Chapter 751: Imperial Clan Secret Spell Formation Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As both Mistress Red-Dust and the almighty figures from the nobility and aristocracy all took to motion, Bai Xiaochun was shooting through the air in a beam of light, his eyes bloodshot as he targeted Zhou Hong with deadly force.

Zhou Hong’s face fell. He knew Bai Xiaochun was powerful, and didn’t want to actually fight him unless it was absolutely necessary. Therefore, he immediately fell back.

“This Bai Hao has already killed people, and therefore must die. All we have to do is delay for a bit. Everybody, attack together and force him back!”

Everyone could see the truth in his words, especially those who had been a part of the incident in the Necromancer Kettle. They knew that this was the best chance they had to get their revenge. It only took the briefest of moments for another round of even more powerful magical techniques to fill the air, creating a wave that surged unstoppably toward Bai Xiaochun.

In response, Bai Xiaochun opened up the Eternal Parasol and, instead of slowing down, actually sped up! He also slapped his bag of holding, producing his sixteenfold spirit enhanced black spear. Letting out an angry shout, he charged onward, defending himself with the parasol in one hand and stabbing out with the spear in the other.

The spear caused a huge vortex to spring out, which provoked a gasp from Zhou Hong, who fell back again. Off to the side from Zhou Hong was a young man who had been accompanying him. Currently, his expression was grim, and from the look in his eyes, he seemed to be calculating something. All of a sudden, killing intent flared within his eyes, and he pulled out an ancient feng shui compass.

“Fellow Daoists, please pick a position to hold based on the indications of my feng shui compass!” Even as the words left his mouth, brilliant light shot out from the feng shui compass, creating a projected image of the compass surrounding Bai Xiaochun.

Over a hundred glowing dots could be seen, which moved along with him as he attacked. When the chosen in the area saw that, their eyes glittered, and they immediately began to take up the positions marked by the glowing dots.

The first soul cultivator suddenly found himself wearing a suit of shimmering armor. At the same time, the armor caused a misty fog to start building up around Bai Xiaochun. Almost as soon as he was in place, Bai Xiaochun could feel intense pressure weighing down on him.

Within moments, more and more people were arriving, and as they did, suits of armor appeared on them. Each suit of armor was linked to the others by streams of light, which simultaneously caused the misty fog to grow denser.

Incredible pressure was now weighing down on Bai Xiaochun from the spell formation, making it increasingly difficult to move. Furthermore, this was simply crushing weight, not a sealing, which meant that his Undying Hex was completely useless!

When Zhou Hong took a place in the formation, its power grew even more intense. However, not everyone present chose to join in, especially some of the people who had been part of the first two waves of attackers. For example, Zhao Dongshan. They were people who had been shaken by Bai Xiaochun’s battle prowess, and still hesitated to get close to him, even with a spell formation locking him down.

“What a bunch of useless fools!” Zhou Hong thought, snorting coldly. Ignoring Zhao Dongshan and the others, he focused on powering the spell formation and launching divine abilities and magical techniques.

As for Bai Xiaochun, his expression was unsightly as he remained in the middle of the rotating spell formation, the dense mist around him locking down all creation and making escape seemingly impossible. In addition, the pressure grew stronger by the moment. Then, a hail of sword light began to scream in his direction, provoking a frown on his part as he extended the Eternal Parasol to defend himself. Moments later, booms rang out, and he felt his qi and blood surging inside of him.

At the moment, he couldn't see anyone outside of the spell formation, but those people could see him. Zhao Dongshan and the others who weren’t participating watched as the more than one hundred soul cultivators who were part of the formation continued to move, causing the space around Bai Xiaochun to shrink down. It was easy to imagine that, once the spell formation shrank down to a certain point, a deadly attack would be unleashed.

“What formation is that?!?!” Zhao Dongshan thought with a gasp, stunned by what he was seeing.

Zhou Hong simply laughed coldly, feeling the power of his cultivation base being absorbed into the glowing dot of light, and at the same time, watching Bai Xiaochun hesitating inside. Then, his gaze shifted to the young man outside of the formation who held the feng shui compass.

“The young man the second prince sent to offer assistance really is an almighty master of spell formations,” he thought. “Bai Hao, ah, Bai Hao. It's too bad you’ll never have the chance to find out that, in addition to myself, the second prince and even the grand prince are all in on this. You offended far too many among the nobility and aristocracy. You even offended… the imperial clan!”

As Zhou Hong chuckled coldly, Bai Xiaochun’s facial expression turned more unsightly. Then, he blurred into motion, picking a direction and drawing on the Mountain Shaking Bash.

A boom echoed out, and the spell formation shuddered. However, a massive backlash also hit Bai Xiaochun, causing his expression to turn even more unsightly. Clearly, the defenses of this spell formation could not easily be broken!

“So it's pooling together the defensive powers of everyone outside the formation….” He continued to dodge the sword light that continued to slash at him, the aura of which was growing stronger every moment!

It wouldn’t be long before that sword light… was as strong as a deva!!

Bai Xiaochun sucked in a breath when he realized how powerful this spell formation was.

“This is a pretty spectacular spell formation to form so quickly…. Usually big, powerful formations like this take a long time to put into place.” Frowning, he thought back to the young man with the feng shui compass who had been standing next to Zhou Hong, the one who had set up the spell formation.

He was definitely a stranger to Bai Xiaochun, not one of the people who had been present in the Necromancer Kettle.

“Do you people really think that a crappy spell formation like this can hold me down?!?!” A wild look appeared in his eyes. He knew that this was not a moment to be sitting around wasting time. It was hard to say whether or not the Giant Ghost King could convince Mistress Red-Dust to come help him, and the power of the spell formation was building with every second that ticked by. That in turn meant that the danger to him was growing rapidly.

“Let’s see which is more powerful, your spell formation, or my Undying Emperor’s Fist!!” He took a deep breath, and as he did his aura, his cultivation base fluctuations, and everything else about him vanished. They shrank down, focusing all of his being, even his life force, back to its origin!

To any type of divine sense, Bai Xiaochun would appear to be without any aura whatsoever, almost as if he were a corpse.

Zhao Dongshan’s eyes widened, and Zhou Hong’s face fell.

“He's going to use that fist strike!!”

Zhou Hong and everyone else in the spell formation who had also participated in the events of the Necromancer Kettle were immediately alarmed by what they were seeing, and sent more power flowing out of their cultivation bases. After all, the things they had seen that fist strike do were things they would never forget for their entire life.

The only one who didn’t react in such a way was the young man with the feng shui compass. Although he could see how Zhou Hong and the others were reacting, he was fully confident that this spell formation… could not be broken by anyone under the Deva Realm!

“How could this measly Bai Hao possibly break the imperial clan’s secret spell formation!?”

Of course, there was no way for anyone, not even Zhou Hong and the others, to know that Bai Xiaochun’s Undying Emperor’s Fist was actually far different from the version they had witnessed in the past!

Back in the Necromancer Kettle, Bai Xiaochun had used the full power of his fleshly body to power the fist strike…. But now that he was in the ninth stratum of the Tempered Bones, his Undying Emperor’s Fist could actually unleash… double the amount of his full fleshly body power!

The previous amount had been shocking, but double… was a level of power that not even Bai Xiaochun was certain about. All he knew was that even Mistress Red-Dust could be injured by it!!

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes seemed completely lifeless, and his body looked like a withered tree. However, it was in that moment that his hand clenched into a fist!

A black vortex sprang up around it, something like a black hole. Distortions spread out through the air, and the incoming beams of sword light were twisted out of existence!!

A terrifying aura sprang out of the black hole that seemed too mysterious to define. As soon as it began to spread out through the spell formation, the people inside felt their hearts pounding with fear, and sensations of deadly crisis.

The young man with the feng shui compass was clearly shocked, and as for the feng shui compass itself, it began to vibrate unstably.

“Impossible!!” he shouted. After all, his opponent had done nothing more than clench his fist….

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