Chapter 681: Kill Them! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As the majordomo of Giant Ghost City, his actions were subject to intense scrutiny. Obviously, his action of taking tens of thousands of soul cultivators out of the city to visit the three great clans with violent intentions had not gone unnoticed.

Because of that, news of what had happened in the Cai Clan was already the talk of the town shortly after it occurred. Obviously, it wasn’t even necessary to mention how quickly rumors spread about the Chen Clan….

Almost everyone in the city heard the news, and soon, everyone was talking about the fate of the clan chief.

Faces flickered in shock and disbelief, and soon, the gossip in the city was raging.

“What? He forcibly took Mrs. Chen!?!?”

“Whooaah! This Bai Hao…. Who knew that he had such proclivities!? He actually took a liking to Chen Shishan’s wife. You know, I heard that she’s actually a top-rate beauty that has the perfect body for that type of cultivation….”

“You’re right… I don't even know what to say…. This Bai Hao is far too brazen. Not only did he steal Chen Shishan’s wife, he actually went so far as to kill the man!!”

Gossip raged like wildfire. As for some of the more well-informed individuals, they often responded to the shocking news with scornful words and jeering smiles.

As word spread, Bai Hao, in addition to being called vicious and merciless, and a reviler of his own family, was now known as someone who took an interest in the wives of others….

As would be expected, the Giant Ghost King eventually heard of the matter, and it caused his expression to turn grim. However, the fires of passion burned in his heart, and he turned his gaze in the direction of the Chen Clan, an expression of praise in his heart.

Of course, Bai Xiaochun provided Mrs. Chen with an escort of cultivators and sent her back to his residence in Giant Ghost City, while he took the remaining tens of thousands of men toward… the Bai Clan!

As they went along, Chen Hai would often cast admiring glances in Bai Xiaochun’s direction. When he thought about the unexpected proclivities that had been revealed, he suddenly felt like a new world had been opened up to him. He almost couldn't believe it was possible to be so flagrant and brave. And considering that Majordomo Bai was a powerful person, Chen Hai decided that the best thing to do was spend even more time with him than before.

Zhou Yixing prevented any strange expression from appearing on his face, and didn’t dare to speak a word about the matter. However, considering that he was a follower of Bai Xiaochun, he decided that in the future, he would take careful note of any other beautiful wives he saw….

How could Bai Xiaochun not know what the two of them were thinking? Although he felt more wronged than ever, there was nothing he could do to explain the situation. Sighing with frustration, he kept his gaze fixed on the Bai Clan up ahead, his eyes glittering with cold light.

Many things had happened since he first arrived in this part of the world. Some of those things he had put behind him, but there was one thing that he could never forget: the sight of an ashen-faced young man underneath a towering tree.

“Bai Hao….” he murmured. Whether it was the deva soul or his overall grudge with the clan, all of it was wrapped up in karma. And the entire time, Bai Xiaochun had hoped to get justice for his apprentice.

Now… that time had come!

Tens of thousands of beams of light shot through the air toward the Bai Clan, radiating a bleak, deadly aura.

As for the Bai Clan, everyone was on edge, and many people were rushing around frantically. However, things were a bit different than in the Chen or Cai Clans. In the Bai Clan, the direct bloodline cultivators all knew that they had a life-or-death grudge with Bai Hao!

However, not everyone in the clan was part of the direct bloodline. Those members of the auxiliary bloodlines were nervous, but because they had not really participated in the hunt for Bai Hao, weren’t as worried.

Furthermore, during the rebellion, although the auxiliary bloodlines had participated in storming the city, they hadn’t been the ones to try to kill Bai Xiaochun.

The direct bloodline had taken the lead in that, and especially the clan chief. Even the clan elders who had attacked Bai Hao had mostly been from the direct bloodline. Because of that, the divide between the direct bloodline and the auxiliary bloodlines was vast and clear!

In fact, the direct bloodline cultivators were currently surrounded and isolated by the auxiliary bloodlines, who stared at them with icy glares.

The clan chief, Madam Cai, the grand elder from the Hall of Corrections, the direct bloodline elders, and nearly a thousand other clan members all waited with ashen faces and expressions of despair.

It wasn’t that they didn’t wish to flee. It was that, despite how big heaven and earth was, it wasn’t big enough to have a place for them to hide. Besides, their enmity with Bai Hao was well-known. After the Giant Ghost King returned, and Bai Hao rose to prominence, everyone in the area had been trying to get on Bai Hao’s good side. Furthermore, many gazes had been cast in the direction of the Bai Clan.

After becoming the majordomo, Bai Xiaochun had hinted to many of the powerful organizations in the area that they should pay special attention to the Bai Clan. He had essentially sealed off the entire clan, making it impossible for anyone to leave it without making a wild and open attempt at escape.

Of course, none of the other groups in the area would have permitted that. Especially considering… that the Giant Ghost King hadn’t yet made clear his intentions for the future of the three great clans. If the clan as a whole tried to simply flee, they would definitely have been exterminated.

From the outside, the clan seemed unified, but the truth was that they were in fact dramatically divided. And thus, things had dragged on until the current moment. Most importantly of all… the auxiliary bloodline elders and clan members all knew that they would have to give an explanation to Bai Hao about the situation. If the direct bloodline fled, then it was entirely possible that Bai Hao would vent his anger on them.

Therefore, for their own safety… they had to make sure that the direct bloodline was around when Bai Hao came.

The entire clan was silent. Because of the taciturn attitude of the auxiliary bloodlines, the direct bloodline clan members were trembling, along with many of the servants associated with them. One of them was a young woman who had sneered at Bai Hao the moment he had entered the clan. Another was the old valet who had rebuked him. Everyone who had scorned and humiliated Bai Hao was there.

As time ticked by, their despair and hopelessness grew. That was especially true of the clan chief, whose face was ashen and whose heart was filled with bitterness. During the fight near the moat in the city, the detonation of the demigod soul had destroyed half of his body, and had nearly shattered his cultivation base. Thanks to some of a secret treasure in the Bai Clan’s reserve savings, he had recovered. But now, he was simply forced to wait as time passed. Next to him was Madam Cai, her face devoid of blood as she occasionally looked up into the air, her terror interspersed with specks of venomous hatred.

Of everyone present, no one hated Bai Hao more than Madam Cai. At the same time, no one felt more terror and despair than her. Never could she have anticipated that even with all the resources of the Bai Clan that she had put into her efforts, she would fail in the end. And Bai Hao… would actually turn everything around and rise to the heavens.

As the Bai Clan waited in silence, there was one beautiful young woman in the crowd who had a very complicated expression on her face as she occasionally scanned the skies. She was the fifth young lady. Even she could never have imagined that Bai Hao would one day achieve the things that he had.

Also in the crowd was an old man who was apparently viewed as a leader by the clan elders from the auxiliary bloodlines. He was the grand elder from the Hall of Justice. He wore a wistful expression as he thought back to the scene of Bai Hao betraying the clan. Eventually, he simply closed his eyes.

“What a pity… The true qilin son of the Bai Clan….” Despite being a powerful grand elder, he couldn’t go against the orders of the patriarch. The best he had been able to do was not attack Bai Hao during the fighting.

Suddenly, both of the grand elders’ expressions flickered. Other clan elders reacted similarly, as did the clan chief. People held their breath as a sound like thunder filled the air, and a black cloud covered the sky, radiating killing intent!

“He’s here….” It was impossible to say who said it. The entire Bai Clan waited nervously, looking up into the black cloud of tens of thousands of soul cultivators. Descending from within that cloud was… Bai Xiaochun!!

Every step he took was like a bolt of lightning that slammed into the hearts of the direct bloodline clan members, and left their faces as ashen as death.

The clan chief was trembling, and the venomous rage in Madam Cai’s eyes was overshadowed only by the terror she felt….

“I don't like killing people,” he said, his growling voice echoing out in all heaven and earth, “but sometimes, I have to do it anyway…. It doesn’t matter if I'm doing it for myself or for others… or whether it's right or wrong…. Kill them!”

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