Chapter 23 - Getting a Job, and War (4)

Above Your Head

"This is really sweet?"

"What is?"

Bo-ram stepped away from the wall and stood upright as I turned around.

Bo-ram and Dong-min had been taking turns to guard me.

"Life as a whole," I answered without much embarrassment as what I was feeling now was actually not new to both of us.

"Ah ah~ What you said is true, sunbae-nim. I had been nervous because we were coming to space and I was even allowed to use my first class transformation, but then, it is this peaceful. Also, it has already been 3 weeks. I wonder when we will return home."

I watched on as she grumbled and walked past me.

With wavy, permed, shoulder-length hair and a short height, she looks like a pretty girl who won't be able to catch a single bug. Should I say that she looks petite and cute?

Her rabbit hairpin and rabbit-shaped watch emphasized that image even more.

'But even someone like her is so strong that she could beat up someone of my size in no time.'

The situation had just progressed to be what it was, but it was a unique experience to have a [Magician Girl] guard me every day.

"What are you looking at?"

"...Hey. You know that your image is completely different from when I first met you, right?"

"In the first place, girls have many sides to them." Bo-ram replied and walked away.

We were inside a spaceship, but there was still gravity. It felt weaker than the gravity on Earth since my body felt lighter, but it wasn't that huge of a difference.

[You have arrived at the residential zone. Please rest comfortably.]

"All right. Thank you, Genie."

I waved at Genie's SD Character (Super Deformation Character. A human character that was two or three heads tall) on the side of the elevator and the ground appeared when the door opened.

But of course, the expression 'ground' was not exactly correct. Even if I rode on the elevator, I was still inside Albatross, so how would the ground appear?

However, the scenery that appeared when the door opened was enough to use the word 'ground'.

"It is an impressive scale no matter when I see it."

"I agree. It is called a residential zone, but it is bigger than average villages. I took a stroll around the area, but it took me almost an hour. I cannot believe something this big is inside a ship."

The place we arrived at the very beginning after leaving Earth was one of the entrances of Albatross. It was a place where its elements fitted in well with the sci-fi atmosphere of a spacecraft's interior, such as the metal floor, the spaceship that seemed to have just landed, and most of all, the sight of Earth right outside the thick glass walls.

However, the place I arrived at after having taken the elevator was a place that was so far from the imagery of a spaceship to the point that it would be dubious if we had arrived in space if this was what welcomed us at the start.

"They said Albatross is a Terra-class spaceship and even the Leonhardt Empire only has 20 of them. Also, there are over 10,000 passengers living on board."

There were hundreds of round buildings in the residential zone. Like the cities on Earth, there were convenience stores, restaurants, and even a huge stadium right in the centre of the zone where people could enjoy various sports. There were people roaming on the streets and also vehicles similar to cars running on the roads.

In addition, the enormous display on the ceiling was a replica of the blue sky, so if one didn't pay enough attention, they wouldn't notice that they were in a spaceship.

"What is Dong-min doing?"

"Training as usual. In this place, superpowers and abilities are not a secret at all. Training rooms are also well-established. On top of that, there are many superhumans so you can pay them to receive personal training. Plus, the library is filled with high-class information you cannot get on Earth even if you are willing to pay billions."

I returned home with Bo-ram as I mumbled about how every soldier in this world had at least one ability.

"Open up."

[Yes, Maintenance Officer Kwan Dae-ha-nim… Identity confirmed. Welcome.]

The artificial intelligence managing my house confirmed my identity and opened the door with a greeting. I entered.


Bo-ram's watch rang at that moment. She looked at it with a strange expression.

"They deposited my daily wage. 200 Gallats."

"That's 3.4 million won."

"These aliens are so thorough on the employee's welfare to the point where it is excessive. Honestly, is it natural that you get paid since you are working here, but why are they also taking care of me and Dong-min sunbae when we are not doing much? To be honest, we are just guards in name, but the security here is so good that I have nothing to do even if I want to work."

Albatross, the Terra-class huge spaceship, had over 10,000 passengers on board and the structure of the residence zone is like that of a city.

Was there a city where its residents would find out instantly when there was a new resident in the city?

Likewise, not many knew that we boarded this spacecraft. Moreover, it was impossible to distinguish aliens by their appearance because most of them look like human beings. They just assumed us to be crew members who had been on the spaceship all along and continued with their own lives.

'On the other hand, it was completely different for Cel.'

Celestia's identity as the Imperial Princess was revealed the day we arrived on this spaceship, and it was a mess. The commotion lasted at least a week. It was to the point where one could hear people talking about her on the streets.

According to them, Celestia was the fourth daughter of the current Emperor, Angelos III, who sat at the peak of the Leonhardt Empire. She was also an idol singer famous in space.

'Just why did someone like her enter the Advance Squad of a neutral country?'

But whatever the case, there was no way they would let her go nicely since she had gotten on a ship belonging to the Empire.

Celestia became the greatest guest-of-honor on this ship and it was hard for us living in the employee buildings to see her.

Of course, I got interrogated by Alaina about how I met the Imperial Princess, but that was not an issue since there was nothing going on between Cel and I in the first place.

'If I were to think about it, I could say that she is unlucky.'

Entering the Advance Squad of a neutral country meant that she was not interested in living the life of an Imperial Princess. Yet, she was forced to teleport after getting involved with us, so her current situation was not any different from being kidnapped.

In addition, she said that she was on vacation. Not returning to the army after a vacation meant desertion.

"You are back."

Dong-min was inside the house. He was doing handstand push-ups but bounced off his hand slightly as soon as he felt our presence.

'Wow, is that possible?'

I was astounded at how Dong-min flipped around in the air with just the strength of his wrists while being in a handstand position.

Every muscle on Dong Min's well-trained body was so distinguished, compact, and looking like a weapon, that people would cower in fear on sight.

Women would scream in joy if they saw his body, but Bo-ram having seen it often asked casually, "Hm~ Dong-min sunbae, why are you training your body when you are a superhuman? Isn't physical training useless in the face of abilities no matter how much you train?"

"That is right, but I still fight with my body. Many of the meridians in my body are opened up but training in martial arts or life force wouldn't strengthen them. So, it's a necessity to train my physical body to support my superpower." said Dong-min as he snapped his finger.

The dripping sweat on him disappeared, and his body turned soft and dry; even his hair became dry. I was a little envious of this convenient ability.

As I placed my hand on the wall, I thought about several foods.

It was not something like a touchscreen. I mean, it could act like a touchscreen, but if I call for Genie with my [Strength], the voice recognition system would activate and I would be able to make an order with my voice.

'Damned mana. Even dogs and cows can use mana in the case of aliens.'

Although I could see titles, I did not have any mana so I would have to move and touch the screen myself. Due to concerns over eavesdropping, the voice recognition system was disabled in private spaces.

"Let's see… Ugh, the prices here are too steep."

"Even if they are expensive, it is nothing compared to the daily wage we receive."

"That is right, but… Well, I will order the usual thing."

Basically, breakfast and lunch were provided to the crew members on Albatross, but they had to buy their own dinner.

Basic meals cost about 2.50 Gallats while the premium menus item cost about 10 to 50 Gallats. The current conversion rate was 1 Gallat to 17,000 won [1], so considering that, it wasn't cheap. A meal that costs between 5,000 to 8,000 won on Earth cost 2.50 Gallants in space, which means it is over 40,000 won.

Even on Earth, there would be steep price differences between different areas. So considering the difference civilization between space and Earth, the high price in space was justifiable.

Also, like what Dong-min just said, the meal prices were indeed nothing much compared to the daily wage we received. 

Pat! Pat!

I clicked on the screen and ordered a tonkatsu, kimchi fried rice, and bean paste stew.

It was ridiculous that we were eating such things on a spaceship, but our group usually didn't want to take our risks when it comes to food. Unexpectedly, these meals came out very well.

"Wow, who do you think made this bean paste stew? It tastes like my mother's cooking."

"I wonder. Perhaps the machines made it. Or there is a cook from Earth."

We started eating as we shared small talks. The three of us were awkward with each other at first, but we got considerably close after having spent three weeks eating and sleeping together.

After that, we scattered and spent some free time training or studying. In my case, I had been surfing the web, experiencing alien music or culture, or downloading and playing games. Bo-ram locked herself in the library and Dong-min did martial arts training.

When night came, we would return to our respective rooms and turn in for the night.

"This is really…"

I mumbled.


"Hahaha. Is it uncomfortable?"

"No, it is very comfortable. To the point where I wonder if I could be treated like this."

"Don't say that. The Tech Division Chief had complimented you several times for being a huge aid. It is to the point where he could finally become a major for having discovered and scouted you."

"Ah, congratulations."

"Huhu, thank you."

I was meeting Alaina after a long time.

I didn't go and look for her; she came to my studio. She was the Chief of the Human Resources Division and her job was to manage me.

"Facing any difficulties recently?"

"The work isn't hard and I don't have a boss who harasses me either. Come to think of it, will I keep working alone in the future?"

Alaina shook her head.

"No. It will probably be like this for a while because the Tech Division Chief entrusted you with some tasks. After things get organized, you will be moved to the Tech Division. Of course, there is no way I know what he's thinking." Alaina answered as she wrote something on the pad she was holding onto.

I asked, "Ah, chief. Where does that door lead to? I asked Genie, but she would not answer me."

The big door at one side of the studio has been attracting all my attention these days.

It was so huge that it seemed like tanks and even fighter jets could go through it easily. Bewilderingly enough, Genie had no response when I called for her near the door. It seemed like she had no authority to go near it.

"Ah… Come to think of it, this studio is around that place."

Alaina had a strange expression on her face.

"That place?"

"Hahaha. Don't worry about it. That door will not open anyway. It is almost time to leave work, so should we wrap up here?"

I was unsure if she knew that her reply would pique my curiosity even further, but I organized my desk and stood up. I didn't see her frequently since she was busy.

[The Human Resources Division Chief has left. This is the end of the day. You have worked hard, Dae-ha-nim.]

As usual, my daily wage got deposited along with Genie's greeting.

Since working hours were over, Genie's Metal Body and the maintenance machines shut down and entered the case on the side of the wall.

I spoke into the air, "Excuse me, Genie, do you know anything about that door over there?"

[I am sorry but I cannot tell you.]

"Is it confidential?"



Subconsciously, I walked to the side of the studio. There was a huge door; it was so huge that I didn't realize it was a door initially. It opened up from the side and was entirely metal. Its immeasurable thickness made it feel impossible to penetrate through.

"Ah, I am dying of curiosity. I am in trouble."

I placed my hand on the wall. Its material was clearly metal, and there was a slight warmth to the solid door.

"Well, I do not have to worry as it will not open anyway," I mumbled casually as I suppressed my surging curiosity and turned around.

"Open sesame."

It was at that moment.

Guuuuuung---- Kigigik!

"Eh? Huh? What?"

I got flustered when the door opened up, as if it had been waiting for this moment. But whatever the case, the door opened up completely and revealed a passageway that seemed big enough for three tanks to run on it side by side.

Thinking that something else would happen, I crouched down and observed my surroundings. It was empty and apart from the door opening, nothing happened.

"What, it just opens? That's so boring."

1. 1 Gallat to 15 USD

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