Chapter 533: Something Big Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The entire state of the battle had changed. A boundless soul tide swept out, shoving the Wildlands savages backward, causing agonized screams and intense rumbling sounds to fill heaven and earth.

Blood soaked the ground red, and the sky darkened. In the moment before death, countless gazes came to rest on Bai Xiaochun, gazes of hatred and madness that caused Bai Xiaochun’s own expression to rapidly become unsightlier than ever.

He truly felt as if he had been wronged. To him, it made sense that people would hate him for his Soul Convergence Pills or his exploding pill furnaces. But what was happening now had nothing to do with him. In fact, there wasn’t even any evidence that the battle credit in his identity medallion was increasing.

“No battle credit, and on top of that, I'm the scapegoat? Something seems weird!” The more terrified he got about the situation, the more it felt like he had somehow been scammed.

However, even as he stewed in his anxiety, and the Wildlands seemed to be on the verge of being completely crushed, the three distant vortexes began to shine brightly and emit thunderous rumbling sounds.

Next, an enormous, pitch-black 3,000-meter tall hand with nine fingers stretched out of the leftmost vortex. The hand quickly grabbed one of the nearby savage giants, and then threw it toward the five legions as if it were as light as a baby chicken.

The screaming giant turned into a beam of light that shot toward the five legions, where it then exploded, creating a powerful attack. A moment later, the huge hand grabbed another savage giant and threw it across the battlefield in similar fashion.

Things weren’t over yet, though. Another huge, pitch-black, nine-fingered hand emerged from the rightmost vortex. After that, an enormous head stuck out from within the centermost vortex.

The head had no eyes on its face, but had a long, black horn protruding from its forehead, as well as a blood-red mouth. Apparently, it was some sort of evil ghost!

Moments later, the ghost let out a roar that caused heaven to shake and the earth to tremble!


A sound wave rolled out that crushed everything in its path, suppressing all other sounds until it was the only thing audible on the battlefield. As the sound wave passed along, it prevented the savage giants from retreating, and blasted the five legions back like a gale-force wind.

From a distance, the three vortexes almost looked like windows leading into another world, from within which an enormous giant had stuck its head and hands.

Even more noteworthy was that the roar of the ghost instantly pushed an indentation into the advancing tide of souls!

Bai Lin, the generals, and Chen Hetian were all shocked. This development alone wouldn’t be enough for the Wildlands to take back the initiative in the battle, but considering that they were the ones waging this war, it was obvious that they had come prepared.

Although the unexpected appearance of the soul tide had been devastating, they obviously had other trump cards to call upon. This became apparent when, with no warning whatsoever, hundreds more of the window-like vortexes appeared in other locations on the battlefield.

More arms and heads stretched out, along with roaring sounds that caused the savage giants’ eyes to gleam with madness, as though their hearts were being touched. Instead of retreating, the all began to roar at the tops of their lungs and then charge toward the five legions, seemingly in complete disregard to their own safety.

A grim expression could be seen on Bai Xiaochun’s face. Clearly, the Wildlands had come very prepared for this battle, and that idea left him feeling profoundly uneasy. There was no time to ponder the matter now, however, so Bai Xiaochun simply extended his right hand and cried, “3rd Corps, take control of the Great Wall’s magical cannons. Blast those evil ghosts to bits!” 

The cultivators of the five regiments quickly fanned out to follow his orders.

As of this moment, the battlefield situation was more unstable than ever!

Booms rang out, and enraged roars filled the air along with agonized shrieks. The spell formation shield rippled as both sides fought back and forth.

Although the forces of the Great Wall were clearly outnumbered by the Wildlands, with the vengeful souls and the spell formation shield, they actually had the advantage, although they had to pay a heavy price to keep the upper hand in battle.

The Wildlands savages were going crazy, and their strategy of self-detonation was almost impossible for the Great Wall forces to deal with.

The battlefield was like a huge meat grinder, oozing blood every moment as countless combatants died.

How bitter!

Evening had already fallen. Chen Hetian and Mistress Red-Dust were still engaged in such a spectacular battle that neither of them could spare any attention for the battlefield.

As for Bai Xiaochun’s corps, half of them were down on the battlefield, and half of them were on the wall itself. However, all of them were fighting passionately. As for Bai Xiaochun, he was trembling, but as he saw the blasts of the magical cannons shooting out onto the battlefield, he knew that the time had come for him to actually take part in the fighting.

However, even as his eyes began to glow red, and he leapt off of the wall with a large group of cultivators, the land down below began to quake.

At the same time, deafening rumbling sounds filled the air, and a mighty wind kicked up. Mountains crumbled and trees were felled as sounds ripped across the lands that vastly surpassed the soundwaves the evil ghosts had unleashed.


Savage giants coughed up blood, as did the cultivators of the five legions. The sound which was battering them was completely deafening!

Blood sprayed out of Bai Xiaochun’s mouth as he looked off toward the horizon, where previously, a single black pillar of light had risen up into the sky. Now, there were two pillars of light!!

As the second pillar of light shot up, countless powerful ripples spread out through the air.

Both sides of the conflict were shocked to the extreme.

“Another pillar of light appeared!”

“W-what’s... what’s going on!?”

“What happened?!” The expressions of all the combatants flickered, and as for Bai Xiaochun, his heart began to tremble with anxiety. Before he could do anything more, though, another deafening roar split the air, causing more blood to spray out of the mouths of savages and cultivators alike as a third pillar of light shot up!!

Everyone was so flabbergasted that they couldn’t hold back from shouting out in alarm!

Up in the air, Chen Hetian’s face fell, and it was the same with Mistress Red-Dust. Immediately, they stopped fighting, backed away from each other, and looked over in the direction of the pillars of light.

“What happened...?”

“Two more pillars of light have appeared!!”

And yet, things weren’t over yet. Even as everyone looked on in shock, yet another intense rumbling sound echoed out, and then a fourth and a fifth.

A total of eight explosive sounds rocked the lands one after another!

Everything was shaking violently, and even the sky seemed like it might be rent apart. There was no need to even mention the mountains that existed between the Great Wall and the pit where the pillars of light originated. Almost everything was crushed flat and reduced to ashes!

The drastic events playing out made it difficult for many people to even stand up. Blood oozed out of their eyes, ears, noses, and mouths, and agonized shrieks rang out constantly. Some of the savage giants and Great Wall cultivators were injured so badly, or had their cultivation bases destabilized so profoundly, that they instantly died!!

The spell formation shield shattered into pieces, and to Bai Xiaochun’s shock, cracks even began to spread out in the Great Wall itself!

“This... this....” As the incredible rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth, more pillars of light appeared.

Six, seven, eight. Shockingly, a total of eight black pillars of light appeared, bringing the grand total to nine!

Nine pillars of light shot up into the heavens, creating something like a spell formation that seemed capable of pushing away the heavens and shaking all life forms.

Chen Hetian couldn’t control his panting, and Mistress Red-Dust’s eyes were wide. Down below, savages and cultivators alike were stunned, standing there motionless as blood oozed out of their orifices.

Bai Xiaochun was similarly bleeding, and as he looked at the nine black pillars of light, his heart surged with a very bad premonition.

“Something big is happening!!”

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