Chapter 969: I've Had Enough Of You People! Deathblade's Thoughts

A Will Eternal

“I've had enough of you, Bai Xiaochun!” Feng Chen howled. His crimson lightning bolt form moved with incredible quickness, bringing him to appear in front of Bai Xiaochun in the blink of an eye. He radiated the cultivation base fluctuations of the mid Deva Realm as he sent a devastating attack directly toward Bai Xiaochun’s forehead!

“Yeah, well I've had enough of you, Feng Chen!!” And that was absolutely the truth. The instant he arrived in the north, he was hit with the three-point covenant, which was then upgraded to a four-, and then a five-point covenant….

Normally, Bai Xiaochun was not the type of person who liked fighting and killing, but he had been pushed so far that the personality he had developed in the Wildlands finally showed through.

His eyes flashed with anger as Feng Chen closed in, to the point where the moon sigil in his left eye began to shine brightly. Then he waved his hand, causing the previously blue sky to suddenly turn as dark as night.

The darkness covered up the sun, but at the same time revealed a bright moon, whose light illuminated everything down below. All of the northerners who were touched by that light suddenly felt as if their hearts, minds, and even their divine souls were being absorbed.

Feng Chen gasped as a sensation of imminent crisis swept through him. He even backed up a bit, and yet, that was when Bai Xiaochun grimly spoke two words.

“Fallen Moon!”

The sky turned even darker than before, and intense rumbling sounds filled the air. At the same time, a moon sigil appeared on Feng Chen’s red lightning bolt, which began to absorb the surrounding moonlight, causing it to shine brighter and brighter.


Suddenly, the lightning bolt exploded, revealing Feng Chen’s human form. However, the moon sigil was still visible on him, as though it had been branded on him, all the way down to his bones!

As the moon sigil began to grow larger, Feng Chen screamed in terror at the realization that he was being harmed, not just physically, but in his cultivation base!!

The function of the moon sigil was to assimilate the spiritual energy of heaven and earth that existed inside of the human body. And when it completed its work, that person would be killed in body and soul!!

“What divine ability is this!?!?”

Feng Chen felt like entire mountain peaks were battering him. There was simply nothing he could do to fight back against Bai Xiaochun’s Fallen Moon technique. Bai Xiaochun didn’t even need to touch him. As long as the moonlight hit Feng Chen, his injuries would mount, something he had only ever witnessed demigods accomplish.

And yet here Bai Xiaochun was doing that very thing. It left Feng Chen profoundly shaken, blood spraying out of his mouth as his eyes shone with terror and disbelief.

Although all of this takes a bit of time to describe, from the moment Feng Chen transformed into a crimson lightning bolt, to the instant that lightning bolt shattered and he was severely injured, only a brief span of time elapsed. None of the onlookers had a chance to react before Feng Chen’s bloodcurdling screams filled the air.

Not even Bai Xiaochun could have guessed that his Sun-Moon Vast-Sky Incantation would be so shockingly powerful. However, that didn't stop him from performing an incantation gesture with his right hand, and then waving his finger out in front of him!

Instantly, the bright moon in the darkness above glittered dazzlingly, and the moonlight seemed to focus and shine directly onto Feng Chen. That in turn caused the moon sigil burned into Feng Chen to spread out to cover his entire body.

His screams intensified. It was a moment of deadly crisis in which Feng Chen was shaking violently, unable to even wrap his mind around what was happening. Without any warning, he was placed in a moment of life or death, something that seemed impossible, considering that he was in the mid Deva Realm. He had always been a chosen in the north, a person who had won countless battles, and yet… he was totally powerless against Bai Xiaochun’s divine ability!

“I refuse to accept this!!” he howled, eyes shining with madness. However, he was beginning to fade from existence as shafts of moonlight stabbed out of him. He almost seemed to be turning into moonlight itself.

Of course, Feng Chen wasn’t the type to just sit around and wait to die. Although his fingers were almost completely gone, he still managed to raise his hand and touch the top of his head.

A boom rang out as his body exploded, sending the fluctuations of a deva-level self-detonation rolling out in all directions.

Borrowing the force of the explosion, his nascent divinity shot into the open and prepared to flee. However, that was when, to his utter astonishment, he discovered that… his nascent divinity also had a moon sigil on it!!

“Impossible!” Feng Chen cried. “This is impossible!!”

He couldn’t have been more astonished. By now, the sensation of crisis had intensified to the point where he was now certain he was about to die!!

“It's a true Daoist magic!!” the twin Master Cloud Lightnings shouted urgently. “Get to the crystal coffin, Feng Chen! Hide there! Bai Xiaochun, how dare you kill people here in the north! Things are not finished between us and you!!”

Flying forward at top speed, they began to combine their two forms, causing the fluctuations of the late Deva Realm to roll out in all directions.

He wasn’t the only one; the other three devas could also tell that it was a critical moment. Unleashing their cultivation bases, they turned into four beams of light that all shot toward Bai Xiaochun.

Trembling, Feng Chen heeded the advice of Master Cloud Lightning, ignoring the burning state of his nascent divinity to shoot at top speed toward the crystal coffin. His hope was to take advantage of the interference provided by the other devas to get into the demigod’s immortal's cave, and cut himself off from the light of the bright moon.

His plan worked, but by the time he evaded the moonlight, causing the moon sigil to vanish, his nascent divinity had been eaten away by nearly half. Although he would eventually recover, he had experienced an indefinite drop in cultivation base!

There he sat in the crystal coffin, shivering in fear. He had just barely evaded death, and even though he didn’t want to admit it, he now felt utter terror at the mere thought of Bai Xiaochun.

“His cultivation base is definitely not in the early Deva Realm. He’s… in the mid Deva Realm!! But, even in that level… how could he be so incredibly strong!?!?”

Meanwhile, the other four northern devas were trembling in shock, and the ordinary cultivators who were watching the events play out much more so. All of them were both shocked and terrified by what Bai Xiaochun had done.

“Heavens! This Bai Xiaochun… he… he’s so strong!!”

“I made fun of him a while back. I laughed at him openly! I….”

“Hold on a second. If he was this strong before, why would he let himself get pushed around? What if… what if he actually experienced a breakthrough after arriving in the north?”

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun was dodging attacks from Master Cloud Lightning and the other devas, his expression grim, and his eyes bloodshot.

“Alright you northerners, I'm done. Lord Bai has had enough of you people! Bring it on! Let’s fight!”

Since he had already attacked one of them, he decided to throw caution to the wind. Without any hesitation, he unleashed the full power of his cultivation base, causing Mid Deva Realm fluctuations to erupt in all directions. By now, the darkness was fading from the sky as it returned to normal, making it very easy to see a huge face up above, which radiated the might of heaven and earth.

“Mid Deva Realm…. Dammit, he really did have a breakthrough!!” After sensing Bai Xiaochun's cultivation base fluctuations, Master Cloud Lightning felt like he was going crazy.

He felt completely and utterly powerless in the face of Bai Xiaochun’s power. Back in the trial by fire, he had tried to kill him, only to be flummoxed first by his medicinal pill, and then by him addressing Du Lingfei as ‘wifey’. He had started out with the complete advantage, but had eventually reached the point of being completely trampled on by Bai Xiaochun.

His original assumption had been that, once in the north, in his home sect, he would definitely be able to heap torment onto Bai Xiaochun. Never could he have guessed that, despite his extreme hatred of Bai Xiaochun, Bai Xiaochun would first sell medicinal pills, then plant flowers, and then even force the demigod patriarch to step in and imprison him.

But then….

“Is this Bai Xiaochun even human? Not only did he destroy Lightning Penitentiary, he achieved a cultivation base breakthrough? How could he possibly have done something as difficult as breaking through to the mid Deva Realm? He… he really did break through!?!?!” The other three devas were reacting with madness similar to Master Cloud Lightning. However, despite their rage, they could do nothing but watch helplessly as Bai Xiaochun avoided everything they sent at him.

“He's a hedgehog! No matter how you try to grab him, you end up getting poked…. Fine, then forget his weird techniques. Let’s just overpower him!” Eyes flashing with loathing, Master Cloud Lightning shot toward Bai Xiaochun. Apparently, the other devas understood what he was thinking, as they too advanced, their murderous auras raging.

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