Chapter 837: The Celestial Cometh! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

Although the ghost head was huge, the enormous hand made of bright lightning was bigger!

It almost looked like the hand of an adult compared to the head of a baby! And as that hand reached out, intense rumbling sounds filled heaven and earth, as did the sensation of crackling lightning!

It seemed like the hand didn’t care at all that the girl was attempting to consume heaven and earth. The ghost head’s mouth suddenly ceased breathing in, and screamed as though it were going all-out to avoid the lightning hand. But the surging energy of the hand contained the pressure of all creation, allowing it to easily wrap around the misty head!

The hand clenched into a fist, and cracking sounds rang out. The ghost head tried to fight back, but couldn’t, and collapsed. As it did, the girl appeared, fleeing backward at top speed. Terror was visible in her eyes, fear of the converged power of heaven and earth contained in that hand of lightning.

However, no matter how fast she fled, it didn’t seem enough to evade the hand, which clearly aimed to blot her out of existence!!

The entire area seemed sealed, leading to complete terror on the part of the girl. Her hands flashed with a double-handed incantation gesture, causing countless shadowy ghosts to appear around her. However, the ghosts were quickly dissipated by the crimson lightning.

The onlookers were enlivened; what was happening now was profoundly shocking, a battle which surpassed the Demigod Realm. Bai Xiaochun’s heart raced as his eyes tracked the huge hand, and the shadowy ghosts. As for the girl, she shrieked as the huge hand came closer and closer.

That was when, all of a sudden, an enormous rift appeared in the sky. It was fully 3,000 meters long, and looked almost like a gigantic eye!!

As the eye stared out at the gravekeeper, cold and emotionless, a second rift opened up. Then a third, and a fourth….

In the briefest of moments, countless rifts opened up in the sky, revealing numerous eyes!

All of them were cold and emotionless, and all of them stared directly at the gravekeeper!

This sudden development led to widespread shock among the onlookers. As for the Grand Heavenmaster, his face fell, and he blurted, “The Celestial!!”

In the same moment that his voice echoed out, the countless eyes blinked, sending numerous beams of sword light shooting out toward the gravekeeper!

It was impossible to count exactly how many beams of sword light there were. The sky seemed filled with them, until that light surpassed everything else. It was like a web of swords that immediately slashed into the enormous lightning hand and began to tear it to pieces!

That hand contained the converged power of heaven and earth, and therefore, only similar power could affect it. And in this world… there was only one person other than the gravekeeper who could use such power.

He was…

The Celestial from Heavenspan Island!

Rumbling booms filled the Wildlands, causing the ground to shake and the sky to vibrate. The innumerable beams of sword light sliced the gigantic hand apart, saving the girl, and then proceeding on to attack the gravekeeper himself!

Although all of these things take some time to describe, from the moment the sword light appeared until it destroyed the hand and then proceeded on toward the gravekeeper, only a single breath of time passed.

Any one of those beams of sword light would be enough to kill a deva, and yet here were countless beams, interlocking into a gigantic pillar of light!

Massive waves of shock battered Bai Xiaochun’s mind. From the moment this fight had begun until now, he felt like he had been made privy to some of the most important secrets in the entire world!

But it was an urgent moment, and there wasn’t time to ponder the implications right now. He could only watch as the gravekeeper turned his head, his eyes flickering with profound light. He didn’t seem surprised at all, as though he had been expecting the Celestial to arrive. Lifting his hand toward the incoming sword light, he spoke again in an ancient voice.

“Thunder!” Again, it was only one word. However, as it left his mouth, it grew in volume until it was like a roar uttered by countless voices. Vengeful souls and living beings alike, Bai Xiaochun included, voluntarily or not, shouted the same word in their hearts!

The Grand Heavenmaster, the Giant Ghost King, Chen Haosong and the other demigods and devas… all of them did the same!

The sound reached an unbelievable level in a short time. Heaven shook, the earth trembled, and ripples spread out everywhere. As for the incoming sword light, as soon as it encountered those sound waves, it began to shatter into something that looked like innumerable tiny stars!

Innumerable beams of sword light all collapsed at the same time, and yet, the sound waves did not disperse. They continued on with heaven-rending, earth-crushing power, assailing the little girl’s ears, causing her to tremble violently and begin to grow transparent. Meanwhile, in another part of the sky, the air began to distort, as though a veil were being lifted to reveal… a person who had been concealed there!!

He was a spectacularly handsome middle-aged man wearing a suit of golden armor, with sword-like eyebrows. He seemed threatening without being angry, with eyes that shone like the sun and moon!

He wore an imperial crown, and had flowing black hair that swirled around him. In sharp contrast to his black hair, he had one lock of red hair which curled down across his forehead. Now that he had been revealed by the parting of the veil of heaven and earth, he stepped forward, reached out, and pushed his hand up into the air!

Thunderous crashing filled the sky, as though an enormous, invisible hand were ripping it apart. At the same time, a bright blue spear appeared from within the resulting rift. It didn't fly toward the armored man, though. Instead, it shot with lightning-like speed to stab down into the ground.

The lands quivered, and cracks spread out left and right. The sound of the impact, combined with the previous sound of the thunder, became like an invisible attack that blasted out in all directions.

Although Bai Xiaochun was rather far away, the blast of energy hit him and caused blood to spray out of his mouth as he tumbled backward. Chen Haosong and the other devas staggered back, blood oozing out of their mouths. Even the Grand Heavenmaster and the other demigods were forced back, their faces turning pale.

As for the soul cultivators from Giant Ghost City whose cultivation bases were below the Deva Realm, they had no time to react, and most were instantly transformed into ash….

Mistress Red-Dust would likely have been killed too, were it not for the fact that the Giant Ghost King stood protectively in front of her.

“The Celestial!!” The Giant Ghost King looked up at the armored man, his eyes flickering with fear.

The War Champion King, Spirit Advent King, Nine Serenities King and the Grand Heavenmaster, as well as the heavenly dukes, were all staring at the same person, their hearts pounding with fear!

“The Celestial!?” Bai Xiaochun thought, gasping in shock. He wasn’t quite sure what to think as he looked up at that shocking figure who looked down from the sky with arrogance and disdain!

He was none other than the ruler of all of the Heavenspan regions, the Celestial from Heavenspan Island!!

This was Bai Xiaochun’s first time actually seeing him, and at first glance, he could see that he was the type of person who had become one with the world. In fact, the man’s eyes were as piercing as the sharpest of blades or needles.

Even as Bai Xiaochun looked on, the little girl flew over to the Celestial. Keeping her distance, she said, “You’re late, Daoist Heavenspan!”

The Celestial smiled. Ignoring the girl, and everyone else, he kept his gaze fixed on the only person he had been looking at the entire time, the gravekeeper.

“You knew what I was planning all along, didn’t you old man?”

“As clear as day,” the gravekeeper replied calmly, his expression the same as ever. However, his eyes flickered with profound light, and his words were thought-provoking to the extreme.

Bai Xiaochun’s heart was pounding. Obviously, the little girl and the Celestial had been in league for a long time. As for this day’s battle, it wasn’t just one being fought by the little girl. She was allied with the Celestial in opposition to the gravekeeper!

As for why, it was presumably because of what the girl had mentioned earlier… that mysterious Worldgate!

“So many secrets….” he thought. At the moment, he felt himself to be in a very awkward position. In fact, he almost wanted to yell out loud to the Celestial that everyone here was basically on the same side…. However, such thoughts were immediately crushed when he thought about how the girl had been following him to find the gravekeeper, and that the Celestial must have known that.

“I was being used….” he thought, his heart trembling as he looked at the three powerful entities floating up above in the sky.

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