood began to scream at him that he was descending into incredible danger!

“It can see me?

“I'm finished! I must have provoked some gigantic soul that wants to destroy me!” Screaming and shivering, he hurled out several thousand Soul Convergence Pills, which detonated shortly after, creating a massive gravitational force that caused the ghost hand to distort and slow down. At the same time, Bai Xiaochun began to flee for his life.

Even as he shot out of the pit, another roar of rage could be heard from behind him, and the enormous ghost hand once again reached out to grab him.

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