Chapter 65 - Rescue Operation Part Two (4)

Above Your Head


"Mo-, Morne..."

Yes. It was him. The mighty transcendent, the Arch-Sorcerer Morne and Captain of Great Sky, was before us.

"This is annoying. It's supposed to be a one-sided war, but to think it had come to this. We've lost a huge number of fighter jets and Gigas, and even under such circumstances, have a goddamn Demon tribe bastard run amok and destroy a huge part of the Space Carrier. On top of that, to have the Saints involved… our Federation must be standing on the crossroads of existence… Thanks to that, it's no different from making a reservation for a hearing to be held after the war."

Morne was walking alone in the spacious corridor and there weren't any other demi-humans seen. But even if there was only one enemy, could this even be considered a relief? He was a transcendent being who was strong enough to be called a God if he ever descended to a lower civilization. Although he was humiliated by Cheong Won from the Saint Realm… That was because of a slight difference, and not because Morne was weak. It was because Cheong Won was a high-ranking Saint, a powerful transcendent who possessed the status of an Intermediate God, which was rare even in the universe.


As we faced each other, Bo-ram ran towards me. I wasn't sure of it because Morne was watching us, but I knew what she wanted. She wanted me to release the seal on the Golden Princess.


A golden radiance spread out like an explosion from Celestia's body. The light that had spread everywhere in an instant gathered again, and soon mustered on her assault rifle. She seemed to have concentrated her strength on her own guns.

But at that moment, in a heavy voice, Morne said, "Restraint them, Argus."

Bang bang bang!

Shield-shaped totems fell from the empty air and penetrated the metal floors. I was startled and tried to back off as Bo-ram actually kicked the floor and flew forward. But at that moment, Bo-ram and I were stuck on the floor as if we had been pressed down by a huge invisible hand.


And all the photon bullets that Celestia shot were also deflected by the shield and perished. The bullets that should have been able to penetrate the shields were also blocked entirely by the force field released by the shield.



Celestia, who shot the photon bullets, was crushed and laid face down on the floor. She tried to resist it by releasing the golden light with all her might, but the difference in power was too stark for her to oppose.

Crack! Crack!

Our bodies were stuck to the ground and trembling as the totems slowly tread towards where we were. As they bumped up and down on the floor, they produced deep furrows on the floor and intuitively I knew that we should never pass over them.

"You've been going on a rampage however you wanted - to the point where the guys below are begging me to kill you. Among them, a few are very interested in your lower regions. They do not care about the kind of species you are when it comes to such things."

Though Morne's appearance was no different from that of a monster, he spoke with a clear and dignified voice. However, he couldn't hide the bloodlust that underlaid his voice. Among the demi-humans who disliked humans, he especially showed a strong inclination towards that. Because he had completed the transcendent soul, he wasn't afraid of expressing his feelings honestly.

Yet even in the face of such a dense bloodlust, Celestia did not bat an eye. No, rather, she was even smiling as if she was having fun.

"Well, there are not only one or two jerks who are interested in my lower regions, but I didn't know even the demi-humans would be interested. By the way, how did you get here? I thought you weren't able to leave the bridge deck by now because it was being attacked by Major General Chun Hyun-il."

"Who knows. Is there a need for me to explain that to you?" said Morne as he walked towards Celestia.


The photon bullet that was fired refracted in front of Morne and destroyed one of the walls. Celestia's double-handed revolver rose by itself and fired, but Morne blocked it so easily.

'Damn it, as expected, it doesn't work huh.'

The reason why Celestia was able to wipe the floor with the demi-humans so easily was not only because she was strong, but also because of the handicap that they had to capture her without hurting her. Even in the middle of the enemy camp, it was difficult to stop her unless they made decent preparations to surround her in an encirclement. However, if the opponent was a transcendent, the situation would be completely different. No matter how well Celestia could fight, she wouldn't even be able to properly resist and she would just be overpowered by Morne.

"Don't make a fuss, human girl. As disgusting as it may be, I've decided to welcome you as my wife, so I'm going to have to act appropriately."

"What? Hahaha! You have decided to play along with this madness?"

Morne replied seriously to Celestia's reaction which seemed to be ridiculing him, "If that's the path I have to take so that our Tekea Federation can survive, then that's what I should do."

His calm voice made me realize that he really meant what he said. And the same could be said for Celestia too.

"...You've gone crazy."

"I was thinking of taking the time to find a way. But I can't help it since all of you are driving me into a corner."

"So you're going to announce our marriage to the public? Do you think that would receive recognition?"

"It doesn't matter. I don't think that's what that Saint bastard is expecting anyways."

Morne began to strode towards Celestia, "It means you have to give your body up to me and accept my seeds."


For a moment, Morne's figure began to flicker.


His figure with a height of more than four meters, no, five meters, grew smaller and smaller like a deflated balloon. His huge mouth that could easily chew me up seemed to disappear and his claws that were as long as a long sword vanished like a stream of water that was poured into a drain hole and was concealed into his flickering body.

"My goodness." I could hear Boram groaning while lying down about three meters away from me. And I felt the same way too.

"He's transforming."

Before we knew it, the giant Tyrannosaurus-like figure was nowhere to be seen. Then, standing in front of Celestia, who was lying on the ground, was a man with impressive green hair, a height of about 185 centimeters, a well-toned body, and a pair of sharp eyes.

"Well... I've never heard that the dinosaur tribe's battle spells possessed the power to change their appearance."

"Only witnessing it right before your eyes would make you believe in this huh. That's such a human-like thought. I'm Arch-Sorcerer Morne! It's not as if this is a spell to be imparted to others. Making a spell like this that changes the appearance and to be used by only me is as simple as breathing." said Morne and he kicked Celestia so hard to the point that there was a thud sound. Though there was a tremendous force pushing Celestia down, that one kick overturned Celestia's body naturally. Originally belly side down, her body was now flipped over and her back was stuck flat on the ground.

"This… This bastard!!!"

Once again, a golden light burst from the body of Celestia; a destructive Aura that destroyed and demolished everything. But Morne waved his hands as if nothing had happened.


A wind that was so heavy and cold that it seemed to crush Celestia's hopes formed, centering around Morne. And as the wind whirled through the surroundings, Celestia's Golden Lion Aura was blown away, leaving no trace to be found. Even the weapons she was equipped with all flew away and rolled on the floor.

'It's overwhelming.'

There was no way for her to resist. Rather, it would've been much better to be surrounded by hundreds of demi-humans. The saying, 'An inferior existence couldn't possibly handle a transcendent who had gained a Divine Spirit that surpassed the limits of a life form' was true. Even if I was riding on a Gigas, It would be difficult to handle a transcendent of that level, so what could I even do with only my physical body right now?

"Stay still, you little chick. I have no intention to make it painful."

"You, you bastard…"

"You're still headstrong huh. That's the first habit I need to fix."


As Morne drew his fingers down, the bodycon battle suit slowly began to tear apart. The split, which started from the chest, slowly ripped downwards and reached the belly beyond the solar plexus, and naturally Celestia's pure white breasts revealed themselves.

Morne didn't stop there. The split went on and on and finally her clothes were cut into two pieces altogether. Celestia struggled, but both her wrists and ankles were stuck to the ground due to an unknown force. The struggle only resulted in the clothes pieces on her body to slip off.

'Oh my God.'

I turned my face around and faced away from Celestia. However, the scene that was presented before my very vision for that brief moment got embedded in my mind and wouldn't easily vanish. Her milky-white skin looked as if it was made of flour; and it was hard to imagine her skinny and slender body would actually be so voluminous, and above all, that below...

'Focus!' I shook my head to shake off the distracting thoughts. I felt I had to find something I could do even if I was weak. I worked my brain. The weapon I had now was the key around my neck. Is there any way I could make use of this?

"Damn it..."

But it was impossible. I couldn't even lift my arm, let alone hold the key. Like Celestia, both my wrists and ankles were glued to the ground and I couldn't even move a muscle. The only thing I could move was my head.


And I could also see Bo-ram struggling behind me as well. Contrary to me, she possessed an incredibly strong muscular strength. Even so, she was in the same situation. She, too, couldn't even lift an arm and was just wasting her energy trying to let herself loose to the point that her whole face turned as red as a tomato.

"You… you fucking asshole..."

While we were struggling to get up, Morne did not stop what he was doing. He stripped Celestia to the point where she was almost completely naked. And… by that point, the proud Celestia, too, began to shudder. Because she realized that Morne was trying to force himself on her right here right now.

"Don't make a fuss, girl. I can't kill you, nor can I hurt you, but I can at least give you the greatest shame of your life." said Morne as he loosen the buckle on his pants. This lunatic was really trying to force himself on her right here right now.


The naked Celestia roared. The Golden Lion Aura was emitted again and turned into a silhouette of a humongous lion basking in golden light. She seemed to have activated some kind of power, just like when she summoned the roasted whole pig to restore my strength.

"You're doing something useless huh."

But with a thud, a huge hole was pierced in the head of the golden lion made of golden light, and the lion that just appeared dispersed like fog.

"You... remember this. I'll definitely kill you."

This time, Celestia had exhausted all means, and all she could do was growled at the approaching Morne who. And that whole situation... I had to helplessly watch that scene.

'Damn it!' I couldn't do anything. Even the Specter of Albatross, despite conquering the battlefield on a Gigas, was completely useless in this situation.

Morne laughed wildly at the sight of Celestia growling at him, "As expected, there's a need to stifle your spirit down. Athen!

Yes, Captain-nim.

Along with the answer, an eyeball measuring about one meter in diameter appeared in the air. In a hologram state, the eye stared straight at Morne.

"From now on, film what's happening here by using whatever means necessary."

Copy that, Captain-nim.

It was a cold voice that contained no emotion. Lying down in despair, I raised my head, "A control persona?"

Hmmm? What is it, you bug. Do you know something about Athen?

I probably spoke a little too loud that Morne, who had been ignoring me all this while, appeared to be showing interest in me. This made me anxious in an instant.

'Should I do it? But… now?'

It was a dangerous thing to do. It might be possible to feed the demi-humans a load of bullshit, but that was more of a terrorist act rather than an act that could ensure my safety.

It was possible to bring trouble. But right after that, would Morne keep me alive? And most of all, if it became known that I was capable of doing something like this, it would basically guarantee a life without peace for me. The reason why I had been saving and hiding this power was because I knew this power was too dangerous in this Universe.


I looked at Celestia naked with her teeth clenched. I was trying to put up with it, but I could see a drop of tear at the tip of her eyelashes.

"I command you! Athen!"

"Don't do anything stupid and just stay quiet, human. No, well, this girl is going to get noisy anyway, so it would probably sound like a suitable background music."

Morne did not pay any attention to what I said as he took out his large penis and pointed it at Celestia. And I shouted while looking at what he was doing.


"...What nonsense are you talking about right now?" Morne questioned my incomprehensible behavior. But regardless of his attitude…

Your wish is my command.

My commanding authority was invoked.

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