Chapter 640: The Confident Giant Ghost King! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The sight of the snarling black dog struck profound fear into the heart of the Cai Clan elder. Furthermore, because of the large quantities of Aphrodisiac Pills which had just been stuffed into his mouth, he could tell that he was about to lose control of himself.

The fact that Bai Xiaochun had not yet released the dog caused the elder’s heart to fill with a profound sensation of torment. He already regretted having intentionally upset Bai Xiaochun.

For the first time, a look of hesitation appeared in the elder’s eyes....

“Look, let’s just talk things over, Bai Hao. I can--” 

Before he could say anything else, Bai Hao interrupted, “I don’t want to hear it.” 

Then he released his grip on the dog's leash. The dog immediately howled and pounced on the Cai Clan elder.

The crowd gathered outside the cell then heard screams the likes of which they had never heard before in their entire lives. The bitterness surpassed any scream they could even imagine.

They were screams that seemed to contain the most ultimate type of pain possible....

The guards of Cellblock A were all gasping and trembling, and each and every one of them was thinking the same thing: don’t ever provoke Bai Hao!

The dark inquisitors’ faces flickered with various emotions as they looked at the cell. Although they couldn’t see what was happening, the things they imagined were happening left them indescribably shaken.

“How brutal....”

“Who can endure pain like that? It’s not just physical, it’s psychological! A majestic Nascent Soul cultivator and proud elite member of the Cai Clan is being broken right in front of us....”

“This Bai Hao really is a vicious person. The fact that he’s using methods like this shows that he’s... he’s really a dark inquisitor! His heart has been consumed by the darkness!”

Li Xu’s eyes were wide, and he felt a chill going up his spine. Only now did he realize that Bai Hao really was as the rumors said: vicious and merciless, willing to go to any lengths to get what he wanted....

The screams of the elder mixed with the howling of the black dog, causing the hair of the guards in Cellblock A to stand on end. Thankfully for them, the process didn't last long, only a few dozen breaths’ worth of time. At that point, the screams of the Cai Clan elder turned into discernible words.

“I’ll talk! I’ll talk.... Wood-type souls! We used almost no wood-type souls! Almost none.... Make it stop! Make it stop....” 

Not only did the Cai Clan elder reveal the information Li Xu had asked for, he began to reveal more information of his own accord. In the end, he let out a shriek of despair as he revealed a final important detail. “The three great clans are planning a rebellion....” 

By this point, the Cai Clan elder was in so much pain he wished he could die. The torture had pushed him to the breaking point, and he had revealed all the information he knew. And yet, the screams still didn’t stop.

When the group outside the cell heard his last statement, their expressions flickered, and Li Xu’s eyes began to shine with a terrifying light.

“The three great clans are planning a rebellion?!”

“What gives the three great clans the courage to rebel against the Giant Ghost King!?!?” 

As everyone reeled in shock, Bai Xiaochun walked out of the cell, his expression grim. He didn’t say anything; he just looked at Li Xu for a moment, and then left.

There was no need for him to say anything. Everyone had heard the confession, and knew that if what the Cai Clan elder had just said was a fabrication, then getting the truth out of him would be impossible.

Li Xu watched Bai Xiaochun leave. Earlier, he had harbored some ill feelings toward him, but they were gone now, replaced by profound admiration.

“Now that is a real dark inquisitor!” Li Xu was convinced that most of what the Cai Clan elder had just said was true. The fact that he had confessed to a planned rebellion on the part of the three great clans, of which he was a member, was all the proof that was needed.

The four dark inquisitors watched Bai Xiaochun as he left, their eyes shining with reverence. Deep in their hearts, they knew that in terms of interrogation, his skills actually went beyond the dark inquisitor level.

At this point, Li Xu tore his gaze from Bai Xiaochun’s retreating form, and looked around the room coldly. “Nobody is allowed to speak a word of what they heard today!” 

The deputy wardens immediately realized the gravity of the situation, and began to issue further orders.

Devil Penitentiary operated on a relatively autonomous level, and if they wanted to prevent information from leaving, it was a relatively simple thing.

In order to make sure there were no slipups, Li Xu ordered a full lockdown of the entire prison. No one was permitted in or out without his express permission.

After making all the necessary arrangements, Li Xu left Devil Penitentiary and headed to Duke Deathcrier’s grand hall on the giant ghost statue.

As for the Cai Clan elder, he wasn’t very important anymore, and had been left sealed in his skull cell....

Bai Xiaochun had already returned to Cellblock D, and was in his quarters, frowning as he thought about the information he had learned from the Cai Clan elder. Not only did he feel more sympathy than ever for Bai Hao’s fate, but he was also very curious about the rebellion that had been mentioned.

“What secret weapon do the three great clans have that gives them the courage to plan a rebellion?” Although Bai Xiaochun had never seen a demigod in action, he knew that the difference between devas and demigods was vast!

For example, in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, there were many devas, but only one demigod expert. A demigod could crush devas with impunity. And yet, the three great clans of Giant Ghost City were willing to rebel against a demigod!

Of even greater significance was the fact that this area was home to all of their clans. If they planned to rebel, then they had to kill that demigod if they hoped to survive!

“There are obviously some big secrets that I’m unaware of. Could it be that there’s some conspiracy afoot that is causing the Giant Ghost King to hold back from taking action?” Bai Xiaochun felt as confused about the situation as if he were trying to study flowers in the fog.

“The three great clans must have something that gives them the confidence to succeed. But what?” As Bai Xiaochun was lost in his thoughts, Li Xu was offering a deep bow to Duke Deathcrier in his grand hall on the giant ghost statue.

“Duke Deathcrier, I’m here to report on the matter of how many souls the Cai Clan--”

Before Li Xu could even finish his sentence, Duke Deathcrier interrupted, “Don't tell me. I’ll take you directly to his highness the king!” 

Duke Deathcrier immediately sped into motion, heading toward the royal palace located on the head of the huge statue.

Excited, Li Xu followed along. No one stopped the two of them as they hurried on their way, and before long, they were there in the royal palace. At the highest level of the palace, in a towering pagoda, was the tall, sturdily-built Giant Ghost King.

“Greetings, Your Highness!” the two of them said simultaneously.

The Giant Ghost King stood there looking down on the sprawling city down below, a strange light glowing in his eyes. It was almost as if he could see through everything to observe all secrets with those eyes. After a moment passed, he said coolly, “Well? What was the result?”

Li Xu couldn’t stop himself from trembling. Calming himself, he pulled out a jade slip, which he respectfully offered to the Giant Ghost King.

It was impossible to say how he did it, but Giant Ghost King caused the jade slip to fly through the air and land in his hand. After he looked at it for a moment, his eyes glittered, and the jade slip transformed into ash.

The sight caused Li Xu’s heart to pound, and he bowed his head nervously. Although he was confident that the information in the jade slip was mostly true, if there were any inaccuracies, he would be the one to take responsibility.

After another moment passed, the Giant Ghost King said, “The two of you are dismissed.” 

Li Xu breathed a sigh of relief, and looked out of the corner of his eye at Duke Deathcrier. Duke Deathcrier’s expression hadn’t changed the entire time, but he had also been very nervous during the meeting. Without any hesitation, Li Xu and Duke Deathcrier both left.

After they left, the Giant Ghost King looked out over the city, glancing at the area where the ten marquises resided, and then in the directions of each of the three great clans. Finally, a smile broke out on his face.

“So, the interrogation revealed the rebellion plan.... Wood-type souls were used the least... just as I had expected.... The three great clans are using the matter of the Hell-Emperor’s successor as an excuse to build up souls. They’re definitely holding nothing back.

“Generally speaking, all five types of souls should be used relatively equally. There shouldn’t be a situation in which one type of soul is rarely used....

“Based on all this, it seems that those three bastard patriarchs have figured out the details of the technique I cultivate. They know about my decay period....

“During the decay period, my cultivation base will drop rapidly.... Most importantly, during that time, large amounts of wood-type souls could be used to significantly reduce my overall power....

“That would be the only time they would have a chance at succeeding. I know that I can fully trust Duke Deathcrier. However, as for the other four dukes, and the ten marquises, I'm very curious to see which ones harbor evil intentions. This time, we’ll find out once and for all.” The Giant Ghost King smiled broadly, and a touch of scorn could be seen in his eyes. As far as he was concerned, the three great clans, as well as his subordinates, the five dukes and ten marquises, were all like bugs.

“This Bai Hao isn’t bad, though. Loves to cause trouble... has incredible talent in flame conjuring....” Smiling, the Giant Ghost King continued to contemplate how to use Bai Hao as a pawn in his little game.

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