Chapter 715: I'm Your Fiance.... Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As soon as the words rang out, the killing air in the area seemed to take corporeal form. Ten beams of light immediately began to shoot in Bai Xiaochun’s direction, making it seem like the army camp itself was like the mouth of some chaotic, primeval beast that wished to devour him.

“We haven’t even talked, and she already wants to kill me!?!?” An intense sensation of deadly crisis immediately swept through Bai Xiaochun, and at the same time, the deva pressure weighing down on his flesh and blood had him wailing inwardly. He had to do something!

“Zimo!” he said loudly, “Uh, your father the Giant Ghost King sent me… I’m… I'm your fiancé, Bai Hao!”

Countless jaws dropped in response to his words. After all, few people knew of the relationship between Mistress Red-Dust and the Giant Ghost King, and therefore, this news was completely stunning to everyone.

“What? The sergeant major is the daughter of his highness the king?!”

“Is… is it true?”

Even as the news began to rock the entire Giant Ghost Legion, an enraged shout erupted from the bright red tent.

“Shut up!”

The tent flap flew open, and Mistress Red-Dust appeared, her expression matchlessly grim, her eyes flashing like lightning as she looked at Bai Xiaochun. It was almost as if she could see right into the center of his being as she sent more deva pressure weighing down onto him.

Hatred burned in her heart over the fact that Bai Hao had revealed her connection to the Giant Ghost King in order to get out of the earlier situation!

Whether it was the ordinary soldiers or Mistress Red-Dust’s personal guards, all of them were staring at Bai Xiaochun with wide eyes and odd expressions. Although none of them had yet fully digested the news about how their sergeant major was connected to the Giant Ghost King, when they saw the look of fury on her face, her personal guards exchanged awkward glances and then backed away. In fact, their expressions even brightened as they prepared to watch the scene unfold.

Bai Xiaochun fought to keep his expression the same. It was hard though, especially considering that, in the moment in which Mistress Red-Dust had thrown open the tent flap, he had seen that inside were seven or eight more statues of himself…. Clearly, Mistress Red-Dust had them at hand to use to vent her anger whenever she felt like it.

From those statues, it was easy to see how deep her hatred ran….

“This Granny Red-Dust really won’t give up on her idea of killing me….” Bai Xiaochun was getting so nervous that beads of sweat covered his forehead, and he was moaning in his heart. He had never intended to intentionally piss off Mistress Red-Dust, but in the moment, he had had no other choice. If he had reacted even a little bit slower, he would have been dragged away and executed. Although it was possible she had only been trying to intimidate him, he hadn’t been confident enough to bet on that option. The only way to save himself was to cause a big scene, which was why he had called upon the name of the Giant Ghost King to put Mistress Red-Dust and her army in place.

“I hate you, Giant Ghost King….” he thought, livid with regret at how things were playing out. He simply couldn’t understand why he was so unlucky to have been screwed over by the Giant Ghost King yet again. Standing right there in front of him was Mistress Red-Dust, clad in a crimson suit of armor, looking very valiant and formidable, and pulsing with a murderous aura.

To say that Mistress Red-Dust was astonishingly beautiful was no exaggeration. Her skin was as fair as snow, and her phoenix-like eyes sparkled as if with starlight. She had an oval face, with a fair neck that one would expect to see on a statue.

The armor she wore accentuated her ample chest and her curvaceous hips, giving her an attractive hourglass figure that perfectly matched her long, slender legs.

In terms of beauty, she and Chen Manyao were very similar. However, Chen Manyao was like a noble orchid growing in a secluded valley, whereas Mistress Red-Dust was like a bright rose bristling with razor-sharp thorns.

If things hadn’t played out the way they had in the necropolis, or if he really was Bai Hao, then to have a fiancée this beautiful, and a deva at that, would have left him feeling very happy. But instead, his heart was pounding with fear, and he felt like the sky was turning dark overhead. To him, Mistress Red-Dust was not a spectacular beauty; she was a deadly wild beast or a fiendish monster.

Even as everyone stole glances at Mistress Red-Dust, reeling in shock about her relationship with the Giant Ghost King, she stood there, her expression turning grimmer by the moment, her anger surpassed only by the humiliation she felt.

“Did you just say you’re Bai Hao?” she said coldly. Although she did not speak loudly, her voice was filled with the might of a deva, causing the air to distort and a gale force wind to spring up out of nowhere.

Bai Xiaochun swallowed hard and then replied in a shaky voice, “Just let me explain, Zimo, I--”

However, before he could complete his sentence, the vicious loathing in Mistress Red-Dust’s eyes grew more intense than ever, and she spoke in a voice as cold as midwinter snow

“You’re the notorious wife-stealing, clan-reviling Bai Hao?” Mistress Red-Dust had heard many stories about Bai Hao, and was especially repulsed by how people called him a wife-stealer.

Bai Xiaochun simply couldn’t stand to be wronged in this way. The true wife-stealer was not him, it was Mistress Red-Dust’s father!

“But that was because his highness the king told me to--”

“Shut up! My father is above board and righteous about everything. You’re a debauched, sinister bootlicker who persecutes good and loyal men!” At this point, the truth about who she was had been revealed, so Mistress Red-Dust didn’t see any need to try to keep it secret. Her hatred and loathing growing more intense by the moment, she spoke in an even icier voice than before.

“Don’t even consider talking about matters relating to my father the king. Furthermore, you don’t qualify to be my official Daoist partner. You just stay out of sight in the camp here, and if I see even a single bad report about you, I’ll have you executed immediately!” Mistress Red-Dust had been told that her father had arranged for her to be given in marriage to Bai Hao, and was clearly not happy with the idea. Not giving him another glance, she spun and stalked back into her command tent.

The surrounding guards continued to look over at him with odd expressions on their faces.

“That’s it?” Bai Xiaochun thought, standing there blinking a few times. However, considering what had just happened, he now knew that Mistress Red-Dust had no idea who he really was, which led to him heaving a sigh of relief. Although he was still a bit nervous, there was also something a bit exciting about it all that had him trembling as he stood there.

“She really didn’t recognize me…. And now she’s my fiancée….” He was actually feeling so exhilarated that his throat felt dry. Then he thought back to the scene which had just played out, and the wheels in his head began to turn.

“It actually seems like she was just trying to scare me. Furthermore, she clearly wants to ruin her father’s plans for the marriage…. In that case, she definitely won’t hurt me…. After all, I'm backed by her own father…. However, it's really impossible to say, so I still have to be careful.

“In any case, I definitely can't stick around in the Giant Ghost Legion. It might be exhilarating, but it's too dangerous. The slightest mistake on my part and my poor little life would be out the window…. I really am in the middle of the lion’s den here.” With those thoughts on his mind, Bai Xiaochun turned and hurried away nervously, his heart pounding in his chest the entire time. Things had spun out of control so quickly that he still hadn’t recovered, and was still wracked with nervousness.

Before he got very far, though, a whistling sound could be heard as one of Mistress Red-Dust’s personal guards flew over and blocked his path.

“Majordomo Bai,” she said coldly, “you’re going the wrong way. Follow me to your quarters.” Although her cultivation base wasn't very high, as one of the sergeant major’s personal guards, she still carried herself in a very intimidating fashion.

To see this young woman standing in his way caused Bai Xiaochun to immediately plaster a haughty and angry expression onto his face.

“I'm not going anywhere,” he said coolly. “Since the sergeant major doesn’t approve of me, I’m leaving.”

“It's beyond your control, Majordomo Bai. The sergeant major said that she wants you to stay in the camp, so I advise you not to disobey her orders.” As soon as the words left her mouth, other soul cultivators in the area turned to look at Bai Xiaochun. Clearly, if he disobeyed orders, they would attack him immediately.

“What gall!” Bai Xiaochun growled, his eyes widening into a glare. Of course, inwardly he was shivering in fear at the sensation of so many auras locking down onto him.

Ignoring Bai Xiaochun’s posturing, the young female guard said, “Please don’t make me go hard on you, Majordomo Bai. Follow me!”

Inwardly, he was feeling very nervous. However, he really didn’t want to stay in the camp, and furthermore, he knew that not only was he backed by the Giant Ghost King, he still had the restrictive spell inside of him. Although most of the restrictive spell was gone, it would still be partially effective. On top of all of that, he had come here on orders. Therefore, it was very unlikely that he would face any serious threat to his life.

“She doesn’t know that I’m Bai Xiaochun, but I was so nervous about it earlier that I immediately backed down. The more I back down, the stronger her position will be. In that case, it’s time to stick to my guns! I don't care what they say, I'm leaving!” However, he still didn't feel completely safe about everything, so he secretly took out a transmission jade slip and sent a voice message to the Giant Ghost King.

“Giant Ghost King, your daughter wants to kill me. Is this the marriage you supposedly arranged? I'm about to die!!” Not even waiting for a response, he suddenly looked up, a vicious and fiendish look on his face. Eyes blazing with cruelty, he looked at the red command tent and yelled, “Sergeant Major!! What’s the meaning of this!?”

His voice echoed out like heavenly thunder, ringing out through the entire army camp, attracting the attention of all the soul cultivators.

“If you don’t want to acknowledge the marriage agreement put in place by the Giant Ghost King, then that’s fine with me. But as the majordomo of Giant Ghost City, do you really think you can prevent me from leaving this camp?! If so, then you can't blame me for acting rashly!” To accompany his angry words, he unleashed his Nascent Soul cultivation base, causing a killing air to fill the entire area. At the same time, he kept his eye on the tent to see what reaction would come.

“I’ve dominated the field wherever I went for years now,” he thought. “I created the Win Charm, and received countless love letters. Let’s see how this measly Granny Red-Dust responds to this move!”

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