Chapter 797: Killing And Crushing! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

The Zhou Clan was fundamentally incapable of resistance. Blood sprayed out of the mouths of those who came forth to fight, and they were sent tumbling backward. Then, a chilling voice rang out, which belonged to none other than Bai Xiaochun.

“That’s right, I am here for personal revenge. But I only want to kill three people. And if anybody tries to stop me, I’ll cut them down!” Bai Xiaochun couldn’t care less whether the other members of the Zhou Clan lived or died. However, there were two people who had long since been on his list to kill. One was Zhou Wudao, and the other was Miao Lin’er’s grandfather. Now, there was a new person on that list… the heir apparent!

Without pausing for a moment, Bai Xiaochun shot with lightning-like speed toward that very heir apparent!

The heir apparent’s face was pale white as he sped toward the heavenly marquis pagoda. Just when he was about to reach it, Bai Xiaochun suddenly appeared in front of him and unleashed a fist strike!

That fist strike contained all of Bai Xiaochun’s anger and madness; it ripped the air apart, and provoked a shrill scream from the heir apparent. A profound sensation of deadly crisis filled him, as though he knew that there was no longer a place for him to live in this world.

This was his clan, where he was supposed to be safe, and yet, unprecedented deadly danger had found him!

“Father!! Save me!!!” he shouted.

At this point, a beam of dazzling light shot out from the heavenly marquis pagoda, accompanied by a cold and sinister voice.

“If you dare to kill my son, Bai Hao, then your soul slave will be destroyed beyond the shadow of a doubt!!”

Currently sitting in the heavenly marquis pagoda was a middle-aged man of average height and appearance. He was a half-deva, but among half-devas, could not be considered particularly strong. However, with the power of his heavenly marquis pagoda, he was capable of battle prowess roughly equivalent to a full deva.

That was why, despite how Bai Hao had attacked his clan and destroyed their shield, he had waited patiently inside of the heavenly marquis pagoda.

At the moment, he felt hesitant and fearful, not of Bai Xiaochun, but of his corpse troopers, especially the one wearing silver armor.

At the same time, he still felt confident in some aspects. The fact that Bai Xiaochun had come here showed how important his soul slave was to him. And therefore… Zhou Wudao was confident that he wouldn't kill his son. He was just trying to create some pressure, or perhaps bring about a scenario in which he could offer a trade for his soul slave. Whichever was the case, the inspections commissioner definitely wouldn’t resort to killing!

After all, Zhou Wudao was a heavenly marquis, and this was Arch-Emperor City. The inspections commissioner still answered to the grand heavenmaster, and despite how crazy he was acting, he hadn’t become irrational.

“I just need to buy some time!!” he thought. With that, he produced a transmission jade slip to send a message asking for help.

However, in Zhou Wudao’s moment of confidence, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes turned more bloodshot than before. Ignoring the beam of light shooting down from the heavenly marquis pagoda, he sent his fist flying forward with even greater speed than before!!

It pierced through the air like the gust of a storm wind, landing directly onto the back of the fleeing heir apparent.

The heir apparent had a mid Nascent Soul stage cultivation base, whereas Bai Xiaochun had battle prowess similar to a half-deva. How could this heir apparent possibly defend himself against that? Intense rumbling sounds filled the air as a scream escaped the young man’s lips that vastly surpassed anything from before.

However, the scream didn't last for long. The explosive power of the fist reduced him to nothing more than a haze of blood and gore!

Even his nascent soul was incapable of escape, and was ripped to pieces. The heir apparent… was destroyed in body and soul! Not even his bones remained behind!!

As for the beam of light from the heavenly marquis pagoda, the silver-armored corpse trooper stepped forward and took the blow for Bai Xiaochun.

“Bai Hao!!!” Zhou Wudao shouted in apoplectic rage as he leapt to his feet. “How… how dare you kill a child of mine!!!”

Never in his wildest imagination could he have imagined that Bai Xiaochun would actually be so decisive, and also so uncompromising.

The other members of the Zhou Clan who had just witnessed what happened were left shaking physically. His chilling words from earlier had already prompted a large number to give up thoughts of interfering with him, but now, all of them were terrified to the extreme.

It wasn’t just them. A crowd had already begun to build up in the area beyond the perimeter created by the corpse troopers, and when they saw what had just occurred, many of them gasped.

To kill a heavenly marquis’ son in this way… showed how deep his enmity went!

“I guess I haven’t killed enough people since coming to Arch-Emperor City,” Bai Xiaochun said in a fierce and brutal tone. “Well, since you and your friends decided to attack me personally…. Then not only will I kill your son… I’m going to kill you too!”

Even as his words continued to echo in the air, he burst forward with explosive speed toward the heavenly marquis pagoda.

As he closed in, several beams of dazzling light shot out from the pagoda toward him. Simultaneously, the side of the pagoda rippled as a shadowy figure emerged.

That shadowy figure was one of the miraculous abilities of the heavenly marquis pagoda, a magical clone which immediately shot toward Bai Xiaochun in attack.

It was at this point that the corpse troopers, including the silver-armored one, split off and began to search the buildings for Miao Lin’er’s grandfather.

Obviously, Bai Xiaochun had given them the order to do so. He didn’t need the help of his corpse troopers for this fight. In fact, he wanted a chance to vent the anger, madness, and guilt which had built up over the last month!

Rumbling booms could be heard as the dazzling beams of light landed on Bai Xiaochun, and yet, he didn’t even blink in response. He only picked up speed, hurtling toward the magical clone at top speed. As he closed in, he shoved out his right hand.

An explosive blast of wind spread out in all directions in response. In response, the magical clone of Zhou Wudao snorted coldly and performed an incantation gesture, summoning a horde of illusory pythons to attack Bai Xiaochun.

Bai Xiaochun’s expression didn’t change at all. He clenched his right fist, which caused a black vortex to appear, along with a terrifying gravitational force. It was as if all of the energy in the entire area were being sucked into that vortex!

Even Bai Xiaochun’s aura vanished, until it almost seemed like he didn't exist. However, that was when a domineering figure appeared behind him!

This was none other than… the Undying Emperor’s Fist!!

It was an attack that had left Mistress Red-Dust visibly surprised, and was very close to the power of a deva!

A massive amount of force was building up around Bai Xiaochun. It almost seemed like night was falling in his area as all of the light was sucked into that black vortex!

Zhou Wudao’s shadowy clone felt an intense sensation of deadly crisis building up, and let out a shout, simultaneously performing a double-handed incantation gesture that caused the pythons to all form together into a 300-meter wide defensive formation.

However, that defensive formation was as effective against Bai Xiaochun’s Undying Emperor’s Fist as a mantis was against a war chariot!


The python formation was ripped to shreds, becoming a cloud of gore and bones which rapidly transformed into nothing more than ash!

Zhou Wudao’s clone couldn’t have looked more shocked at how wildly destructive the Undying Emperor’s Fist was!

Things weren’t over yet, though. As the darkness of night grew stronger in the area, the heavenly marquis pagoda began to shake. Inside, Zhou Wudao coughed up a mouthful of blood, and his face turned as white as a sheet as he spared no effort to fight back with the powers of the pagoda.

“Time to double it up!” Bai Xiaochun said, eyes glittering. Clenching his hand into a fist, he unleashed the Undying Emperor’s Fist again, this time with double the level of power!

The darkness in the area converged on itself, making a huge black fist that caused everyone who saw it to gasp in shock. Then that fist slammed into the heavenly marquis pagoda!

Heaven and earth shook violently; all of Arch-Emperor City trembled!

A moment later, the Undying Emperor’s Fist faded away, and the heavenly marquis pagoda still stood!

Bai Xiaochun hovered just outside of it, his expression as cold as ice.

Inside the pagoda, Zhou Wudao was coughing up more blood, and had visibly aged, and yet was laughing madly.

“So what if you have a deva-level fist strike? This is a heavenly marquis pag--” However, before Zhou Wudao could finish speaking, cracking sounds could be heard. His face fell, and then drained of blood as he saw… a crack appear right beneath him!

“Impossible. Impossible….” Zhou Wudao felt like his mind had been struck by lightning, and his face was covered with an expression of unmitigated horror.

Then, more cracking sounds could be heard. More and more cracks began to spread out through the pagoda, as, within the space of a few breaths of time… it collapsed!!

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