Chapter 670: Invincible To Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The great circle of the five elements. Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul!

Bai Xiaochun was bubbling over with excitement. As his eyes opened, he could feel how his Gold Core had become a nascent soul. The tiny person that was his nascent soul sat cross-legged, radiating a holy aura and a sensation of the Dao of the heavens. Anyone who could observe this nascent soul would definitely be deeply shocked.

Boundless fluctuations rolled out from the nascent soul, surging through his qi passageways, filling him with the indescribable power of his cultivation base.

Bai Xiaochun shivered as he looked around to find everything slightly different than before. The world was brighter and more colorful. He felt completely different, as though he had been baptized. In fact, the boundless sensation he now got from his cultivation base reinforced the fact...

That he was now completely and utterly different from before. In fact, he was now confident that if he met the chief of the Bai Clan, he would be able to crush him with a single palm strike!

“So, this is the Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul stage, huh...?” In fact, Bai Xiaochun was also excited to realize that, even though it was hard to accept, he was most likely far more powerful than most ordinary Nascent Soul cultivators.

From what he could tell, a mere breath on his part could shake everything in the area, and a glance from his eyes could become corporeal pressure that would suppress anyone he looked at.

Most importantly, his divine sense was now completely different from before. It was now connected to his spirit and soul, and made it possible for him to perform minor teleportations!

“What’s the range of my divine sense, I wonder...?” Even upon simply releasing it, it went out 5 kilometers in every direction!

He could sense everything happening within that area! However, he could tell that 5 kilometers was not his limit, and sent out some more divine sense. Rumbling sounds filled him as it shot out to a range of 50 kilometers!

Even that didn’t seem to be the limit. He was tempted to keep pushing it out further, but in the end, decided not to. After all, he was in the Wildlands, and didn't want to push things too far. Restraint was the safest option.

“So strong....” he thought, retracting his divine sense. As of this point, he felt much more powerful in all aspects. However, what got him even more excited than everything so far was that when he probed his own life force.... It pulsed with a boundlessness of shocking nature, which immediately pushed him to the brink of losing control of his emotions.

“My life force... heavens! My longevity... it’s... even at this early stage I can tell that I’ll be able to live for thousands of years!!” He was so excited that he was shaking physically. After all, his dream in life was to live forever, and although that dream had not yet been realized, he had just taken a major step in the right direction. The idea of being able to live for thousands of years instantly caused tears of joy to well up in his eyes.

“Worth it! It was all worth it!” Leaping to his feet, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously, dancing up and down in happiness. Just when he was about to go run out and do a few tests to see how strong he was, his expression flickered.

“Things aren’t over yet....” he thought. In that moment, he could tell that his transformation was not yet over. His cultivation base had broken through, and yet, he still had another core inside of him... that was now breaking apart!

It was... his Undying Heavenly King Core!

This was the core formed by reaching the third level of the Undying Codex. The power which had slowly been building up in him as he practiced that third level was now causing his Undying Heavenly King Core to break apart!

At this point, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with bright light.

“I can borrow the power generated by my cultivation base breakthrough to destroy the shackle of the third level!!” He quickly settled back down cross-legged. He had pushed his Undying Hex to the level of the great circle all the way to the point of making contact with the shackle. Now that his cultivation base had broken through, and his Undying Heavenly King Core was falling apart, his life force began to surge with incredible power.


A tremor ran through him, and he suddenly got the sensation that three huge mountains were resting on his shoulders. That indicated that there were three shackles remaining, shackles which limited his fleshly body power.

Now, with his life force flourishing, and with his core falling apart, it was time to destroy that third mountain and break through that shackle!


Rumbling sounds filled him as he drew upon his life force and the energy generated by his crumbling Undying Heavenly King Core. It created an indomitable blast of energy that he sent directly toward the shackle. Cracking sounds immediately began to ring out, and he could feel that mountain falling to pieces. As it did... the shackle vanished!

He immediately felt much more relaxed than he had ever been before, and at the same time, could sense his fleshly body power soaring upward. Power coursed through him as his battle prowess rapidly increased!

He excitedly rose to his feet and took a step forward, whereupon a sonic boom echoed out, and he vanished. When he reappeared, he was several dozen meters away.

“My fleshly body can pierce directly through the air!!” Spirits soaring, he threw his head back and laughed uproariously. Moments ago, he hadn’t used his nascent soul to teleport, but rather, had pierced through the air with his fleshly body, producing almost exactly the same result. If anyone were here to witness the matter, they would be shocked. After all, when Nascent Soul experts fought, the fact that they could teleport was vitally important, and was why numerous methods were often employed to prevent teleportations.

However, such methods would be useless against Bai Xiaochun! He could use his fleshly body to teleport!

As of this moment, he was not powerful in the simplistic sense of the word. He was powerful in a completely flabbergasting fashion. He could crush anyone in the Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul stage, no matter what techniques they used against him. In fact, someone with a Mortal-Dao Nascent Soul, even one half a step into the Deva Realm, could be easily crushed!

Even if he met someone who had used deva beast souls to reach the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage, he could easily defeat them. It would be the same with someone like that in the mid Nascent Soul stage. The only person who might possibly cause a problem for him was someone half a step into the Deva Realm, who had reached the great circle of the Nascent Soul using deva beast souls, and also had some unique trump cards to use! Bai Xiaochun had never fought with someone who was half a step into the Deva Realm and had used deva beast souls to reach that level. However, he was still confident that he would be able to win against them.

Being able to crush someone, and simply defeat them, were two very different things. Crushing someone didn’t require a fight; whereas defeating someone did.

Furthermore, Bai Xiaochun... was currently only in the early Nascent Soul stage. If he reached the great circle, then he would be even stronger than he was now....

“I really am... too strong!” Patting his chest, he probed his cultivation base, heart filling with nearly uncontrollable anticipation.

Bai Xiaochun began to laugh loudly at the sensation of being able to look disdainfully out of the corner of his eye at all creation. Swishing his sleeve, he proudly said, “From now on, not a single person under the Nascent Soul stage will ever dare to raise their voice to me!” 

After reveling in the sensation for a long moment, he took a deep breath and then thought about the fourth level of the Undying Codex, and burning anticipation rose up in his heart.

“It’s too bad that I don’t have any Nascent Soul-level techniques at the moment,” he murmured. “But at least I have a fleshly body technique to practice!

“The fourth level of the Undying Codex is the Undying Bones!” With that, he thought back to the introduction of the Undying Codex, which described the five levels of skin, flesh, tendons, bones, and blood!

The more he thought about it, the more he anticipated making more progress. After all, the Undying Bones level involved refining all of the bones in one's body. That would lead to increased defenses and greater strength, a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering transformation that left him feeling very excited.

“The Undying Skin focuses on defense. The Undying Flesh is about strength. The Undying Tendons are for speed.... And the Undying Bones combine defense and strength together to reach shocking levels!” Shaken, he thought back to the information about the Undying Bones, which was broken up into four sub-levels, each of which was further divided into nine strata!

“Tempered Bones, Powered Bones, Heavenly Bones, Undying Bones!

“Tempered Bones involve a full transformation of the body, leading to an explosive rise in defenses!

“Powered Bones increase one’s overall strength to a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering degree!

“Heavenly Bones fuse strength and defense, making it possible to rock all creation!

“Last are the Undying Bones.... By cultivating to that level, even if your soul perishes, your bones will never cease to exist!

“The soul can perish, but the bones are undying.... That fits perfectly with the technique. The Undying Live Forever Technique.... I'm practicing the Undying Codex, which focuses on the undying aspects of the Undying Live Forever Technique!” This train of thought soon led him to the final level of the Undying Codex, the Undying Blood. What pushed him toward the brink of madness was the fact that the description of the Undying Blood had closing words which said:

With one drop of blood, the body can be re-formed!

“I definitely have to finish cultivating the Undying Bones. Then I can move on to the Undying Blood!” With that, he began to review the secret technique of the Undying Bones.

Every level of the Undying Codex came with a unique secret magic. The first three were the Throat Crushing Grasp, the Mountain Shaking Bash, and the Undying Hex. All of them had proven to be very useful. Furthermore, as he continued to cultivate the Undying Bones, they would continue to be part of his arsenal.

“Undying Emperor’s Fist!”

Fleshly body power found its foundation in the bones, and was unleashed through the skin. By blessing that power with secret magic, it became so explosive that it could shake heaven and rock the earth. That incredible power surpassed both the Throat Crushing Grasp and the Mountain Shaking Bash!

The Undying Bones was another level, and it was the same with the Undying Emperor’s Fist. Upon reaching the third stratum of the Tempered Bones level, one could unleash double the base power of the Undying Emperor’s Fist. At the Powered Bones level, that power would increase to triple. With Heavenly Bones it was quadruple, and at the Undying Bones level, it was five times as powerful!

Theoretically speaking, there was actually no limit to how powerful the Undying Emperor’s Fist could be. It was only limited by the limitations of the body itself!

That was the Undying Emperor’s Fist!

The secret magic of the fourth level of the Undying Codex!

Powerful and magnificent, it could shake all creation!

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