Chapter 538: Run, Xiaochun Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Bai Xiaochun was howling inwardly, his scalp tingling in terror. Even if he were more powerful than he currently was, there were just too many Wildlanders, all of whom wanted his head for the bounty on it. Immediately, he began to tremble, and hurried in a different direction to try to hide.

However, the people who had already caught sight of him were yelling out loudly, causing more Wildlanders to turn their gazes in his direction. Some people even flew up into the air, eyes flashing like sharp arrows as they locked onto his position. The cultivators of the five legions who were in his area subconsciously began to back away from him, pushing away the 3rd Corps soldiers as they did. The burly man he had been hiding behind instantly felt pressure weighing down on him, and moved away.

“Don’t go, bro!” Bai Xiaochun exclaimed. “Let me hide behind you for a bit, and once the danger is past, I’ll definitely give you some handsome compensation!” And yet, the burly man simply hurried off without so much as a backward glance.

Bai Xiaochun was getting very anxious, and was about to look for other cultivators to hide behind when he realized that everyone was struggling to get away from him, leaving him completely exposed.

Before long, everyone in the entire area was looking at him!

“Devil Bai!!”

“The Wildlands’ humiliation will never go away unless Devil Bai is killed!!”

“I can’t believe he has the guts to show up here! Hahaha! Devil Bai is mine! Forget about the hidden treasure and the deva soul. I don’t care about that stuff. If I can kill Bai Xiaochun, I’ll get a full set of five elements deva beast souls! That’s pretty much the exact same thing as a deva soul!!”

“How outrageous! He dares to show up here despite having a bounty of deva beast souls on his head! He’s basically taunting us!!”

Bai Xiaochun was grief-stricken and enraged at the same time, and felt his guts cramping up inside of him from the terror. The greedy, hateful gazes of the Wildlands soul cultivators and savages only seemed to intensify with every moment that passed....

Plus, all of his compatriots from the Great Wall were backing away from him, and some even gazed at him with glittering eyes, making his heart feel as cold as ice.

“I didn’t want to come here! I'm not taunting anybody....”

Almost everyone was looking at him with evil designs, and the way they seemed to think that he was a treasure worth looting caused sweat to break out on his forehead.

After all, whoever it was that killed him would get a full set of five elements deva beast souls, which could theoretically be used to trade for a deva soul.

“Most importantly, if somebody killed me, not only would they get a set of five elements deva beast souls, they would also get my two deva souls! They would be rich in an instant!”

The more he thought about it, the more Bai Xiaochun realized that he was actually more valuable than any of the treasures hidden in the labyrinth.

“How did this happen?” he thought, tears welling up in his eyes. “I'm... I'm worth more than all the secret treasures down there....” The more he thought about how unfair it was that all his service for the Great Wall had ended up at this point, the more he ground his teeth, and the more bloodshot his eyes got.

Some of the soul cultivators and savages, and even some of the scattered necromancers, had such vicious glares that it seemed like they might charge forth at any moment to try to kill him.

Even as Bai Xiaochun was left exposed by the Great Wall cultivators, there were some of his men from the 3rd Corps who were trying to rush over to help, but were clearly too late.

After all, if some of the soul cultivators really did attack, the entire situation would get out of control immediately. Eyes flickering because of the deadly crisis, Bai Xiaochun suddenly took a step forward and shouted, “Who else... wants to die!?!?”

As his voice echoed out like thunder, the soul cultivators and savages who had been contemplating attacking him suddenly recalled how he had fought in battle years ago!

Some of them had seen the fight with their own eyes, and others had just heard about it. Either way, all were struck with fear by the thought of it, and began to hesitate.

After all, Bai Xiaochun had incredible battle prowess, and whoever tried to attack him first would not only be incapable of killing him, but would also have a hard time staying alive. Even as they hesitated, the setting sun sank behind the clouds, and evening fell.

As the lands were blanketed in golden light, the gray shield covering the entrance to the labyrinth vanished, allowing miserable shrieks and other noises to echo out from within.

It sounded like the howling of countless ghosts, piercing deep into the minds of everyone present.

Bai Xiaochun was wracked with anxiety, but didn’t see any other options available. Although going into the labyrinth would place him in the middle of extreme danger, it also would give him an opportunity.

Therefore, as soon as the entrance was revealed, and while everyone else was still reeling in shock, he gritted his teeth and shot forward in a blast of speed, becoming a series of afterimages that made a beeline toward the entrance.

He drew upon the Mountain Shaking Bash, causing a thunderclap to echo out. In the blink of an eye, he was at the entrance. Of course, unwilling to let anyone think he was scared, he bellowed, “Elder Brother Zhao, Elder Sister Chen! Bai Xiaochun is on his way to rescue you!” 

Then he disappeared, grabbed up by the natural teleportation function of the entrance.

Almost immediately, the killing intent of the savages, soul cultivators, and necromancers burned high, and they shot forward to give chase.

“Don’t even think about running, Devil Bai!!”

“Kill Devil Bai and get that bounty!!”

“Chase him!!” 

Chen Hetian looked on, his face completely expressionless. However, when he heard Bai Xiaochun’s words, his eye twitched slightly. Then he waved his sleeve and said, “Five legions, heed my command. Enter the labyrinth!” 

The 30,000 cultivators didn’t dare to hesitate, and all flew toward the labyrinth, Chen Hetian along with them.

Within moments, the entire group that had been gathered outside the entrance was nowhere to be seen. And yet, there were still beams of light approaching from the distance to join those who had entered the labyrinth.

Meanwhile, news that Bai Xiaochun had entered the labyrinth was being spread among the soul cultivators in the areas nearby.


In one of the Wildlands tribes some distance away, a savage chief was sitting cross-legged when he got a report about the matter. Instantly, he looked up from his meditation. “What? Devil Bai showed up?!”

Gritting his teeth, the tribal chief burst into motion. “Devil Bai is dead, and I'm going to make sure it happens!” 

Similar scenes played out in other tribes. At the same time, the rogue soul cultivators who abounded in the Wildlands also got the news through their own channels of communication, and their eyes began to shine brightly.

“Devil Bai.... Mistress Red-Dust increased the reward on his head to a whole set of five elements deva beast souls! Whoever kills him can definitely get to the Nascent Soul stage!!”

“Heh heh. At first, I wasn’t very interested in that labyrinth. After all, it would take a lot of good fortune and pure luck to get the deva soul. But now there’s another option. For all intents and purposes, there are two treasures to be had in that labyrinth!”

“Come on, let’s get going to the labyrinth!”

It wasn’t just the soul cultivators and savages who were going crazy. There were necromancers and other high-ranking Wildlanders who thirsted for a set of five elements deva beast souls. After hearing that Bai Xiaochun had made an appearance, all of them began to rush toward the labyrinth.

During the several hours which passed after the entrance opened, more and more Wildlanders poured into the area and unhesitatingly entered the labyrinth.

Their goal was not to take first place in the trial by fire that was the labyrinth itself, and thus acquire a deva soul. Most people viewed that as being a goal too difficult to reach. Their goal was to kill Bai Xiaochun!

Kill Bai Xiaochun and get a set of deva beast souls!

Furthermore, of those people who had come to the labyrinth with the intention of winning the deva soul, virtually all of them had planned to trade it for a set of deva beast souls. Therefore, to them, it actually made more sense to try to kill Bai Xiaochun!

Because of that, Bai Xiaochun was now just as valuable as the deva soul, if not more....

Killing Bai Xiaochun was the key to everything!

Regardless of when they came to the decision, the Wildlanders were almost all interested in searching for Bai Xiaochun, and as soon as they entered the labyrinth, they began to rush out in every direction to try to find him.

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