Chapter 522: The True Spirit Protects Its Food Deathblade's Thoughts

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The sight of 1,000 soul spheres flying out into the open caused jaws to drop everywhere. Ji Feng was so shocked that he wasn’t even sure he could believe what he was seeing. Everything was deathly quiet in the area surrounding the pagoda.

As for the cultivators who were currently in the middle of flying over to the pagoda, when they got close and saw 1,000 soul spheres, their eyes went wide.

“One... one thousand?”

“Heavens! Don’t tell me he actually has 10,000,000 vengeful souls? How is that even possible?!?!”

“There’s no way that each of those soul spheres has 10,000 vengeful souls in it. Is there?”

Everyone was reeling in shock, and Ji Feng was struggling with an intense feeling of unease. Although it was impossible to tell exactly how many souls were inside each of the 1,000 soul spheres, he couldn’t help but get very nervous. Just when he was about to open his mouth to say something, though, Bai Xiaochun, who apparently didn’t feel he had dominated the situation enough, licked his lips and said, “Using 1,000 soul spheres to crush your 2,000,000 souls is a bit boring. Check this out!” 

Every time he encountered a situation like this to totally show off, he got very excited. Clearing his throat loudly, he waved his hand in a circle, causing another 1,000 soul spheres to fly out. However, things weren’t over yet....

Another 1,000 appeared. Then another. And another.

In the blink of an eye, a total of 10,000 soul spheres were floating around!

Everyone present felt their minds reeling as they gasped in astonishment. As they stared, they mentally calculated how many souls that could represent, and were filled with even more incredulity than before. In fact, many of them couldn’t even believe that their own calculations were correct.

“No way....”

“10,000? Okay... theoretically it’s possible. Maybe each of the soul spheres only has a few souls in it...?” Even as everyone waited in nervous uncertainty, Ji Feng lost his ability to keep his mouth shut.

“You think you can pull a fast one, Bai Xiaochun?” he said loudly. “I refuse to believe that you have 10,000 souls sealed inside each of those soul spheres. What a joke! 10,000 soul spheres with 10,000 souls each? Do you really think that someone like you can collect more than 100,000,000 souls?” Considering how bloodshot Ji Feng’s eyes were, it was clear that he definitely didn’t believe Bai Xiaochun had 100,000,000 souls.

After all, a group of souls that large would only be seen in large-scale battles. Furthermore, if they were all released at once, they would most certainly blot out the sky and cause the lands to quake violently.

“Don’t believe it? Well why don’t you just take a look?!” Lifting his chin slightly, Bai Xiaochun performed an incantation gesture with his right hand and then waved his finger at the soul spheres.



10,000 soul spheres exploded, and in the blink of an eye, souls immediately began to spill out, filling the entire 30,000-meter area, and then rapidly expanding to fill a 300,000-meter area!

And yet, things weren’t over yet! Within a single breath of time, that area stretched to 3,000,000 meters!!

Of course, Bai Xiaochun was doing that on purpose. If he had wished, he could have prevented such a dramatic display. But right now, the entire 3,000,000-meter area around him was filled with vengeful souls. That area far surpassed the limits of Great Wall City, and ensured that the entire city was now cast into darkness. Heaven shook and the earth quaked, causing countless cultivators of the five legions in the city to look up in shock.

“Are the Wildlands attacking?”

“Did the spell formation get destroyed?!?!”

“What’s... what’s happening?!?!” As countless exclamations of shock rose up, the cultivators near the pagoda were trembling mutely, as if their minds had been reduced to complete blanks....

Even the generals of the five legions were shaken. Bai Lin flew out into the open and looked up in astonishment at the sky, as did the other generals.

“How... how many souls is that!?!?”

Numerous beams of light were flying through the air toward the pagoda as almost all of the cultivators of the five legions struggled with each other to be able to witness what was happening.

The commotion caused Chen Hetian to emerge from the pagoda, whereupon he looked around in disbelief. At that point, the huge eye atop the pagoda began to shine with unprecedentedly bright light, a light that seemed excited. It was almost as if the eye itself possessed a spirit, and that spirit were jubilant.

A gravitational force sprang out, causing winds to scream as a vortex formed. Soon, the shocking sea of souls began to slowly shrink down as it was absorbed, the process of which took a full hour.

As the light bathed Bai Xiaochun, he felt satisfied to an indescribable degree. And of course, his battle credit skyrocketed.

As the sea of souls faded away, Bai Xiaochun hovered there in midair, his chin stuck up, his expression tranquil, but his heart leaping with excitement. In fact, he had to repeatedly remind himself that in this moment, he needed to keep his cool.

The cultivators in the area were stupefied, and were looking at Bai Xiaochun both as if he were a god, and also as if he were some sort of freak of nature!!

Ji Feng was trembling as violently, as if Bai Xiaochun had struck him physically. His entire world suddenly seemed to have been turned upside down, his mind rendered a complete blank. Clearly, this was an event which he would never be able to forget for the rest of his life.

People began to look over at Ji Feng with expressions of sympathy. The blow which had just been delivered to him was a vicious one; his opponent had used 100,000,000 souls to crush his paltry 2,000,000....

Even Bai Lin and the other generals were looking at him with sympathy, as was three-eyed Chen Hetian. In that moment of extreme pride, Bai Xiaochun cleared his throat loudly and said, “Everybody back up a bit. The next set is even larger....”

Before anyone could react, the huge eye atop the pagoda sent out blinding beams of light that almost seemed to be pandering to Bai Xiaochun as they created incredible pressure that pushed all of the surrounding cultivators away!

Not even Bai Lin and the other generals were exempt. Soon, the only person standing nearby was Chen Hetian, who was staring with wide-eyed shock at what was happening. He had never seen the true spirit inside of the eye do anything remotely like this. It was almost as if it were following orders from Bai Xiaochun.

Beads of sweat popped out on his forehead as he muttered, “This... this....”

That was when Bai Xiaochun slapped his bag of holding, causing numerous soul spheres to pour out of it. 1,000. 3,000. 5,000....

In the blink of an eye, another 10,000 soul spheres had appeared!

Even as gasps began to ring out, more soul spheres flew out. 15,000. 20,000... 30,000... 40,000....

Every single cultivator in the entire city was shaken to the ultimate degree. Finally, when the number of soul spheres reached 60,000, the people erupted into a thunderous hubbub.


“Did this Bai Xiaochun tap into the Underworld River or something!?!?”

“So many souls.... Heavens! Are... are they really souls?!?!”

“Unheard-of. This is completely unheard-of!!”

Bai Lin and the other generals were dumbstruck, and Chen Hetian was completely flabbergasted, and incapable of even reacting.

However, most elated of all was the huge eye. It seemed openly excited, as though it were trembling in joy.

Soon, more than 80,000 soul spheres were visible, and the excitement of the huge eye began to affect the Great Wall’s spell formation. The spell formation shield was rippling and distorting, the sight of which cast shock into the hearts of the onlookers.

Outside in the Wildlands, people could see the distortions on the spell formation shield, and although they weren’t sure what was happening, they could tell that something momentous was occurring. Curious, Mistress Red-Dust finally sent some divine sense out toward the Great Wall to see what was going on.

It was at that point that 90,000 soul spheres were out in the open. Then the huge eye emitted a scream of frenzied delight that caused everything in heaven and earth to tremble!

The sound of it caused Mistress Red-Dust’s divine sense to instantly shatter. Back in her tent in the Wildlands, her eyes snapped open, and she coughed up a massive mouthful of blood.

“Impossible!” she exclaimed. “I can understand why the true spirit in that eye is willing to protect the Great Wall, considering it made an agreement with the Celestial. But why would it go so far as to use True Spirit Resonance to wound me and force me away?!?!?!”

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