Chapter 20 - Getting a Job, and War (1)

Above Your Head

"Unnie! Is it true that they decided to take in that guy as a technician!?"

Alaina looked at the report without even raising her head, even though Hye-ran came running like she would have smashed the door down if it was closed.

As Alaina had already expected this the moment she went down to Earth, it was nothing to her and she maintained her calm composure.


"What? They took in someone living in an inferior civilization as a technician?"

What she said was something that would not happen. It was almost impossible for those who lived in lower civilizations with extremely poor technology levels (relative to them, of course) to become engineers for higher civilizations, no matter how much of a genius they were.

First of all, they would have to teach them the basics of science from the beginning, so when would they turn that person into someone capable?

The more a civilization advances, the knowledge they have to learn also increases, so it is impossible to resolve it in a few years, even if they use a knowledge injector. They simply become deadweight.

However, Alaina replied with no hint of surprise.

"Ah ah, don't worry. It seems like he is an impressive superhuman."

"A superhuman?"

"Yes. Mr. Harvey also belongs to that faction."

"Ah… So they were speaking about [that] kind of technician. Indeed, it is obvious that he would be someone like that if I were to think about it."

Some superhumans born under rare probabilities could handle machines as if they were their own bodies. It wasn't knowledge or technique but [sense], so they were able to get to a level where they fully utilize the machines after a little training. Among the mechanics on Albatross, the warship they were currently on, there were some superhumans too.

"Wait, so he will most likely become an assistant or a repairman."

"Probably so, since he does not have any technical knowledge."

"Ah… Come to think of it, maybe the reason he ran away from the scouting was also because of that? Because he thought he committed a crime?"

"Probably. But it seems like he is a high-leveled superhuman, since he managed to get through the security of The Great War that is famous for being solid. And it also looks like he has some connections with a Primordial God."

"What? A Primordial God? Is that true, unnie?" Hye-ran opened her eyes wide out of surprise and asked.

Alaina was the head of the Human Resources Division while Hye-ran was a technician.

Although there was a difference in their ranks, one being a Lieutenant and the other a Second Lieutenant, they had been carrying out their duties together for nearly ten years and had already become almost as close as real sisters, so they tend to speak comfortably in private settings.

That was possible because of the big difference in the military culture of the Imperial Army to the one earthlings thought of. It was also possible because Hye-ran was given consideration beyond her rank as she was the precious daughter of Wolyang Kwon's household.

"Yes. Bewilderingly enough, that guy lives in a high-rank, sacred land that a Primordial God directly proclaimed. There was a reason why he was not bewildered at all when he was invited to our ship."

A Primordial God was a highest grade Untouchable who has to be careful no matter which galaxy or planet they go to.

It was their basic nature to not react greatly if they were not [invaded], but even so, the Primordial Gods have so much power that they cannot help but be more careful.

"Ah, so the reason we are waiting here on the deck after inviting him…"

"Yes. They said they would send him on their own. So… It is about time."


One part of the space distorted then and spat out four figures in an instant.

As it was something that had literally happened in an instant with no indications at all, even Alaina could not help but flinch despite having already heard about it beforehand.

However, the ones who were really surprised were the people who had teleported.

"Oh my god. Is it possible to move all the way here from Earth? Are you a transcendent?"

Dong-min shook his head at the greatly flustered Celestia.

"How can that be? There is only one transcendent on Earth and it is difficult to meet him. It seems like Gaia-nim helped us."

"What? The Primordial God?! Why would a Primordial God use her power on something as trivial as this! The only time our Primordial God appeared in the past hundred years was at the appointment ceremony of my father! Was that nonsense about being rejected thrice real?!"

"Did you think I was lying?"

Celestia nodded at the words of the frowning Dong-min.

"It has to make sense for me to believe it. I followed you inside because you said that the sacred land was real, but that really was the case…?"

She mumbled and approached a wall, but she was only stunned by the sight of Earth below it.

Because even she did not have the talent to go down to Earth from outside the waiting deck.

"Your party is so unique. Usually, it is the family who tags along instead of a group of young people… You are?"

Alaina had already been told by Young-min, who introduced himself as being Dae-ha's father, that Dae-ha's group would come. She stood in front of the group to welcome them despite the unexpected appearance.

However, she saw a familiar face in the group.


When Celestia noticed that Alaina had seen her, she let out a groaning sound and hid behind Dae-ha, but how well would she be able to hide with her model-like height?

"Ugh, I should have disguised myself even if I was travelling to an inferior civilization…"

But regrets always come later, no matter how quickly you made them.

As soon as Alaina noticed her identity, she put on an immobile posture while making a sound and yelled.

"For the Emperor! We welcome you to our ship, Albatross!"

"Um, unnie. Why did you suddenly… W-what!? The Imperial Princess!?"

The two women were shocked while Celestia let out a sigh.

Meanwhile, the other two felt nothing about the identity of the Imperial Princess.

I, who was not really surprised since I had already guessed Celestia's identity, looked down at the green star that could be seen from one side of the wall.

"To think that I left Earth."

I was letting out a sigh, but people started to pop out from the doors soon, as if the rumors had already spread.

"For the Emperor! It is an honor to be able to meet the Imperial Princess!"

"We welcome you to Albatross!"

"My God! It is the Imperial Princess, Celestia-nim!"

"Wow, is this real!?"

"Oh! Oh oh, Imperial Princess! I love you, Imperial Princess!"

"My God, it's the real Imperial Princess!"

"Beau! Ti! Ful! Princess Cel!"

In the beginning, it felt like they were welcoming high-ranking officials who were visiting their ship, but the atmosphere became strange and it passed.

Hearts appeared in the eyes of the people and after they manipulated the machines on their arms, strange holograms started to appear in the air.

'Ah, come to think of it…'

I remembered one of Celestia's titles, [Space Idol]. It seemed like she was more famous for something else rather than belonging to the Imperial family.


However, the noisy room turned quiet in an instant after the yell. It was not just a simple yell, but a yell of spirit that suppressed the surroundings.


An entity with a huge, white body appeared. He had a muscular body and was wearing a tight uniform with two stars hanging on his neck, showing off his presence.

"For the Emperor. It's an honor to have met you, Imperial Princess. I am Captain Chun Hyun-il, Captain of Albatross."

He placed his hand on his chest and expressed etiquette.

No, would you be able to call that a hand? Shouldn't it be a paw? Or perhaps not? Is this a discriminative way of thinking in space?

I was in confusion when Bo-ram standing next to me, mumbled.

"Sunbae. Isn't that a bear?"

"That seems to be the case for me at least."

"A polar bear, as a matter of fact."

Yes. The one who introduced himself to be Hyun-il was a polar bear walking on two feet and stood at about 2.5m tall.

However, the feeling was completely different from that of a bear standing on its feet. Rather than bending his front paws, he showed perfect upright walking, as if he was nailed to his heel. His well-trimmed fur and trained muscles made him look sleek.

"Haha… Yes, nice to meet you too, Captain. I didn't mean to, but I am honored to meet you."

Celestia, who had not been able to snap out of it as if her mind collapsed ever since she got on the spaceship, was coping with the situation skillfully. It was like she acknowledged reality.

It seemed like she had realized that nothing could be done at this point anyway.

Well, wouldn't it be funny if she tried to escape from this place while putting her life on the line, even though these were all allies judging by the atmosphere?

"I am glad that we will be working together, Dae-ha."

"Actually… I am not thrilled, but things turned out like this."

"Hahaha. You are a hilarious person."

I looked at Alaina laughing brightly and let out a sigh. She did not seem to have any ill intentions, but her character and appearance seemed to be hard to handle.

Well, I would have to get close to her if I have to live on this spaceship from now on.

"Ah, you must have already heard about it, but these two are my guards. As for this one… No, this person just got dragged in by accident."

Alaina turned her head and looked at Celestia who was speaking with the polar bear.

She then turned her head again and asked like a whisper.

"Well, the Imperial Princess will reveal the details herself but… Why is she with you?"

"Ah, that…"

I explained the situation appropriately. Enemies that were aiming for Celestia appeared and my group and I coincidentally ran into them, which was why Celestia escaped to the sacred land (my house) to avoid the attacks.

Naturally, Alaina got enraged at my story.

"Which bastards dare to send assassins…! So this was the reason why the Imperial Palace was worried about the Imperial Princess roaming outside. To think there are people who would send assassins when the Imperial Palace is this strong."

She pondered for a moment and then continued.

"It seems like we will have to tighten security. Imperial Princess Celestia is a star who is famous in more than 15 galaxies. Her influence is already beyond the Imperial Palace. I can't even imagine what will happen if she gets assassinated."

Looking at Alaina who was growling softly, I guessed this was why Celestia had been hiding her identity.

She was someone with an outstanding background and could not live outside because of her status; she was like a bird in a cage.

'Well, although it is not my problem.'

I had to take care of myself first.

I looked at Alaina and asked, "What are the things I have to do from now on?"

"It is obvious, but we will not give you a task immediately. You will be first interviewed by the Tech Division Chief and receive orientation for about a week. You will need education because you came from a planet with a different level of civilization. Everyone, follow me."

I followed Alaina, getting away from Celestia and the countless people surrounding her.

I was not able to see it until now because I was dumbfounded, but looking at it properly now, the polar bear had some human features mixed in him.

"Hmm, sunbae-nim. Is this really space? Why can we communicate with each other?"

"Haha, cute lady. Albatross has a language unification device installed in it. Everyone would be able to understand any language we speak, at least that's the case on this ship."

Despite having the bewitching appearance of an older sister, Alaina spoke like an old man while patting Bo-ram's head.

Bo-ram put on a displeased expression but merely pushed the hand away, as if she was not able to act sharply towards someone that held no malice.

'This auntie is proficient at handling people.'

Alaina showed off her sensuality with all the sexiness of her body when needed, but acted like a bearded, easygoing uncle at times.

Basically, she had the perfect appearance to become the enemy for all women, but judging by how everyone adored her, one could see how skilled she was at worldly affairs.

'Come to think of it, this girl also had a peculiar title. No, or perhaps the title cannot be considered as special?'

I followed Alaina and took a glance above her head.

Leonhardt Empire, Second Corps, Headquarters

Head of Human Resources Division, Alaina

It was still an unusual title. A straight line was drawn across the fine title like a strikeout, as if it was trying to erase the words by drawing a line on it.

I casually started the classification.

'I don't know when I will see another title like this, so I should grasp its identity.'

I started wandering about.

Affiliation, organization, current state. I was reading these things to try to grasp the identity of the crossed-out title.

And soon, I got to know the meaning of the cancelled words.

'That is… a fake title?'

And this was the actual title I got.

Detro Galaxy Union, Fourth Corps, First Assassination Squad

Spy, Dana


"Is something wrong?"

"No. Nothing."

I shook my head while hiding my agitation with a surprised poker face. I do not know what goes on in her head whenever she sees me like this, but Alaina smiled like she always does in such situations and led the way again.

"Ugh, seriously."

I casually mumbled.

"I just cannot get away with anything…"

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