Chapter 691: No, I Want Revenge! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Booms filled the interior of the Necromancer Kettle, causing the mists which filled it to seethe and dance. Countless evil ghosts could be seen, their eyes flickering with greed at the sight of all of the chosen, as though the qi and blood inside of them were the most nourishing thing they had ever seen.

Bai Xiaochun felt more wronged than ever as he attempted to break free of the crowd of chosen. However, his cultivation base was being greatly weakened by the restrictive spell, making it much more difficult than it should have been. It only took a moment for about eight of the chosen to be rushing toward him.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyelids twitched as he realized that one of these new opponents was none other than Zhou Hong, who was in the great circle of the Nascent Soul stage!

Zhou Hong’s eyes flickered with killing intent, as though he were facing a mere insect as an opponent. As for Bai Xiaochun, his breath came in ragged pants, and his eyes were completely bloodshot as he shot forward like an angry dragon, unhesitatingly bashing into the entire group.

When everyone collided, a massive boom filled heaven and earth, and the chosen all flew backward, qi and blood surging. Zhou Hong’s expression flickered slightly in response to the ferocity on display by Bai Xiaochun. The other chosen were equally shocked, and were now coming to the conclusion that they had misjudged his speed, and would be unable to prevent him from fleeing.

Bai Xiaochun’s momentum was only growing. His fleshly body power erupted with incredible force, and his cultivation base surged with the power of his Heaven-Dao Nascent Soul. He was like a celestial warrior, the likes of which nobody could impede in the slightest.

Of course, he didn’t dare to slow down. There were numerous opponents behind him ready to batter him with divine abilities if he paused for even a second. Heart racing, he could do nothing other than speed forward. As he did, he waved his hand, summoning his sixteenfold spirit enhanced spear. That, coupled with his incredible speed, made him almost superhumanly valiant.


Just when it seemed that he would break free of all the chosen, a cold snort echoed out in front of him. It was none other than Gongsun Yi!

As he hovered here in front of Bai Xiaochun, he performed an incantation gesture with his right hand and then waved his finger out. Instantly, a sealing power erupted forth, causing innumerable illusory magical symbols to appear and rush toward Bai Xiaochun. Within moments, they had formed into a gigantic net which began to rapidly shrink down around him!

There was no way for Bai Xiaochun to get out of the way in time. Instead, he slammed directly into the net. Unfortunately, his cultivation base was too weak at the moment, and he couldn’t break through. The only thing that happened was that cracks spread out on the surface of the net.

That in itself was shocking to Gongsun Yi. Just when he was about to attempt to strengthen the sealing power of the net, the dozens of chosen who had been following Bai Xiaochun appeared.

Without the slightest hesitation, all of them attacked, unleashing divine abilities and magical techniques that appeared to be at the level of trump cards. One of the chosen in that group was Zhou Hong, who sent a shocking beam of sword light slashing down toward Bai Xiaochun!

Little Wolfgod was also present, who howled as he transformed into something that looked half-wolf, half-human. That in turn gave him a huge burst of speed that he used to close in on Bai Xiaochun!

As for the sinister Li Tiansheng, he chuckled coldly as he waved his right index finger, causing a five-colored toxic gas to billow out. The gas rapidly transformed into five skulls which cackled evilly as they shot forward using minor teleportations.

These were all Nascent Soul cultivators, and although many were in the early stage, not a few were in the mid stage. There were even some like Li Tiansheng and Little Wolfgod who were late Nascent Soul stage experts. One, Zhou Hong, was even in the great circle. Each and every one of them was a chosen with powerful techniques, and when they pooled their strength, it was enough to cause even a deva to be shocked.

An intense sensation of deadly crisis rose up in Bai Xiaochun; despite having mentally prepared for something like this, the sudden and unexpected turn of events was difficult to take in.

“You big bullies!” Heart filled with bitterness, he threw his head back and roared as he produced the Eternal Parasol. After snapping it open, he used all the power he could muster to defend himself against the attack from behind. However, even as he did, a shout from the side could be heard as Xu Shan barrelled toward him with a fist strike.

“You’re not going anywhere!” Xu Shan shouted in an iron voice. Her fist strike was backed by the full power of her fleshly body, causing rumbling sounds to fill the air that surpassed heavenly thunder. As for Bai Xiaochun, he was rendered immobile by the sealing net. Shouting angrily, he kept the Eternal Parasol behind him as a shield as he also unleashed a fist strike.

Despite being on different sides of the net, their fists met, and at the same time, numerous divine abilities and magical techniques slammed into the Eternal Parasol.

Booms rose up into the heavens, along with dazzling light. The sealing net instantly shattered, and Xu Shan was blown backward in retreat. Gongsun Yi’s face fell as he too retreated in the face of the wave of powerful attacks.

Blood oozed out of the corners of Bai Xiaochun's mouth as he and the Eternal Parasol were sent tumbling forward toward the black mist.

The mere sight of that left everyone present completely flabbergasted. Never could any of them have imagined that Bai Xiaochun would escape their combined attack with only some injuries!

It was at this point that Miao Lin’er’s lips moved, causing a ripple to spread out into the air from her mouth. It was a ripple that could destabilize the mind of anyone it encountered, and it immediately sped directly toward the fleeing Bai Xiaochun.

It was a sound that defied the ability to defend against it, and as soon as it reached Bai Xiaochun’s ears, his mind trembled, and all of his injuries flared up. Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and he immediately began to stagger forward.

In response, cold light flickered in Zhou Hong’s eyes. Waving his right hand, he summoned a black, glowing light that pulsed with a deva aura. Even as everyone looked over in shock, he sent the glowing light shooting toward Bai Xiaochun.

The black light moved so quickly it seemed capable of piercing through the air, and was soon right in front of Bai Xiaochun. And yet, before it could reach him, a different type of black light shot out from inside of Bai Xiaochun.

It was none other than his turtle-wok. A boom rang out, and the black glow shattered, while the turtle-wok was sent spinning back to Bai Xiaochun. Bai Xiaochun borrowed the force of the blow to keep moving, simultaneously taking out a Heavencleaving Good Fortune Pill, which ensured that he didn’t slow down at all.

“We can’t let him get away!!”

“If Bai Hao doesn't die, that restrictive spell will never unravel!!” The entire group of chosen was starting to get nervous. Gongsun Yi, Zhou Hong, Xu Shan, Little Wolfgod, and all of the other cultivators gritted their teeth and gave chase.

Before long, everyone was inside of the mist. The second prince wore a cold smile as he joined in the pursuit, and even Chen Manyao could be seen chasing after Bai Xiaochun. However, there was an odd glint in her eye; she hadn’t noticed at first, but gradually, had come to the realization that there seemed to be something very familiar about the way this Bai Hao was fighting….

As Bai Xiaochun sped through the mist, burning heat spread through him, healing all of his wounds. Within the space of a few breaths of time, he was completely recovered, which left him feeling slightly less irritated than before.

However, his cultivation base was still being weakened, and when he thought about how the Giant Ghost King had screwed him over, his mood sank again. He felt very angry and very wronged, and yet, knew that he couldn’t dare to slow down a bit.

Thanks to his incredible speed, his pursuers had no way to catch up to him even if they wanted to. In fact, he was actually putting distance between himself and them. Combined with the fact that the dimension inside of the Necromancer Kettle was filled with dense mist and evil ghosts that needed to be avoided, it made things even more difficult. Before long, the howls of evil ghosts could be heard as many of them began to attack the chosen.

In contrast… not a single one of the evil ghosts or vengeful souls could hinder Bai Xiaochun at all. And there was a reason for that! Although the speed of all the other chosen was hampered by their reduced visibility, Bai Xiaochun could see everything around him completely clearly.

“Hmph! With my mask, you fools might as well stop dreaming of trying to catch me!” Snorting coldly, he continued to accelerate. More than two hours passed, after which Bai Xiaochun couldn’t hear anyone chasing him. At that point, he settled down on top of one of the mountains in the area and consumed another Heavencleaving Good Fortune Pill. Finally, his cultivation base was no longer being weakened, and was starting to recover. After consuming another of the pills, he was completely back at his peak. Then he thought back to everything that had happened so far, and felt unsurpassable bitterness in his heart.

“I can’t believe so many people are chasing me! I never did anything to them. What a bunch of bullies. Outrageous! If they were all that good, they would fight me one-on-one!!

“And then there’s you, Giant Ghost King, you old codger. I saved you, you fool. Risked my life! And now you go and do this to me!

“Fudge! I'm not going to let this stand. I want revenge!!” The more he thought about it, the angrier he got, until finally, within his negative emotions, he suddenly felt courage rising up within him, and decided that now was not the time to hold back.

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