Chapter 761: Recognize Me? Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Back when the Grand Heavenmaster had appointed Bai Xiaochun as the inspections commissioner, many people in Arch-Emperor City had turned their attention to the Inspections Manor in Borough 4. Therefore, a lot of people noticed when he led the 1,000 black-armored men out into the open, and they trembled with fear.

All of them suddenly recalled what was now something of a legend. In the past, this army had caused blood and gore to rain down on Arch-Emperor City, and had come to be known as….

“The Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion!!”

“In the past, they caused blood to rain down for seven months straight…. the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion!!”

Countless eyes were focused on Bai Xiaochun, and the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion soldiers that followed him. The nobility and aristocracy were shaken, not because of any fear of Bai Xiaochun himself, but fear of the army of corpse troopers. Furthermore, they feared who that army represented… the Grand Heavenmaster!!

There were many stories about this army of corpse troopers. In one version, they had been assembled by the third generation Arch-Emperor, a sort of black ops force that the arch-emperors had controlled from generation to generation. Now, though, that army had fallen into the hands of the Grand Heavenmaster.

However, other people said that the so-called corpse trooper army had not existed before the rise of the Grand Heavenmaster. Supposedly, he had created the army using the corpses of the nobles and aristocrats who had resisted him!

Virtually every possible origin story for the army existed, but all of them were connected to the Grand Heavenmaster!

As news of the reappearance of the corpse troopers began to spread, many people were shaken, and began to pay close attention to what was unfolding.

Everyone knew… that something big was about to happen!!

Most importantly, everyone also knew that the person who now led the Grand Heavenmaster’s army was… Bai Hao!!

He had offended countless chosen, and although he didn’t have direct dealings with every almighty person among the nobility and aristocracy, he was connected to virtually all of them.

The bloody event from just a few nights ago was still the subject of much discussion, and everyone knew that the vengeance Bai Hao would wreak would be a major event!

Everyone’s minds were racing as they pondered what would happen, and at the same time, everyone was completely on guard.

Bai Xiaochun actually had no idea that his going out at the head of 1,000 black-armored soldiers was causing such a stir. He just felt wonderful to be the center of so much attention, and couldn’t help but revel in his success.

“Ah, it's been a long time… too long, in fact, since I've basked in such glory…. Back in Giant Ghost City, I was the majordomo, and yet, had no true military power!” As of this moment, Bai Xiaochun truly felt as if he had the right to look down on all creation. Sticking his chin up, he slowed down a bit as he flew through the air.

His destination was Arch-Emperor City’s Grand Asylum, which was not located in the central district. Rather, it was in Borough 49. As Bai Xiaochun flew along with his 1,000 black-armored soldiers, the city guards just looked at him from a distance, not daring to get close. As such, Bai Xiaochun was able to go directly to the Grand Asylum.

The Grand Asylum was constructed to look like an enormous, coiled python. The entrance was the python’s mouth, and as soon as Bai Xiaochun appeared there, the warden and other important prison officers flew out to meet him. The sight of Bai Xiaochun and his 1,000 black-armored soldiers caused all of them to shiver in fright.

Obviously, they had heard that this Bai Hao had been appointed by the Grand Heavenmaster to serve as the inspections commissioner. Trembling, they clasped hands, bowed, and said, “Greetings, Inspections Commissioner!”

“You recognize me?” Bai Xiaochun said coolly, keeping his hands clasped behind his back and his chin stuck up.

The warden of the Grand Asylum was a middle-aged man who was so fat he was almost a ball. Smiling nervously, he said, “Inspections Commissioner Bai, you have unbounded integrity, and are spectacularly famous. Nobodies like us can only gaze upward at your splendor. Only a few months ago, your humble servant gazed at you from afar, sir, and was impressed to no end by your imposing bearing. For whatever reason you’ve come, oh exalted one, your humble servant will do everything in his power to help you.”

The warden was feeling very nervous. The fact that this was the first location Bai Xiaochun had chosen to visit after taking command of the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion left him feeling very unsettled.

Bai Xiaochun wasn't very pleased with the overt flattery, and didn’t get any sense at all that the warden was being sincere. However, considering his current status, it would be a big loss of face to cause problems for lowly figures such as the warden. Snorting coldly, he said, “Enough jibber-jabber. Just follow me and do what I say!”

Hands clasped behind his back, he swaggered into the Grand Asylum.

The warden and the other officers were stunned by Bai Xiaochun’s response, and immediately began to shiver even more than before. Hearts racing, and sweat pouring down their backs, they hurried after him.

Although this was Bai Xiaochun’s first time in the Grand Asylum, considering the time he had spent as a guard in Devil Penitentiary, much of it as the number one dark inquisitor, he immediately identified with the musty odor of a prison that entered his nose. It was all very familiar.

Eventually, they were in the warden’s grand hall, where Bai Xiaochun sat down and said, “Bring out all of the records regarding the current prisoners.”

The nervously sweating warden immediately voiced his assent, and then arranged for all of the prisoner records to be brought over. Those records soon arrived in the form of a jade slip, which the warden personally handed to Bai Xiaochun.

Looking very stern, Bai Xiaochun took the jade slip and then said, “Arrange a private chamber for me!”

With that, he began to study the jade slip.

The warden immediately arranged for the nicest chamber in the entire Grand Asylum to be cleared out for Bai Xiaochun’s use. He just hoped that he could get Bai Xiaochun out of the prison as quickly as possible. To have the Corpse Trooper Blood Battalion present had him feeling extremely nervous.

Considering the experience he had gained in Devil Penitentiary, Bai Xiaochun was quickly able to search for and identify the prisoners who were connected in some way to the aristocracy and nobility in Arch-Emperor City. “This prisoner…. And this one. Him too…. Bring them all to me one at a time!”

Because of their connections, such prisoners couldn’t gain their freedom, but had relatively good lives inside of the prison, and roughly the same access to cultivation resources as they had on the outside.

Many of them lorded it over their fellow prisoners, and some were even treated with great respect by the guards. Therefore, when Bai Xiaochun issued his order, the warden hesitated.

Irritated, Bai Xiaochun glared at the warden and said, “Warden, could it be that you want the inspections commissioner to personally go get the prisoners?”

At the same time, the black-armored corpse-troopers at his side began to radiate murderous auras that made the area instantly seem like a hell filled with malevolent asura spirits.

Trembling in terror, the warden unhesitatingly issued the proper orders.

Almost immediately, the prison was thrown into complete chaos as the guards found the prisoners Bai Xiaochun had named and grabbed them with maniacal fury.

“What are you people doing!?”

“I work for Heavenly Marquis Zhou! What gall you have!”

“Stay your hand!!”

In response, the guards simply surrounded them, vicious expressions on their faces as they sealed their cultivation bases and dragged them over to the private chamber that had been set aside for Bai Xiaochun.

Soon, dozens of prisoners were lined up outside, trembling in fear and unsure of what was happening. When the prisoners began to talk amongst themselves to try to figure out what was going on, the guards immediately silenced them.

The area grew very quiet, and the guards all bowed deeply in a certain direction down the corridor. The prisoners looked over nervously and saw the warden, a fawning expression on his face as he walked down the hall alongside a young man.

The young man was handsome, with his chin stuck up and his hands clasped behind his back. Of course, he was Bai Xiaochun, and he was followed by a contingent of black-armored soldiers who struck fear into the souls of anyone who saw them.

“As the inspections commissioner, I’ve come here to personally interrogate these prisoners. Bring them in as I call for them. Furthermore, no one is allowed to disturb me as I carry out the interrogations!” After coming to a stop at the door, Bai Xiaochun looked around with a stern expression. The warden immediately voiced his assent.

Moments later, Bai Xiaochun was in the private chamber with the first prisoner. Outside, the black-armored soldiers stood guard, preventing anyone from getting close.

The warden stood there, terrified and anxious, still unsure of why Bai Xiaochun had picked this place as his first location to visit.

“What is the purpose of him coming here…?” the warden thought, confused. That was when the first bloodcurdling screams erupted from the secret chamber. The faces of everyone present fell, and all eyes went wide, especially those of the guards who ranked as inquisitors.

“That screaming… what methods could provoke such a reaction…?”

The guards were alarmed, and the prisoners even more so. Many of them gasped in fear. As for the warden, his heart filled with emotions of both shock and reverence.

The screaming lasted for the time it takes half an incense stick to burn. After that, the door of the private chamber opened, and a trembling figure was thrown out, who was of course the prisoner who had gone into the room with Bai Xiaochun. His eyes were glazed over, and he seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

“Next!” Then, Bai Xiaochun’s voice broke the silence as he spoke from the private chamber.

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