Chapter 659: Extravagantly Wasteful Battle Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

These were not the spirit enhanced treasures he had personally made the time he went crazy and enhanced everything he owned. They were items he had acquired via interrogations performed as a dark inquisitor.

Therefore, he didn’t feel even the slightest twinge of pain in his heart as he threw them out and then detonated them, creating numerous fiery streaks of destruction!

Bai Xiaochun had a bit of experience in detonating spirit enhanced items, and knew that when they exploded, they released a huge amount of the energy of heaven and earth, all in one moment. However, despite what he had experienced in the past... he had never detonated dozens of them simultaneously. The explosive force they released left him completely shocked.

He wasn’t the only one. The members of the Cai Clan, from the clan chief and clan elders down to the ordinary cultivators, were all completely stunned by the extravagant wastefulness of it all.

After all, magical items with six or sevenfold spirit enhancements were like cherished treasures to any soul cultivator. As for items with nine or tenfold enhancements, they were even more rare. For example, Zhou Yixing, a member of an aristocratic necromancer clan that was also in the great circle of Core Formation, had only possessed one.

It almost wasn’t necessary to mention how people felt about items with eleven and twelvefold enhancements. The explosions they caused released such incredible force that all witnesses to the event were stunned.

The ear-splitting explosion rocked heaven and earth, causing even the Nascent Soul cultivators to back up in fear and do everything in their power to defend themselves.

The massive detonation caused all of the pursuing cultivators of the Cai Clan to tumble backward, many of them coughing up blood.

The Giant Ghost King also trembled as the words Bai Xiaochun had just spoken continued to ring in his ears. Considering everything he was seeing right now, it was obvious that this Bai Hao was really going to put everything on the line.

Bai Xiaochun was panting as he borrowed some of the force of the explosion to shoot in the direction of the nearest spell formation, 3,000 meters away. Each step he took propelled him hundreds of meters, and within moments, he had reached the formation.

However, that was when a cold snort echoed out; the explosion of the spirit enhanced items had stopped the ordinary members of the Cai Clan, but could do nothing to block the path of the patriarch.

Originally, he had been worried about how Bai Xiaochun had injured the patriarchs of the Bai and Chen Clans, and had kept his distance. But now, he didn’t have the luxury of worrying so much. He had been prepared to perform a teleportation at any time, so he moved with lightning-like speed, piercing through the air and the force of the explosion to appear only about 30 meters away from Bai Xiaochun. Without any hesitation, he reached out with his right hand and unleashed the power of his Deva Realm cultivation base.

“You’re not going anywhere!” he said, his eyes flickering with cold light. Instantly, the air in the area began to solidify, and an energy began to crush down onto Bai Xiaochun with enough force to shatter his bones.

Furthermore, the energy of heaven and earth being released formed together in front of him into the shape of a pitch-black, nine-headed bird. All of the bird’s eyes radiated murderous gleams, and the bird itself exuded a pressure of immense proportions!

This nine-headed bird had been summoned by the Cai Clan’s deva patriarch, not by means of a magical technique, but rather… as an incarnation of the will of the heavens!

Most other cultivators would have been completely shocked by what they were seeing, and their cultivation bases would have been crushed into a state of complete suppression. But Bai Xiaochun had four clones, and although they had been seriously injured and were currently holed up inside of him, they still gave him a huge boost in terms of both cultivation base and divine sense, pushing him far past the level of an ordinary Core Formation cultivator. Furthermore, his fleshly body was already in the great circle of the Undying Tendons. To top it all off, this was not his first time fighting a deva! He didn’t even respect devas very much!

Because of that, he was able to resist the deva pressure weighing down on him, and as the nine-headed bird shrieked and lunged toward him, he let out a powerful roar.

There was no time for thought or planning, nor any time to try to put on an act. He instantly fell back, simultaneously waving his arm, which sent the several sets of leather armor he was wearing shooting toward the nine-headed bird. When he had first performed spirit enhancements on the armor, he had used special techniques to conceal the evidence of spirit enhancement. But the pressure of the deva nullified such effects, and the four golden designs on their surface now shone brightly.

“Detonate!!” he shouted. Instantly, the suits of leather armor all exploded, releasing force that far surpassed the detonation of the dozens of items from moments ago.

The Cai Clan cultivators further back looked on with wide eyes, especially when they noticed the four golden designs on each of the suits of armor. And yet, even as feelings of madness rose up in their hearts, things continued! Bai Xiaochun’s outer garment flew out, along with a hat and a few ordinary-looking bracelets. However, it was to the shock of everyone present that four golden designs now appeared on all of them!

Each one flew out and then exploded, sending waves of intense force to meet the nine-headed bird. The bird was already fading away, but that was when Bai Xiaochun swung his left foot through the air, sending a shoe shooting forward, a shoe that had four golden designs on it! The extravagant wastage on display caused the Cai Clan cultivators to cry out in shock.

“This Bai Hao... he... he even has a fourteenfold spirit enhancement on his shoe?!?!?!”

The Giant Ghost King was being held in Bai Xiaochun’s right hand, so he had a first-hand view of everything, and the shock he felt now was so intense that his face was completely slack.

The Cai Clan patriarch’s eyes went wide with disbelief, and yet, the killing intent within them only grew stronger as he pressed the attack.

As for Bai Xiaochun, he simply continued to speed toward the teleportation portal, which was now only about 300 meters away. As the Cai Clan patriarch closed in, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes lit up with joy, and he threw his head back and laughed uproariously.

“I've been waiting for you to get close, old man! You finally fell into my trap! Time for you to see my trump card!” Continuing to laugh loudly, he swung his right leg through the air, causing his right shoe to fly out, which also had four golden design on it.

“Detonate!” he roared. The Cai Clan Patriarch’s face fell. He had only just now decided to go all out, and yet, was still filled with apprehension regarding how Bai Xiaochun had seriously injured the other two patriarchs. As soon as he heard Bai Xiaochun’s words, and saw the shoe flying toward him, he backed up, unwilling to take any risks....

When the shoe exploded, it was a shocking sight, but nothing that could really hurt the Cai Clan patriarch. Face turning very grim, he angrily shouted, “How dare you trick me, Bai Hao!!”

Roaring in rage, he stepped forward once again, but the slight delay which had just occurred had given Bai Xiaochun enough time to get within 30 meters of the teleportation formation. Just as he was about to step into it, the Cai Clan patriarch howled and performed an incantation gesture with his right hand.

Waving his finger at Bai Xiaochun, he caused the nine-headed bird to erupt into flames, and then accelerate rapidly.

Bai Xiaochun’s face fell, and he immediately prepared to defend himself. However, before anything else could happen, an afterimage appeared on the bird, and a second one flew out. One of the nine-headed birds bore down on Bai Xiaochun himself, and the other headed toward the spell formation.

“Not good!” To Bai Xiaochun’s shock, the Cai Clan patriarch was not just attacking him, he was trying to destroy the teleportation formation as well!

Rumbling sounds filled the air as the ruins surrounding the teleportation portal were completely destroyed by the nine-headed bird. Buildings collapsed for thousands of meters in all directions, and even the ground was crushed down by a full meter. Clearly, the patriarch actually didn’t know the specific location of the spell formation, and was just trying to destroy everything in the hopes that the teleportation formation would be destroyed as well.

As for Bai Xiaochun, when the nine-headed bird slammed into him, blood sprayed out of his mouth, and he was sent tumbling backward until he managed to stop in place on the spot he knew to be the location of the teleportation formation.

“Let’s see how you try to get away this time!” the Cai Clan patriarch said, a vicious grin spreading out on his face. However, even as it did, his eyes suddenly flickered with disbelief.

The light of teleportation suddenly began to rise up right beneath Bai Xiaochun’s feet. As it turned out, the teleportation formation... hadn’t been damaged at all!!

Furthermore, the light that was shining up now was different than the light from before. It was blinding, and the energy of the teleportation was clearly stronger. It only took a moment for anyone familiar with teleportation formations to realize... that this was a long-range teleportation!

This was the very spell formation created by Lu Shiyou’s ancestor which led to a spot 50,000 kilometers outside of the city. All of the other spell formations in the city had really been created to serve as distractions, with this formation being the true escape path. Furthermore, there was no way he would have his true escape path be the type that could easily be destroyed! The only thing the deva patriarch’s attack had done was make it so that Bai Xiaochun didn’t need to use his Undying Hex to enter the spell formation!

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