Chapter 889: Not As Fast As Me! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

As soon as Bai Xiaochun’s words echoed out, the eyes of Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian flickered. The three of them hadn’t actually communicated about what to do; they had just fled as quickly as possible.

Their departure made Patriarch Starry River even more conspicuous, placing him right in between them and Bai Xiaochun.

To Bai Xiaochun, it seemed like they were putting Patriarch Starry River out as bait, to lure him out, see how strong he actually was, and then decide whether or not to join forces against him.

After all, they were all still members of the same sect. Because of their status and position within the sect, they wouldn’t pick a fight that they weren’t certain in being able to win!

Patriarch Starry River could also see what was happening, although that realization did him little good. All he could do was bite his tongue, spit out some blood, and draw upon a secret magic to try to flee….

All of this takes a bit of time to describe, but actually happened in the time it takes a spark to fly off of a piece of flint. Without the slightest hesitation, Bai Xiaochun sprang into motion. He had keen intuition when it came to battle, and therefore, he headed directly toward… the isolated Patriarch Starry River!

“Let’s see who’s faster, you people, or me!” Eyes flashing, he accelerated with blinding speed.

The instant Bai Xiaochun sped into motion, Patriarch Starry River let out a desolate shriek and tried to speed up. At the same time, Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian looked on with coldly flashing eyes.

“Turns out he really is too young and inexperienced,” Chen Hetian said with a cold snort. “Far too impulsive!” He quickly performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing red light to spring up around him, which rapidly became an enormous, blood-colored fist.

The 300-meter fist was surrounded by a madly spinning wind of blood-colored devastation. Countless vicious faces floated inside of it, shrieking madly as endless quantities of the spiritual power of heaven and earth poured into it. In the blink of an eye, the fist became almost completely corporeal, and was bearing down directly onto Bai Xiaochun.

The air shattered around it, and a reek of blood filled the area, tugging at the qi and blood of everyone in the River-Defying Sect.

“Blood Fiend Fist!!” Patriarch Blood Stream gasped. This was one of the trump cards at the disposal of Chen Hetian, something that, despite not being eternally indestructible, was very close to that level! In fact, once it was unleashed, it grew more powerful with every moment that passed!

The instant that Chen Hetian made his move, Bai Zhentian performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing a black horn to sprout out from his forehead. As it did, a black beam of electric light shot out, and grew larger with each moment.

The black light caused wild colors to flash in heaven and earth. Simultaneously, numerous lightning bolts formed overhead, becoming something like a huge net that shot down toward Bai Xiaochun!

As the net descended, it caused the air to vibrate with astonishing sealing power!

Numerous eyes were visible within the net, all of them as black as night! Furthermore, the net absorbed all of the surrounding lightning, causing it to split into 10 duplicate layers, then 100, then 1,000…. Eventually, it had over 10,000 layers!!

This was a trump card belonging to Bai Zhentian, and was something he could only unleash with difficulty. However, considering how shocked he had been by Bai Xiaochun earlier, he knew he had to attack with his most deadly move!

Things weren’t over yet. Last was Li Xiandao. Eyes shining with strange light, he opened his mouth and spat out a beam of white light, which grew larger and larger until it materialized into… an enormous chess board!

The illusory chess board seemed to fill all creation! It was as if the heavens were the chess players, the earth was the chessboard, and the magical power of Li Xiandao were the chess pieces!

Towering figures appeared within the cosmic chess board, celestial soldiers and generals clad in shocking armor.

There were five celestial soldiers on the front line, two muscular warriors behind them, and in the rear, numerous courtly officials, warhorses, and bloodthirsty foot soldiers, all protecting the person in the very center, the heavenmaster! [1]

In the blink of an eye, the three devas unleashed supreme, destructive power that threatened to overwhelm both Bai Xiaochun and Patriarch Starry River!

Patriarch Starry River’s eyes were bloodshot, and he was breathing heavily. He knew that he couldn’t retreat now; if he did, he might escape death, but would surely incur the wrath of Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian.

He had no options to choose from. Spinning in place, he decided to stall Bai Xiaochun in the hopes that the divine abilities of the three other devas would kill him in time.

Everything was happening very quickly. Bai Xiaochun sprang into motion, and the divine abilities closed in on him. However, he didn’t back down; instead, he accelerated.

As he moved, he performed a double-handed incantation gesture, causing countless rocks and rubble in the area to fly toward him, clumping around him until he was a towering stone golem!

This was the Living Mountain Incantation backed by a deva cultivation base!

As soon as his stone golem took shape, the net of lightning approached. And yet, despite how much destructive power was in the net, Bai Xiaochun was moving too quickly. His stone golem form was damaged, but he evaded most of the attack and closed in on Patriarch Starry River.

Without the slightest hesitation, he utilized the Mountain Shaking Bash!

The Mountain Shaking Bash increased Bai Xiaochun’s speed dramatically. He evaded the cosmic chess board, dashing through the five celestial soldiers, and appearing right in front of Patriarch Starry River. Even as the patriarch let out a bellow of shock, Bai Xiaochun bashed into him.

A whump sound echoed out, accompanied by boundless ripples. Blood sprayed out of Patriarch Starry River’s mouth as he was shoved backward. At the same time, Chen Hetian’s trump card arrived, the enormous blood-colored fist.

As Patriarch Starry River fell back, Bai Xiaochun lunged forward, his enormous stone hand reaching out, black light shining off of the thumb and forefinger. It was none other than… the Throat Crushing Grasp!

A deafening boom rang out as Bai Xiaochun’s Throat Crushing Grasp latched onto Patriarch Starry River. A strangled scream could be heard as the patriarch’s fleshly body was torn to pieces, and his nascent divinity flew out into the open, expression that of terror and despair. Ignoring any thoughts of cooperating with Chen Hetian, Li Xiandao and Bai Zhentian, he fled.

That was when Chen Hetian's enormous, blood-colored fist arrived, preventing Bai Xiaochun from chasing after Patriarch Starry River.

Bai Xiaochun’s eyes flashed. Even the slightest pause in his part would allow the three devas’ divine abilities and magical techniques to land on him. And yet, he didn’t hesitate at all to perform an incantation gesture, sending frigid qi erupting out in all directions.

Nine frigid projections appeared, which flanked Bai Xiaochun in a phalanx position as he shot forward toward the blood-colored fist.

When the nine frigid projections met the fist, they shattered with a boom. However, the blood-colored fist also lurched to a halt.

That brief pause was all Bai Xiaochun needed. He immediately stepped forward, utilizing the Undying Hex! The stone golem form crumbled as he passed through the enormous net, across the battlefield… to appear right in front of the Patriarch Starry River’s fleeing nascent divinity.

In exactly the same way that he had cut down Patriarch Dao River, he became a beam of light that slashed all the way through Patriarch Starry River’s nascent divinity!

A miserable scream rang out as… Patriarch Starry River’s nascent divinity collapsed into pieces!

1. The chessboard described here is a Chinese chess board, which is different from the standard international chess board many of you are probably familiar with. The description of five men in the front, two behind them, and then a larger group further behind perfectly matches the opening layout of a Chinese chess board. Check out what I mean by clicking here. Chinese chess is extremely popular in China. If you want to learn more about it, check here.

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